Friday, 1 June 2018

Taking the stress out of a camping holiday

In hindsight, a camping holiday always seems less stressful than a vacation abroad, such as that week in Menorca you were considering until you noticed the hotel prices. However, it’s not all a bed of roses (unless you pitch your tent in a flower patch), and a camping trip can be as stressful as any other holiday idea you may have been considering. So, while you won’t have to suffer the headache of delayed flights, tourists, and rude hotel staff, there are still other things guaranteed to cause you stress. Unless you read my helpful tips of course!
Stress Factor #1: Forgetting to pack something essential

You won’t need your passport, but you will need your tent (duh), cooking gear, changes of clothing, and yes, your toothbrush. With the exception of the latter (probably), you can get all you need at an outdoor specialist store like 4WD Supacentre - so make a checklist of camping essentials, and ensure you are all fully packed up a few days before head out on your camping adventure.

Stress Factor #2: Falling ill while away

This is something common to any holiday, but when you’re out in the middle of nowhere on a camping trip, you need to take precautions. The obvious thing is to pack a first-aid kit, stocked with outdoor essentials such as bug repellent, sun cream, and sunburn lotions. Bring plenty of water with you, so you don’t suffer from dehydration or get forced into using potentially unhealthy water sources. And if you are intending to prepare food over a campfire, ensure any meat products are cooked thoroughly before consumption. Bring emergency contact details too, such as your doctor’s phone number, in case of further health problems.

Stress Factor #3: Feeling bored
Thanks to social media, video games, and the wider internet, we can all get bored very easily if we don’t have access to wifi. Factor this into a camping trip, along with the lack of a theme park, shopping centre, and potentially no other kids to play with, the words “I’m bored” may become commonplace. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are loads of things you can do on your trip. Sports, kite flying, frisbee throwing, board games, fishing, climbing, hiking, shelter building… and they were just off the top of my head. Plan accordingly, and you should never have to hear those infernal words again. Well, until you get home at least!
Stress Factor #4: Having too much to do
A camping holiday should be about relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature. However, you may find your time consumed by varying tasks. Cooking meals, collecting water, collecting wood for the fire… and so on and so on. Our advice is this: Delegate! If you aren’t traveling alone, give those camping with you a job to do as well. That way, you will lighten your load, and have more time to relax or to take part in activities that are not considered a chore.
Having read our tips, you should now be ready for a stress-free camping holiday! You wish! If something can go wrong it probably will, so while these tips will help, try not to sweat the small stuff so you can enjoy your holiday regardless. Happy camping!
Kate Rose xo


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