Friday, 25 May 2018

My summer fragrance pick - for women and men
- This post is in collaboration with Clive Christian -
Personally I am very picky when it come to fragrances and I honestly couldn't tell you what type of smell I like or go for, because I just don't know. Generally it just comes down to whether I think it smells good or crap, and that's how I judge. We all love to smell good, that's a given. There's nothing better than wearing a new perfume and getting complimented on it or have people ask what it is, it means you know you've picked a good scent!

I also think the season can heavily impact the type of scent you choose, for men and women. It's only natural to be drawn to the more sweet floral scents at this time of year, as to the musky dark scents more popular is the winter months. Let's also not forget that it's that special time of the year approaching and I think the perfect thing for your dad or any man in your life really, is this Fathers Day Luxury Gift.*

My personal favourite fragrance for women at summer time is Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture. I am horrendous at describing scents, but I find it to be a sweet, but not sickly smell, that reminds me of vanilla, woods and marshmallows all rolled in to one. I think it's perfect for summer as whilst it still has that sweet summery vibe to it, I was once wearing it and my dad told me he thought it had a hint of man smell to it as well! Not sure how to take that, but I guess it shows that it's not too much of an overpowering sickly sweet smell.

It has a good lasting power, as I'm still able to smell it on me throughout and at the end of the day, and the cute bottle is also a bonus. It's simple and sleek with a little bow on it, nothing over the top but I think the scent does the talking anyway.

So if you're in the market for a new fragrance this summer, whether you're male or female or buying for someone else in your life, then I'd highly recommend both of these!
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  1. these sound really good! I've heard so many good things about Viva La Juicy, but I've never actually smelt it x

    1. Thank you! I’d defo give it a smell, see if you like it! X


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