Friday, 11 May 2018

Choosing your first wheels

I have to be honest, I'm not the most confident of drivers. I passed my test a few months ago now and although I'm confident with the essential trips I need to do, ie college, the shops, and the most important one of course, McDonalds, driving anywhere other than that definitely raises my stress levels.

I currently actually share a car with my mum, simply because it's the easiest option for us. Generally we don't need the car at the same time so it saves not only money, but also space on the driveway! However this isn't to say I won't be getting my own car. I'll definitely be looking at getting my own in the future, possibly if I moved away or got a full time job after college, and I can safely say as a student on a budget, I'll be looking at used cars rather than new!

When buying your first car I definitely think it's worth the travel to find a reliable dealership such as KAP Brighton who give complete car history on their used cars. In my opinion it's beneficial to travel the extra few miles if need be just to make sure you buy your first wheels from someone trustworthy.

Checking a cars past history is definitely important because it gives you an insight as to whether it's had any issues, faults in the MOT's or anything done to it. This will help you make an informed decision when purchasing because lets be honest, none of us want to buy a car to have it break down a week later because we missed a past fault with it!

Another good point about choosing a reliable dealer is the safety net you have even after your purchase. Going with somewhere trusted and reliable means that if you do get any problems after the sale, the companies much more likely to be around to offer help and advice which is what you want when you've just spent a big amount of money on a car!

I hope these tips are useful if you're looking in to purchasing a new car, whether it's your first one or not!
Kate Rose xo


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