Tuesday, 15 May 2018

A personalised cake with Bakerdays

I won't lie, when I checked my emails a little while ago and saw I had the opportunity to review a cake, the chocoholic in me was practically screaming!

Bakerdays are an online company who offer a variety of cakes and cupcakes with the option of different sponges and icing and even the opportunity to personalise your cake. Personalising your cake means you can add specific names to it or even add your own pictures so make it even more special.

As well as all of the personalization options for their cakes, they also come in different sizes with a really cool one being their 'letterbox cakes'. This is actually the size of cake I received and as the name suggests, it's a cake that's small enough to fit through 'most' letterboxes!

A letterbox cake comes in a circular, really nice might I add, tin, that keeps it completely safe and secure so it arrives in tip top condition! The cakes are also made on the same day as dispatch so they're still super fresh when they arrive with you.

I opted to go for a happy birthday cake with chocolate sponge (because chocolates the best obviously) even though it's not my birthday. I just really liked the look of this cake and can confirm it tastes just as great.

Bakerdays letterbox cakes are prices at £14.99 which I personally don't think is too bad, especially not when it's such a handy idea! If you did want to order your own cake which you can do so here, then you can get 15% off with my code ITSKATEROSE15 at the checkout and if you do, then please let me know which one you go for!
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