Wednesday, 23 May 2018

5 ways to treat yourself this summer

It’s finally coming! Summer is just around the corner and we can finally look forward to some warmer days, being able to wear a skirt, sunglasses, cocktails in the sun, and generally a much happier season. Like most people you’ve probably worked hard all year and you’re feeling like it’s time to treat yourself, especially now that the brighter weather is on it’s way. Take a look at the five ways to treat yourself this summer, so you can make it a year to remember!

Get yourself a spray tan

Anyone who’s ever gotten themselves a spray tan will tell you that there’s no feeling like it. You head into the salon a pasty white colour, and then you leave the salon, a glorious tanned goddess that’s ready to flash those legs. Take yourself off for a spray tan and hey, why not turn it into a pampering day? There’s nothing better than having the whole tan, nails and hair thing going on, so go for it!

Take a trip away
When you’ve been working hard, sometimes you simply need to get out of town for a short while and regain clarity. Treat yourself to a luxury trip away at say, the Panama Marriott Hotel in Florida and before you know it, you’ll be feeling more like you than ever. Don’t forget to take your camera to capture all of the beautiful moments of your trip away, and seriously step up your insta game!

Buy yourself a new outfit (or two, or three)
Everybody will agree, the best kind of therapy is retail therapy. Working long hours can easily put someone into a slump, and what better way to pick yourself up than heading out to town and buying yourself some lovely new outfits. Go through your wardrobe and throw anything that doesn’t fit or you aren't in to anymore and replace them with some new outfits pieces that you love.

Do something selfless
Volunteer in a homeless shelter, adopt a rescue animal. Anything like this will give you an enormous sense of well-being, and also help someone else out in the process. There can never be too much kindness in the world, and instead of just thinking about you, why not extend your love and care onto someone who really needs it!

Have a junk food and movie day
Finally, if all else fails, get changed into your tracksuit, scrunch your hair in a messy bun., wipe away the makeup and treat yourself to a junk food and movie day. There’s nothing quite like shutting yourself off from the world every now and then and indulging in your favourite treats while catching up on all important movies
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  1. I'm definitely going to have to treat myself more this summer

    Sophie |

  2. these are great ideas!x


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