Friday, 13 April 2018

Summer is coming

We've all witnessed recently how crazy the weather can be! It was only a few weeks ago now that most of the UK got covered in one of the thickest blankets of snow I've seen in my life and the temperatures plummeted. But it hasn't taken long to go to the complete opposite and I even saw #blueskies trending on Twitter the other day when we had some particularly nice weather!

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Earning your first £ from blogging

It’s a big moment for every blogger when you get your first significant payment from blogging. It's something that the majority of us who blog never set out to do, but are lucky enough to sometimes make some extra money on the side for our hobby. It’s significant because it’s the first time you’ve got a paycheck from doing something that's your passion. So, after patting yourself on the back for running a successful blog, what do you do with all this new money?

Upgrade Your Website

It makes sense to take some of the money you earned, and pump it back into your blog. One idea is to spend some and upgrade your website. You can purchase a better hosting server, or you could use the money to pay for a better web design platform to change the way it looks - the options are pretty much endless here. Basically, look at your blog and think about what can be improved. Is the web design a little tacky? Does it take a long time to load pages?

Invest Some Of It

Call me cautious, but I always think it’s a good idea to save a portion of your pay checks and invest it in something. This helps you tie up a bit of your money, which means you can’t spend it recklessly! There are many things to invest in, but my best advice would be to stick with either standard stocks/shares or forex. Both offer reliable ways of slowly improving your investment, and you don’t need a huge amount to get started. I suggest you look for the best forex brokers or best stock market trading platforms before you invest. Doing this will help you figure out the best places to invest your money, and get the guidance and help you need to ensure it appreciates in value!

Treat Yo Self!

Now, you’ve done some responsible things with your pay check, so I think it’s time you treated yourself, right? Of course, you deserve to buy something nice with your money - after all, your blog posts earned it. But, at the same time, you can treat yourself while still benefiting your blog too. Depending on how much you’ve made, you could use the money to help finance a purchase that improves part of what you do. For example, a new keyboard for your computer/laptop that allows you to type better and faster. Or, maybe even an entirely new laptop?! Either way, you can treat yourself and treat your blog at the same time.

There you go; after all the effort of starting your blog and growing it to be a success, you’ve got your self a reward. Don’t waste it all at once, give these ideas a thought if you want to use the money wisely. For me, that’s the key to keeping your blog a success; constant improvement and money management!

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