Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Glow getter

These days who doesn't love a glow? Whether it be a dazzling highlight or dewy skin, you just can't go wrong!

For me, especially during the winter months, a glow is even more important. My skins looking pretty dull not having had much sunlight so a glowing face is a must. To achieve this, I've been reaching for three products in particular.

The first being the Mua undress your skin illuminating liquid glow in the shade Oyster. This is a liquid highlighter which usually I'm not a huge fan of as the never seem to go on top of my makeup very well. However this one actually works really well under my makeup, on the high points of my face, tip of my nose and cupids bow. I then apply my foundation and everything else on top and it works as a great base for a powder highlight on top, making that even more glowy than it normally would be.

My second and probably favourite product to achieve that glow is the Soap and Glory glow all out highlighting powder. This is a pink toned highlighter which I would normally steer clear of as I'm much more of a golden champagne glow kinda girl. However, when it's on the skin it's more of a white shimmer which I know sounds really weird but trust me when I say it looks really pretty and not like a solid block of pink glitter which is how I imagined it when I saw it in the pan! It's really pigmented and my favourite for on the tops of my cheekbones because when the light hits it, it shines really brightly!

(L: Soap and Glory R: Mua)
Finally we have the product that seals it all together, the Tarte ready, set , radiant skin mist. I actually got this in a recent Tarte haul and haven't stopped using it since, I'm definitely going to have to purchase the full size. I spray this over the top of my makeup, not so much as a setting spray, but to give my makeup a much more dewy look. It just seems to enhance whatever highlight you already have on your face without making you look wet!

You really can't go wrong with a good ol glow and I say you can never have too much highlight! I also apologise for the amount of times I said glow or highlight in this post - it really couldn't be helped!

What are your favourite highlighting products and have you tried any of these?
Kate Rose xo



  1. The soap & glory one looks good! Definitely going to pick that one up.

    Saba from www.adabofeverything.blogspot.com

  2. The Tarte Skin Mist sounds amazing!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. These are all so pretty, I can't believe I haven't tried any of them!xx

    1. Defo give at least one of them a try, they’re all amazing! X

  4. Nice post, thanks so much for this sharing!

  5. These sound like great products! Will definitely have to check some of them out

    EscapesAndEpiphanies | Travel Fashion Lifestyle


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