Friday, 12 January 2018

Tarte to the UK and a haul

It has been absolutely ages since I last bought any makeup. Other than re purchasing things that I've run out of, I haven't treated myself to any beauty bits in what seems like months. Partly because I haven't really been feeling makeup recently, although I am getting there again, but also partly because nothings caught my eye.

Well that was until an email popped up in my inbox advertising a huge sale that Tarte had on, and it really caught my attention. I've never actually bought anything from Tarte before partly because of the prices and partly because it has to come from America, but when I saw the crazy bargains they had going, there was literally up to 70% off some things, I knew now was the perfect time to try!

I really had to try hard to contain myself and not by 10 of everything I thought was a good deal, and instead picked up 3 sets for myself, one of which I bought two of with the idea I could gift one of them to a friend, and the total came to just above £30 which is what you needed to get free UK shipping.

The first set I treated myself to was the goddess glam eye and cheek set which comes with a mini lights camera lashes mascara and the thing I bought this set for, the goddess glam eyeshadow palette. It has a blush shade, highlighter shade and 6 eyeshadows, 3 of which are shimmers and 3 are mattes, as you can see they are a perfect blend of colours that you could create so many pretty looks with.

Also the packaging of this palette is out of this world! I genuinely think I'll treasure this one forever as it looks so expensive and luxurious. This set was only £12 which is crazy when you think about how much Tarte eyeshadow palettes are on their own normally and I almost wish I'd bought two!

The next set is called Build your beautiful which contains another of the mini lights camera lashes mascaras, a Tarte lip archietect in the shade Muse which is a double ended lipstick and liner, and finllly an Amazonian clay 12 hour blush in the shade Insightful. The lipstick and liner are a pinky nude shade and the blush is more of a peachy nude, both of them look really wearable and natural!

This set was £9 which is insanely good because the lip architect that comes in it is full sized and those alone retail for £21 each normally!!

The last set I got my hands on, and the one I actually bought two of, is the Effortless essentials colour collection which has the ready, set, radiant skin mist, Tarteist glossy lip paint in goals, and the Amazonian clay 12 hour highlighter in glimmer. This one was only £8 so I'm sure you can see why I had to buy 2! The liquid lipstick is a really pretty rosy nude shade which looks super wearable, and I'm so excited to try the skin mist as you can use it before or when you've already done your makeup to refresh it!

I thought that the highlighter in this set deserved it's own photo just to show how stunning it is! With the flash on you can see how pigmented and glistening it is and I cannot wait to get this on my skin and start doing some looks with it. I think it'dalso make a really nice inner corner highlight.

All in all I'm so happy with everything I got in my order and the thing that made it even better was that I didn't get charged any customs fees. Tarte now include that in the price of their products so there aren't any nasty surprises when it turns up at your door!

My order took 10 days to come which from the US I'm pretty impressed with, the wait just made it more exciting when it finally did turn up anyway! I'm sure I'll be doing some individual reviews on some of these products *cough the palette and the highlighter cough* once I've tried them out a bit more, so be on the look out for those, and also let me know if you managed to grab anything in the sale!
Kate Rose xo



  1. these all look beautiful. I love the look of the palette and highlighter. its so good that there weren't any custom chargers x

  2. They’re so pretty aren’t they and definitely, that made it even better! X

  3. I finally got my hands on the Sephora's birthday gift for 2017, which was Tarte products, and I'm a convert! Loved their blush and lippie <3 I can't wait to try their highlighter!

    1. I really want to give some more of their products a go now! X

  4. These products sound good. I love the color of the palette.

  5. I love Tarte makeup so much I need more! These products look stunning! xx

    1. I’m loving them too now! Think I’ll have to place another order soon. X

  6. Amazing post, beautiful pictures as well, I love your blog, thank you for sharing.



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