Tuesday, 9 January 2018

2017. 2018.

I'll start this post off by getting cringey stuff out of the way first okay? Happy new year!!! 2017 sure was a crazy one and I hope that you had a good year! I thought it only seemed right to do a post reflecting on the year I've had before I launch in to 2018's normal content, but I do realise that this post is probably going to be more beneficial to me than to yourself reading this.

I want to do a round up of some of the amazing things I got to experience this year so that this time next year I can make another one of these posts and look back and reflect on what I got to do in 2017.

So to kick off the year, on March 16th I went up to Cardiff for the evening to watch Craig David in concert with my friend. It was such a good night and we were so close to the front it was insane. I mean my music taste has definitely changed since then and I'm not sure I'd go and see him again, but it really was an amazing concert.
Two days later I then attended my first blogging event up in London. It was BlogconLDN and where I got to meet one of my best friends Shann for the first time. It was such a good day and we got to talk to loads of brands there, meet each other, and of course lets not forget the awesome freebies that came our way too!
(Shann and I)
Then in April, the 28th to be precise, I got to go and see Ed Sheeran at Birmingham in concert with a few of my friends. He was genuinely such a good singer live and sounded just like he does on Spotify. We had a fab time there and the atmosphere was incredible. Anne Marie who was his support artist was also amazing and the struggle we had getting the tickets was definitely made worth it!
In May I got to experience something I'd never done before and that was segwaying. I went with some of my family and you could say I was slightly nervous about the whole thing. However it turned out to be really fun and actually way easier than it looks. It's definitely something I'm glad I did!
I also went to the Beauty UK show in Birmingham in May as part of my college course. It's basically where you walk round a massive room and get to talk to and meet new brands. It was such a good trip and I picked up loads of cosmetic glitter there for cheap which I needed for the summer months!
July was a really good month as we visited Devon, London and then towards the end of it, went on our family holiday to Menorca. We stayed there for a week in an apartment on a really nice complex and it was great. I'd never been there before but would love to return and it was a really cool way to start off the summer holidays.
August was arguably one of my favourite months of the year and was kicked off with me going to my first ever festival with a group of my friends, Boardmasters. It was literally one of the best times of my life and I've been having major BM blues ever since. I even met two new friends there who I'm still really good friends with now. And the great news is, that I've already booked to go back again this year with my friends and I can't wait to do it all over again!
Then to end August it was of course my 17th birthday which I loved and had such a good day celebrating.

September was the month I started back again at college for the year, but this time at a different college studying something new. I had a slight mid life crisis during the summer in which I decided that I wanted to do something else and so I moved colleges and made some great new friends where I'm now studying Travel and Tourism.

In October I started to learn to drive which was pretty scary and not gonna lie I really wanted to put it off until god knows when, but I'm still having my lessons now with my test coming up soon and I'm definitely glad I started learning when I did.

My first ever girls holiday happened in October too. Me and my friend went to Barcelona for 5 nights which was literally insane, and had such a good time. I was also super proud of us for making it there and back with no parental assistance! The trip has made me super keen to get travelling some more now!
October/November was also when I got myself a part time job working in Lush. It was only over Christmas and so I'm not working there any more, but I did have a really good time and obviously I'm not gonna complain about working in a place filled with so many beauty products!

December was of course Christmas which I spent with my family and had a very busy week seeing everyone. It was so lovely, although I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in chocolate log. Not that I'm complaining though!

Then to end the year I spent new years eve at one of my friends houses and that brings us to here... 2018!

I mean obviously I did lots more things throughout the year and I've missed out the things like parties and family gatherings, and shown you some of the bigger things I got to experience in the last 12 months. I have hands down had one of, if not the best, years of my life, and have been filling up a scrapbook throughout the year to hold all my memories which I'll be continuing to make in 2018.

So what does 2018 have in store? Well so far I've got Boardmasters booked for the summer again, I'll finally be turning 18, and I should hopefully pass my driving test! I really hope I can make this year as good as, or even better than 2017 was and of course, I hope my little blog keeps growing along side with me too.

I'd love to know some of your 2017 highlights and if you've got anything planned already for this year! Thank you for sticking by me and I hope you have an amazing new year! XXX
Kate Rose xo


  1. Last year seemed like a pretty eventful year for you! Happy new year girly, all the best for 2018 xxx

  2. Sounds like you had the bestest of years! I hope 2018 is just as good for you. Happy new year!
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Ahh 2017 sounds like a year full of incredible events for you! I so envy you, you got to see Ed Sheeran live, I couldn't get the tickets here this time (legit cried myself to sleep for missing it). I hope your 2018 is even more eventful, full of amazing travel and you pass your driving test :)
    Hope this week has been good to you!

    1. Thank you! Ohh no, well I hope you manage to get tickets next time! Have a good year! X

  4. It sounds like you had an amazing 2017! Seeing Ed Sheeran live must've been so good, he's amazing! Great post, and a Happy New Year xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. He was amazing, and thank you! Happy new year too! X

  5. 2017 sounds like a fab year, I love the way you laid this out. I remember when I was at college my friend got a part time job at Lush I was so jealous of her and she'd always get free samples. Good luck with driving Kate, hope 2018 treats you just as good!x

    1. Thank you so much Libby! Haha it was a great job. I hope you have an amazing 2018 too. X


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