Friday, 8 December 2017

A christmas tree wall with printiki

Can you believe that we're in December already?! Christmas is literally round the corner and it's finally sociably acceptable to listen to Christmas music to your hearts content! As a family we actually don't put our tree up or get the decs out until about the 18th of the month, but that doesn't mean I don't want to add a little bit of festivity to my own room!

Displaying photo's around my room is one of my favourite things and I have various different photo frames and grids that I've attached my favourite snaps to. So when Printiki, a brand that I actually LOVE, approached and asked if I'd like to try their Christmas tree photo wall* it was a no brainer really.

So the concept is that you choose 40 of your favourite photos, they can be anything you like and uploaded from your gallery/Facebook/Instagram, and Printiki will send them to you along with a print out star for the top of your tree and the measurements you need to display your pictures in the perfect Christmas tree shape.

The quality of the prints is as always, amazing, and the measurement guide is super simple and even made it easy for the complete DIY-aphobe that is me to manage! I stuck them on with the Pritt glue dots which are super cheap and don't mark your wall or the prints. They are also super sticky and mean your prints wont fall of the wall.

This is just such a simple and easy way to add a little Christmas spirit in to your room and a funky way to display some photos too. The price for all the bits you need is £12 from Prinitki which I will link here for you to check out yourself.

Another cool idea would be to put fairy lights all around the outline of the pictures to make it look even more Christmassy. There are loads of possibilities and this kit is definitely worth it in my opinion!
Kate Rose xo


  1. I love printing photos and decorating my room with them!! This sounds like such a nice idea xxx

    1. Me too! It’s such a nice way to display them! X


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