Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The personal blogger awards

So you might be reading this post thinking 'ughh another blogger awards, haven't we got enough already?' and to be honest, I'd probably agree with you.
But if there's one thing I've noticed about the tens of blogger awards there are, is that a lot of the time it seems to be the same bloggers in the running/winning these awards. Now that's not even a bad thing, their blogs are good and obviously deserve to be recognised. But what about us bloggers that are a little bit more out of the circle, with blogs just as good that aren't being recognised. What about the ones of us who don't have a whole team of supporters rallying around us to vote for every award we're up for?

This isn't even me being bitter as someone who's never been put up for/won any blogger awards, as I genuinely don't mind. I love my little corner of the internet and that's all the matters. But this is coming from someone who wants the faces of other bloggers to be recognised and cheered on. And thus, the personal blogger awards was born. Personal because the winner of each category is being chosen by the person writing the post, in this case me.

I wanted to show appreciation for the bloggers that I think deserve awards, and I wanted there to be an easy way for others to do the same. Now this isn't no awards where your going to have a trophy waiting for you at your door, there's nothing like that. You can just have the satisfaction of knowing that the person writing about you thinks your blog is amazing for some particular reason, and I hope that's enough to make people happy.

So on to the categories ey?

Best Fashion Blog:
Kate from Luxekate.com
Kate has been slaying the fashion game for a while now. She has the effortlessly easy style that's so simple to recreate and suits her so well. A particular favourite post of mine that she's done is 'how to style the summer bandeau'.  Not to mention she's so pretty and Topshop you seriously need to hit this girl up with a spon post please!

Best Beauty Blog:
Tallulah from lovetallulah.com
Tallulah has a gorgeous blog with to die for photography and her beauty posts are some of my favourites. She writes with such detail and experience that I really feel as though I trust her opinion. Her post on her top autumn lip shades is one I really recommend you go read! Also, how cool is her name!?

Best Lifestyle Blog:
Lois from lifeasloismay.wordpress.com
Lois' blog definitely has my fix of a good lifestyle post. I love the way she writes her posts and when I'm reading them they're so easy to understand and relate too. Her post on the pressures of blogging is definitely a firm fave of mine and I'm pretty sure everybody will agree with what she wrote.

Best Music Blog:
Erin from everythingerinx.co.uk
This one was such an easy choice for me. I'm not really a music blog post reader, but Erin's are some that I just can't miss. Her monthly mixtape posts and album reviews are must reads and always help me discover some new music!

Best Photography:
Zara from zaramcintosh.com
Zara's blog was again another obvious choice for this award. If you read her blog or even follow her on twitter, then you'll have seen how amazing her photography is. Like I have never seen a bad picture from that girl and she's always so creative with her shoots! I'm seriously jel!

Best Everything Blogger:
Libby from constantlylibby.blogspot.com
Not that she knows this, but Libby's blogs is one of the first I ever read! I can still remember her posts where she photographed her outfits in her room and since then her blog has only gone from strength to strength. She does all sorts of posts from book reviews to life rambles, my personal fave post of hers being one she did on loosing friends.

Best Travel Blog:
Danielle from whileimyoung.com
Travel blogs being something I'm only recently getting in to as I've been on holiday a little more myself, Danielle's is amazing. She covers all sorts of from tips to things to do in different places she's visited. She even has a drop down menu at the top of her blog including tonnes of destinations that she's done posts on which is super helpful f you're looking to read about a certain place.

Most Aesthetically Pleasing Blog:
Cally from xcallyloves.blogspot.com
Take a look at Cally's blog and you'll see for yourself exactly why she was the obvious choice for this one. Her blog layout is so chic with some of her posts photos going along the top (it also helps that her blog photography is insane), and her simply and easy to read design. Her whole blog is gorgeous!

So those are just a few, and I really mean a few because I read SO many amazing blogs, that I think deserve the award. I'd love to see other people doing this too and showing the love to some of their fave bloggers that they think deserve to be recognised. So if you do partake in the personal blogger awards then of course make sure you link me so I can have a read.

Make sure you have a look at all of these girls fab blogs and I hope this has given some of you some new people to read and made the girls nominated feel proud, because you seriously should be. Your blogs are amazing!
Kate Rose xo



  1. Ah thank you so much Kate for best music blog! You're so lovely, this is such a nice idea and I'm so grateful you would consider me! Amazing post, you deserve so much recognition yourself gal!!x

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. You are more than deserving of it Erin, thank you! X

  2. Ahhh gal you're too kind!! You deserve all the awards in the world! Cannot thank you enough for this, put this biggest smile on my face! Lots of love!!
    Kate Xx

  3. Wow, thank you endless amounts Kate! This is such a lovely way to get other Bloggers in to the spotlight, I’ve already discovered a few new and wonderful bloggers just through this post! I can’t thank you enough, such an amazing girl you are!
    Zara xxx

    1. You’re more than welcome, I’m so glad you discovered some new bloggers from it too! X

  4. This is such a nice idea! Love it!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  5. OH MY GOD thanks Kate!! This has made me so happy I love this!! Ohhh thanks so much, this was such a good idea as well ahh!! This has made me so happy!!x

    1. You’re welcome Libby! You deserve it and glad it brightened your day! X


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