Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The perfect pamper night

There is nothing I love more than a pamper, but like most of us, I cant afford to be going off to the spa every weekend! So I've got my own little routine which I carry out at home, it's low cost, easily done, and dare I say it, maybe even better than going to an actual spa!?

So to start of my pamper evening it's of course bath time! I have the water nice and hot and add either some bubble bath, or bath salts, maybe both if I'm feeling crazy! But no bath is compete without a face mask and my favourite to use at the moment is the Body Shops Japanese matcha tea clearing mask. This is actually the first Body Shop mask I've used but I'm seriously impressed by it, it's so refreshing and perfect to have on whilst I'm relaxing.

After getting out of my bath and removing my face mask it's time for the rest of my skincare. This includes doing a pore strip, toning, moisturising, spot cream, all the usual's, and I might do a more in depth post on my skin care routine soon. Not forgetting body care, I've been using the Fair squared shea body butter*, which is a fair trade, natural, and vegan product, get me that goodness on my skin I say!!

Now that we're all cosy and clean it's on to my favourite bit. The snacks! Of course, chocolate is my only option on a pamper night, there's no fruit in site here! I was kindly sent out the Chocolate Nibbles box* by Kandy Station and it's definitely been filling a chocolate shaped hole in my stomach during my pamper evenings. The box is priced at £5.99 and come's with 6 different chocolate bags in it. Now I'll be honest, whilst the chocolate tasted good, I was a little bit underwhelmed about the packaging it came in and honestly for a moment thought I'd been sent animal pellets or something from the way the chocolate looked. Nevertheless chocolate's chocolate isn't it, and it did me well for a good pamper, just try not to think about what the chocolate looks like while your eating it yeah?

To go along with our snacks we obviously need something feel good to watch so I'll either use Netflix and binge some Gossip Girl as I'm currently rewatching that, or I've just discovered how to put YouTube on my TV #behindwiththetimes, so I'll go through my subscription box and watch a few of those.

So that's pretty much my at home pamper routine. I'd say it's pretty standard but it always makes a good evening and helps me get to sleep a bit better that night!
Kate Rose xo



  1. Definitely think I need to pick up a Body Shop Face Mask before my next pamper evening! Lovely post Xx


  2. great pamper routine, i love anything that has shea butter, I always use the raw shea butter on my body and its amazing, i discovered pumpkin seed butter lately in a few products i used on my body and its wonderful!!

    1. Shea butter is amazing isn’t it! I’ll have to look in to pumpkin seed then! X

  3. I really want to try the Body Shop clay masks at some point, everyone keeps saying how good they are, and I'm a sucker for a good mask. I should really have more pamper nights haven't had one in ages. Lovely post xx

    Sophie's Spot

    1. I want to try some more of the range now, I’m hooked! X

  4. I have heard so much about the Body Shop face mask, I really need to try them!! Its never a proper pamper night without chocolate haha!
    Nicole Nicoleannx x

  5. I absolutely love a pamper night, there's nothing better than treating yourself! I really need to try this mask too, I keep hearing about Body Shop products but never get round to it!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. Definitely! I’d seriously recommend them. X


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