Tuesday, 12 September 2017

My august/september lip library

I've always thought September was a weird month. Sort of the cross between coming out of summer and heading in to autumn, all the while we're all going back to college/uni/school. In the past I've dreaded September, simply because it meant going back to that awful place called school. However this year it's been different, I actually willed it along. September meant I was starting my new college course which I'd looking forward to, that I'd finally be 17 having had my birthday in late august, and that I was a step closer to my holiday to Barcelona which is in October.

Starting college again, in particular a new college, where I didn't know anybody because if you didn't know I've actually moved colleges and started a new course to what I did last year, meant that not gonna lie, I've been wanting to put that extra bit of effort in to my makeup routine.

The thing I've been switching out most this month has been my lip colour. It really does change up a look much more easily than anything else and I've had a selection I've been reaching for the most this September.

Firstly we have the Rimmel stay matte liquid lip colour in Be my baby. These are a fairly new release with Rimmel finally stepping in to the liquid lip game. For me they've hit the nail on the head in terms of formula, they're super creamy and have a mousse like texture when applied. This does have it's downfalls though as this isn't the most opaque product ever and I do find myself having to do two coats. However for the colour, a super pretty pinky nude, its worth it!

Next is one by Mua and it's the luxe velvet matte lipstick in the shade 8. This is a dark toned nude and one of my favourites because I feel like it just summarizes that period between summer and autumn perfectly. It's a super hydrating matte formula and I actually have five of the lipsticks from the range, this one just happens to be my favourite but I've done a review on all of them here if you wanted some more in depth knowledge.
Thirdly we have a lipstick by Gosh. This is one of their velvet touch lipsticks in the shade 023 Chestnut. It's definitely the darkest and most autumnal shade of the lot being a deep purple berry tone. Personally though I still think it's super wearable and I'm not someone who wears shades like this often!

My fourth chosen lip product for September is the only high end one of the bunch and it's Mac's Mehr. This is a very dark pink, almost plum shade and out of the bunch I'd say this one draws most attention to your lips. It's a super creamy matte and this with a soft brown eyeshadow is ah-may-zing.

Last but definitely not least we have another one from Mua and this one's in shade 11. This is the only one which has a shine finish (can you tell I like matte lipsticks?) and I'm pretty sure it's from Mua's £1 range which is incredible. It's very much a your lips but better shade and my favourite for when I've been wanting a more natural lip option this month.
As you can see, pretty much just like all the lip library/favourites posts I've done, my choice in lipstick colours is pretty safe. I mean you will almost never see me wearing a red lipstick! But these have just been the options I've been reaching for most recently since being back at college and to me, they're the perfect summer to autumn transition shades.

This blog post is in collaboration with the lovely Tash so make sure you go over and have a read of her post and check out her fab blog too!

I'd love to know what lipsticks you've been reaching for recently and I'm sure I'll be doing another one of these posts when it gets more in to winter time too. I would say you can expect some more red shades then but knowing me I'm sure I'll still be wearing my good ol pinky nudes - you just can't go wrong with them, am I right?
Kate Rose xo



  1. What lovely pink/plum shades!

  2. The MUA 8 one is so pretty, I love the geometric bullet design! :)


  3. I never thought MUA lipsticks would be any good, but after this post I will definitely be purchasing one or two!!


    1. I was surprised too! They're actually great! X

  4. The MUA 8 one is gorgeous!! Absolutely loved reading this and collabing with you lovely!


    1. I love it! And thank you, I loved collabing with you too! X

  5. Love a good nude lipstick! I love the look of that MUA lipstick on the end, what a stunning shade? Great post!
    Grace xx

  6. I hope your new course is going good! All of these lipsticks look gorgeous too; great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  7. Lovely post X All of these shades are gorgeous and I would love to try the Rimmel Stay Matte liquid lipstick they look really good.
    Sarah X www.hellochappes.blogspot.co.uk x

    1. Thank you! I really want to get some more shades of them now! X

  8. I love the shades in this collection! I've really wanted to try out the rimmel stay matte lipsticks!

    Kate | beautifulmessedupminds.com

    1. Thank you! I want to try more of the shades from there now! X

  9. There's not one shade there that I don't like, I love the tones for this time of year.

    Lauren x Huggled


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