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A week in Menorca: what to do, eat and where to stay

This post is incredibly overdue because as I'm writing it I've been back from Menorca for exactly 23 days, but you know how life is. You get caught up in everything going on and I had another trip away shortly after I got home too, so in all honesty writing this post just got put to the back of my mind. However it's now come to the front and I'm ready to sit down and tell you all about Menorca, what to do, eat, and where to stay!

So me, my mum, dad and brother jetted of to sunny Spain on July 21st for a week of fun in the sun. It was our first time going to Menorca and so in the little time we had, we tried to soak up as much of the island as possible, as well as enjoying ourselves and relaxing.

Where to stay:
Starting off with where to stay, I can only really fully recommend where we were as it's the only place I've experienced there. We stayed in an area called Son Bou on a complex called Son Bou gardens. It's a massive complex filled with apartments, some privately owned and others owned by companies such as Thompsons. We actually rented ours from a lady who privately owned two of them there and the price we paid was a bargain really. The apartment was simple, however more than adequate for our needs and I can only imagine that the majority of apartments there would be the same. We were also on the top floor aparmtment which meant we had a big balcony with views that over looked the complex and which you could see the sea from! From a bloggers perspective the balcony was also a huge plus as it made a great place for a little photoshoot. On the complex there are three very big swimming pools, one which has slides you can pay to go on, there is also a tennis court, playgrounds, restuarants, and little shops including a bakery which we got fresh croissants from in the mornings.
Because the whole place was so big you would expect it to constaly be crowded and noisy. However this wasn't the case at all and due to the size of the pools, they never felt over crowded and there was always a really lovely atmosphere there. The complex was also only a short walk from the popular bech of Son Bou which I will talk more about later on, and from a lovely town filled with tonnes of restaurants, shops, and even a bowling alley. Son Bou gardens really was situated in the perfect place which had everyting you could need.

What to eat:
As a family we didn't actually eat out that much when we were over there, for a good few nights we just ate bits and bobs that we'd bought from the shops, usually consisting of bread and ham, and a WHOLE LOT of crisps. The Jamon flavour in particular.

However one place that we did eat out at, and enjoyed so much that we actually went there twice, was a little restaurant called Restaurant Atalis. It was a lovely little place, right in the middle of the small town in Son Bou, a few minute walk from our apartment. They offered pretty much anything you could want on the menu and the staff there were very friendly. One waiter in particular who always addressed us with "hello family" (its the little things), made the whole experience there just that little bit more enjoyable.
I had the same meal there both nights simply because I loved it so much the first time, garlic chicken with chips and vegetables. Firstly, those chips were the bomb, they were just like Nando's chips which are my fave! The chicken was my favourite bit though, the garlic dressing on it literally made it taste like I was eating Pizza Express dough balls (another favourite of mine), whilst having the chicken consistency. All in all it was heaven and I'd do anything to taste that garlicky chicken again. The prices there were reasonable too and they gave you a complimentary shot or lollypop afterwards, who doesn't love a freebie!?

In terms of eating Supermaket food, the majority of shops around complexes are very over priced, so if you have a car or are able to get around then I'd strongly advise buying your food from shops further out of town. In particular the Mercadona which is right near the airport, is really good value for money and everything is a whole lot cheaper in there. I think it's one of the shops that the locals buy from more as it's a little more on the outskirts.

What to do:
Although a small island, Menorca certainly has lots of places to visit and things to do which we tried to squeeze in during our week there. Although we didn't cover the whole island, we did spend one of ours days driving around the coast seeing all the little hidden gem places, or at least my parents did, pretty sure me and Luke were asleep in the back of the car for most of it!
Ciutadella: One of the first places we visited was a town on the west side of the island called Ciutadella. Here there was a small town with shops in, a harbour, and of course lots of places to eat and drink. We took a small walk here and then sat along the front by the harbour for a drink in one of the cafes.

Alaior: If quaint little streets are your thing then Alaior is definitely the place for you. We took a stroll round here one evening and it's almost like a little maze with all the streets coming off it. There is also a big church here you can look inside and it's very populated with locals if you're interested in seeing the more 'non' touristy side of Menorca.

Mahon: Mahon is the islands capital and thus is the place most filled with a constant hustle and bustle. It's got a large town filled with lots of shops and places to eat and it has a massive harbour that takes about 5 minutes to drive from one end to the other filled with hundreds of boats, from small speed boats to some of the biggest super yachts I've ever seen! Here we also went on a glass bottom boat which personally wasn't my favourite activity as I don't like boats and it was the first time I'd been on one in years, but if you are in to your history then I'd really recommend the trip as it takes you round some historical places.

(Monte Toro)
Monte Toro: One of Menorca's most iconic places is Monte Toro, the tallest hill on the island. It's absolutely ginormous and you can drive to the top for an amazing view over the island. On a clear day with no clouds in the sky you can even see mainland Spain, however when we were there it was pretty cloudy. We still got an amazing view though and a trip up there is definitely worth it.

(Son Bou beach)
Son Bou beach: From what I understand, Son Bou beach is the islands most popular beach, and with good reason! Within walking distance from our apartment (but we still drove there, yay for lazy people), crystal clear waters, and miles of golden sand, this beach really had it all. There were also lots of different water sport activities to do here too if that's your thing, my mum and brother went on a banana boat which they really enjoyed but there were all sorts of boats you could hire and giant sea inflatables to play on. The beach was also lifeguarded but watch out how far down the end you walk as the further you go the more you start to venture in to the nudists end of the beach.

(Son Bou gardens pool)
Son Bou gardens pool: The pools at the apartment complex we stayed in were one of my favourite bits and you don't even need to be staying there to use them. Anyone is free to use the swimming pools there, whether you're staying or not, you can come and use them as you please. We spent a few days just lounging round the pool getting in and out as we wanted as you can hire sunbeds for a low cost there too. They also put up a bouncy castle in the evening once the pool has shut so if you go to the restaurant with little ones then there's something for them to do.

All in all Menorca has now become one of my favourite holiday destinations, there's so much to do there and if anyone's going and wanted any more info then I'd be happy to help. Also let me know if you've been there before and what you got up too!

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  1. Oh my god I go to Menorca every year! I find it crazy that you went because so many people haven't been, or when I say I've been to Menorca they always say something about Mallorca and I'm like no bitch Im not talking about that island! We have a little villa out there- I didn't go this year but I missed it so much. It's strange because it's so small and like not much nightlife I didn't think I would regret missing out on the trip but oh boy did I miss Menorca. It's just so nice there and everyone is so friendly. Oh my god reading this psot- so many memories!! I'm glad you enjoyed Menorca- I feel like it's my second home haha x

  2. It seriously is such a beautiful island and the whole Menorca Mallorca mix up seems to be a common thing then! Had the exact same argument with some of my friends too 😂 I really hope I can go back there - maybe we'll bump in to each other one day aha! X


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