Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The £2.50 2 in 1 liner and lipstick

Hello there. So yes, I did have another unannounced blogging hiatus due to life just being completely hectic and my lazy self having no motivation. But I'm back again, and this time it's to stay!

We all love a good bargain don't we, because whether or not you can afford to be splurging on high end makeup all the time, nothing beats finding an amazing little drugstore product for just as good quality but a price tag less than half the size.

So when I was doing my annual Superdrug and Boots trip the other day and scouring the stands for some new bits to try out I was initially sceptical when my eyes caught site of a lip liner from Natural Collection. Now I'm not usually someone who buys from Natural Collection, purely because I suppose in my mind it always gets pushed to the back and the extremely low prices make me question it's quality (I take all this back now though)!

The product was their 2 in 1 lipstick liner which as the name suggests, is a lip pencil which doubles as a liner and lipstick. I could only see it in one shade at the time which was 'Barely there', a nudey pink shade which we all know I love! I mean who can say no to a pink nude!? Luckily they had a tester one too so I was able to check it came out the same colour as it looked, a quick swatch later and it's safe to say I was very impressed with it's colour so of course, I had to buy it!
Although the product is marketed as lip liner as well as lipstick, I personally will be just using it for the latter. The pencil in which you apply it from is quite fat at the end which I personally like as it makes colouring in your lips really easy, however it means lining your lips with precision is quite difficult.

The colour is very much a your lips but better shade of nude, adding a hint of rosy shine, perfect for those more simple makeup days. The pigmentation of it is incredible along with how easy it is to apply, you literally just colour your lips in! I also tested it on the re application front throughout the day and can confirm that you can most definitely top it up during the day without the risk of it going clumpy.
It doesn't have the best lasting power in the world but I'd say you can get a good 3 hours out of it and like I said before, you can easily top it up as it starts to come off. As it's in pencil form it also means it can be sharpened as it starts to get blunt which us super handy and gives you lots of product to use.

For some reason I can't seem to find much about these on the internet, and can't even see them on the Boots website to give you the link. If you're interested in trying this (which you totally should) then your best bet would probably be just going in to store and having a look! I know that next time I go in I'll definitely be seeing f they offer more shades of these because really, they are such a bargain!

Kate Rose xo



  1. I also don't know if I'd use something like that on the eyes but it's cool to have the option! :)


    1. It's a lip liner, rather than eye liner! X

  2. I've never seen these in my local Boots but if its as good as you say it is then I will definitely need to get my hands on one to see for myself.I love the shade x


    1. It's definitely worth it. Keep an eye out! X

  3. Nice post! I normally don't get things from the Natural Collection but I have heard that they have some good products like their loose powder. I want to try it out!

    1. I'm definitely gonna be trying more from them now! X


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