Friday, 24 February 2017

Makeup Collection #5: Mascara and Eyliner

I'm back and here with the latest post in my makeup collection! You've seen my foundations, concealers and primers, blush and powder, bronzer and highlight, so now its time to delve in to my mascaras and eyeliners. Now I know I have a lot of the Maxfactor false lash effect mascaras but honestly they're so good!!
1. Maxfactor false lash effect: Black

2. Maxfactor false lash effect: Black brown

3. Maxfactor false lash effect waterproof: Black

4. Maxfactor voluptuous false lash effect: Black

5. Maxfactor masterpiece: Black brown

6. Rimmel lash accelerator endless: Black

7. L'oreal miss manga mega volume: Black

8. Maybelline lash sensational: Black

9. Maybelline big eyes volume express: Black
10. Ysl volume effect faux clis: Black

11. Ted Baker: Black

12. Seventeen long lash: Blackest black

13. Soap and glory thick and fast high definition collagen coat: Black

14. Soap and glory thick and fast super volume: Black

15. Mac in extreme dimension 3D lash: Black

16. Mac false lashes extreme: Black

17. Mac in extreme dimension lash: Black
1. Soap and glory dare to define jumbo eyeliner: Black

2. Soap and glory smoulder kohl: Black

3. Rimmel exaggerate waterproof eye liner: Black

4. L'oreal super liner perfect slim: Black

5. Collection extreme 24hr felt tip liner: Black

5. Collection glam crystals dazzling gel liner: Dig it

6. Collection glam crystals dazzling gel liner: Glitz
So there you go, all my mascaras and eyeliners. As usual I will leave the links to my previous makeup collection posts if you haven't read them before, thanks for reading.

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Kate Rose xo



  1. Soap ad glory eyeliners are my absolute favourites! I have so many of them in various shades and types haha. I definitely need to try the thick and fast mascara, I've heard loads of good things about it! x

    1. You should, it's really good and goes well with the eyeliners! X

  2. I love the Max Factor mascaras - they're amazing xx

  3. I've never tried any of these before, but I love the look of the sparkly eyeliners. lovely post xx

    1. They're really good and add something different to an eye look! X

  4. I haven't tried any max factor mascaras! xx

    1. I'd really recommend them! They're some of my faves. X

  5. Wow this is an impressive collection. I own lots of mascaras too but I don't own that many eyeliners, probably 3-4. Are you planning on doing reviews on the mascaras and how they perform?


    1. Thank you and yes I would if you'd be interested in reading that? X

  6. You have so many of them open! I only ever have one mascara open at a time, I hate how quickly they dry up :(

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Yeah that annoys me too! I have a habit of opening them as soon as I get them though so I can try new ones out, ends up leaving me with lots on the go though. X

  7. Wow your collection is huge, I have used a couple of these products myself!

    Lauren x Huggled

    1. Haha I know! Slight mascara addiction here. X


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