Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Helpmeorganics Help me, I'm too busy for colds room spray*

Something that you won't know about me is that I suffer with colds...a lot! For about two or three years now I've just seemed to get constant colds and I have no idea why. They will just come on randomly at any point in the day but by the next day I'll be completely fine again. They used to be a lot more frequent and I'd get one at least three or four times a week, but luckily recently they've been less occurring which of course is much nicer for me. I have no idea at all what causes them but as I'm sure you can imagine I'm always looking for ways to stop them or at least make them more frequent.

So imagine my interest when I saw a room spray that's said to help clear your senses and protect you from foggy heads and constant sneezing on the Helpmeorganics website. Helpmeorganics are a vegan, organic and paraben free brand run by a family based business, and lovely Claire from there very kindly send me out the 'Help me, I'm too busy for colds room spray' for me to try so I thought I'd share my thoughts on it with you!

They say you are supposed to spray the product 2-3 times in each room on a daily basis for the best protection. It claims to protect you from foggy heads and constant sneezing or clear your senses if you've already caught a cold. It's anti bacterial, anti viral and highly effective.
The smell of the spray is really refreshing and zingy with the main scents I'm getting from it being lemon and maybe mint I think. It comes in a cute little green glass spray bottle with the brands label printed on the front and the ingredients written on the back.

I've followed the instructions on how often to spray it for the last two weeks now and although I cant say I noticed a definite change in how often I got colds, when I did have them it left my senses feeling more alert and my head felt generally clearer, which made it a winner in my books!

Helpmeorganics also offer a few other room sprays to target specific things and matching candles with them too. You should definitely check out their website which I'll link again here and try some of their products for yourselves. If you do then I've got a 10% off voucher code which you can use, its 'katerose10' and I'd love to know if you buy anything and what you think. Thanks again to Helpmeorganics and thanks for reading!

*This post contains pr samples or something kindly gifted to me
Kate Rose xo

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