Tuesday, 28 February 2017

My skincare saviors

I've always counted myself fairly lucky in the skin department, I got the odd spot here and there but it was never anything drastic. Recently though I noticed my skin getting a lot worse than usual, by no means was it incredibly bad at this point either but it was bad for me and it wasn't making me feel so great about myself.

Luckily for me around this time I was watching Sophdoesnails snapchat story where she mentioned some of The body shop tea tree skincare products that she used and said about how her skin had improved so much lately. So of course I did a bit of googling and saw The body shop products she had spoke about all pretty much had 5* reviews on the website, and taking this as a good sign I decided to pick some bits up myself.
Tea tree 3-in-1 wash scrub mask £8.50
The first thing I got was The body shop tea tree 3-in-1 wash scrub mask which essentially does what it says on the tin. I use this every morning when I'm in the shower and scrub my face with it before washing it off. Then about twice a week I'll do the same thing but leave it on for about 5 minutes before washing it off to give it a chance to cleanse my skin a bit deeper. This has definitely helped the overall softness of my skin and I love it!

Tea tree skin clearing mattifying toner £6
The second product I now use is The body shop tea tree skin clearing mattifying toner. I use this every morning and night on a cotton pad all over my face and it definitely tightens my skin and makes it feel more plump. It's also a good product to use before I apply my makeup as it makes everything matte which is how I'm liking my makeup to be at the moment.

Tea tree oil £8.50
The final product in my skincare trio is The body shop tea tree oil. This is designed to help treat those pesky spots we all get so I put a tiny amount of this on any areas where I've got blemishes or can feel some coming through, and it works its magic at getting rid of them.

These three products together have worked wonders for my skin and left a visibly noticeable difference in how clear it is. I know that tea tree is meant to be good for the skin anyway and combined with the fact these products are designed specially for blemished skin they have really saved me!

If you're on the lookout for some products that won't break the bank but that will help clear up your skin I'd seriously recommend checking these out. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

Friday, 24 February 2017

Makeup Collection #5: Mascara and Eyliner

I'm back and here with the latest post in my makeup collection! You've seen my foundations, concealers and primers, blush and powder, bronzer and highlight, so now its time to delve in to my mascaras and eyeliners. Now I know I have a lot of the Maxfactor false lash effect mascaras but honestly they're so good!!
1. Maxfactor false lash effect: Black

2. Maxfactor false lash effect: Black brown

3. Maxfactor false lash effect waterproof: Black

4. Maxfactor voluptuous false lash effect: Black

5. Maxfactor masterpiece: Black brown

6. Rimmel lash accelerator endless: Black

7. L'oreal miss manga mega volume: Black

8. Maybelline lash sensational: Black

9. Maybelline big eyes volume express: Black
10. Ysl volume effect faux clis: Black

11. Ted Baker: Black

12. Seventeen long lash: Blackest black

13. Soap and glory thick and fast high definition collagen coat: Black

14. Soap and glory thick and fast super volume: Black

15. Mac in extreme dimension 3D lash: Black

16. Mac false lashes extreme: Black

17. Mac in extreme dimension lash: Black
1. Soap and glory dare to define jumbo eyeliner: Black

2. Soap and glory smoulder kohl: Black

3. Rimmel exaggerate waterproof eye liner: Black

4. L'oreal super liner perfect slim: Black

5. Collection extreme 24hr felt tip liner: Black

5. Collection glam crystals dazzling gel liner: Dig it

6. Collection glam crystals dazzling gel liner: Glitz
So there you go, all my mascaras and eyeliners. As usual I will leave the links to my previous makeup collection posts if you haven't read them before, thanks for reading.

Makeup collection #1: Foundations
Makeup collection #2: Concealers and primers
Makeup collection #3: Blush and powder
Makeup collection #4: Bronzer and highlight
Kate Rose xo


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Helpmeorganics Help me, I'm too busy for colds room spray*

Something that you won't know about me is that I suffer with colds...a lot! For about two or three years now I've just seemed to get constant colds and I have no idea why. They will just come on randomly at any point in the day but by the next day I'll be completely fine again. They used to be a lot more frequent and I'd get one at least three or four times a week, but luckily recently they've been less occurring which of course is much nicer for me. I have no idea at all what causes them but as I'm sure you can imagine I'm always looking for ways to stop them or at least make them more frequent.

So imagine my interest when I saw a room spray that's said to help clear your senses and protect you from foggy heads and constant sneezing on the Helpmeorganics website. Helpmeorganics are a vegan, organic and paraben free brand run by a family based business, and lovely Claire from there very kindly send me out the 'Help me, I'm too busy for colds room spray' for me to try so I thought I'd share my thoughts on it with you!

They say you are supposed to spray the product 2-3 times in each room on a daily basis for the best protection. It claims to protect you from foggy heads and constant sneezing or clear your senses if you've already caught a cold. It's anti bacterial, anti viral and highly effective.
The smell of the spray is really refreshing and zingy with the main scents I'm getting from it being lemon and maybe mint I think. It comes in a cute little green glass spray bottle with the brands label printed on the front and the ingredients written on the back.

I've followed the instructions on how often to spray it for the last two weeks now and although I cant say I noticed a definite change in how often I got colds, when I did have them it left my senses feeling more alert and my head felt generally clearer, which made it a winner in my books!

Helpmeorganics also offer a few other room sprays to target specific things and matching candles with them too. You should definitely check out their website which I'll link again here and try some of their products for yourselves. If you do then I've got a 10% off voucher code which you can use, its 'katerose10' and I'd love to know if you buy anything and what you think. Thanks again to Helpmeorganics and thanks for reading!

*This post contains pr samples or something kindly gifted to me
Kate Rose xo

Friday, 17 February 2017

A huge colourpop haul and experince shipping to the UK

If you're a fairly consistent reader of my blog you may remember that a while back I did a post on some Colourpop products I had picked up and how I got them I without buying from America, if you haven't read that post then I'll link it here. Anyway since then I've wanted to try more from Colourpop, especially the eyeshadows so I decided to just bite the bullet and make an order on the website. You had to spend $50 to get free UK shipping which I didn't have trouble doing, so I thought I'd share with you what I got along with how long it took to arrive and the customs fees.
So my order came to $56.80 which ended up being about £45 which for everything that I got is a complete bargain! The first two things I chose were the new single pan eyeshadows that they've brought out, I got one in the shade Come and get it which is a duochrome rose gold shade and Milli which is a copper shade and was actually free if you spent over $10 which of course I did.

These were $5 each and although you can buy a palette to put them in I decided not too as I don't think I'll be making another order anytime soon and I've got some magnets I can use on the bottom of them so they can go in my Z palette. I'm super impressed with the pigmentation of both of these and they're definitely the same quality as my Makeup Geek ones.

Next I got 6 of the super shock eyeshadows, one in the shade prickly pear which is a pinky purple colour, one in on the rocks which is a bronze gold, then the other four shades were from the Kathleen lights collection set called Where the light is and this contained glow which is a matte white shade, Cornelious a matte brown shade, Blaze a dark brown shimmery shade and Kathleenlights a vibrant gold shade.

Prickly pear cost $5 and On the rocks was $4 as it was on sale and then it was $18 for the set of 4 and again these were insanely pigmented and buttery to the touch. The shimmery ones are more pigmented than the matte shades but I guess that's to be expected anyway.

(Shades left to right: Mili, come and get it, Glow, Cornelious, Prickly pear, Kathleen lights, On the rocks, Blaze)
On to the lip products now, I got a single ultra metallic lip in Lights out which is gold shade and then I bought 5 more lipsticks in the set called For fox sake which contained My jam an ultra glossy lip which is a sparkly golden nude shade, Trap an ultra matte which is a grey purple colour, Echo park a ultra satin lip which is a peachy nude shade and I actually have one of these already so I’m holding a giveaway with this as one of the prizes so I’ll link it here and you can enter, Man eater which is a ultra metallic rose gold lip and Beeper an ultra matte dark nude coloured shade.

Lights out cost me $4.80 as it was in the sale and the set of 5 cost $20 reduced from $30 which makes them a right bargain. All 6 of the shades are lovely although the metallic ones are slightly patchier on the lips.
(Left to right: Trap, My jam, Echo park, Man eater, Beeper, Lights out)
So on to the slightly more painful part of my Colourpop experience, the customs fee. I was hit with an £18 charge which to be honest was a bit of a shock as I thought it'd be less than that. However when I opened up my package all sadness about that were gone as I saw the products I now own!

I placed my order on Sunday the 29th of Jan and it was here with me Tuesday 7th of Feb which meant it took roughly 9 days to come from America which I think's pretty impressive!

I don't think I'll be ordering from Colourpop any time soon just for the sheer fact that the customs are ridiculous, maybe if they offer free shipping to the UK I might make an exception though! I'd love to know if you've tried any Colourpop products before and what your experience was with them. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Barry M matte me up liquid lip paints

Barry M have been killing it lately with the new releases and what with their new lip kits coming out I stumbled across these little beauties. These are essentially matte liquid lipsticks, the same as the ones in the lip kits but they come on they own without the liner. Superdrug had an amazing offer on too where you could get all five of the colours in the range, normally priced at £4.99 each, for £15. So obviously with that great bargain I couldn’t miss out and picked them all up.

In the collection there are two nudey shades, a bright pink, a cherry red and a vampy purple, all of which apply evenly on the lips and don't look patchy, even the darker shades. The formulation like I said in my lip kit review feels very watery, so much so that when you apply it you'd think it'd apply very thin, however this isn't the case and just ensures it goes on without looking cakey.

They also don't leave your lips feeling sticky and dry to a complete matte finish without feeling drying on the lips. My only small complaint would be the longevity of them, they do last reasonably well but after a significant amount of eating and drinking they do start to wear off in the middle. However if you touch your lips up in any places where it's come off it doesn't leave them looking uneven and they'll be looking good as new again so that's a bonus!
The shades are On the scene which is the perfect pink nude ever, minimalist which is a more peachy nude, Pop up a hot pink, Paparazzi a cherry red, and Embellish a vampy purple shade. On the scene is definitely my favourite shade to wear and quite possibly my perfect nude shade ever!! I've been wearing it with the Colourpop metallic gloss in My jam over the top of it and it's been my favourite combo!

I'll be honest and say that the two shades I'm going to be wearing non stop are the two nude ones and I doubt I'll reach for the other shades much. However it's nice to know I have them if I fancy a bolder lip as I know the formulation is one I trust.
(left to right: On the scene, Minimalist, Pop up, Paparazzi, Embellish)
As you can see from the swatches every single shade is insanely pigmented and they're such a pretty selection of colours!

I know I'm going to try and get my hands on the other two lip kits so I can have all the shades and if you want to read the post I did on the lip kit Pose which I managed to get my hands on then I'll link it here.

I'd really recommend you give these lipsticks a go especially if Superdrug still have the offer on for all 5 at £15 and as always, thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo


Sunday, 12 February 2017

Giving something back

Oh yes, todays an exciting one! I'm holding my first ever giveaway. This month marks 1 year and 4 months since I started blogging and wow doesn't time fly? I remember little old me starting up my blog in year 11 hoping to use it as somewhere to ramble about my crazy love of beauty and also maybe help with my writing skills at the same time.

Blogging has bought so many positive attributes to my life and I can't thank anybody who's ever taken the time to read one of my posts or even comment on it enough! I've come such a long way and for that I will forever be grateful.

So I decided it was about time I give something back! I've chosen to hold a giveaway with the prizes being a Barry M chisel cheeks contour kit, Maxfactor voluptuous false lash effect mascara, Colourpop liquid lipstick in Echo Park and Revlon lacquer balm in 105 Demure reservee. All four of these products are things that I love (especially the colourpop liquid lip so I got that one especially) and I know it's not a huge prize but I hope that whoever wins enjoys it and if this goes well I'll definitely do more giveaways in the future.

To enter you must follow all the rules on the Rafflecopter below and I'll be checking that the entries are all valid and correct. The giveaway will end on February 28th at 12am and the winner will be announced and contacted on March 1st. If there's no reply from the winner by March 3rd a new person will be drawn and so on.
Unfortunately this giveaway is only open to UK residents but hopefully I'll do more giveaways in the future which will be international.

UDATE: I'm aware that the 'tweet about the giveaway option' is not working so just retweet my pinned tweet on twitter @katerosebeauty and copy in the link of that for your entry to count!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thank you again for all your love and support and good luck!

Kate Rose xo


Friday, 10 February 2017

Barry M matte me up lip kit

If you're a regular reader of my blog then I know what your thinking, Kate why are you doing another lip kit review when you did one about two posts ago? Well you are right I did review the Lottie London lip kit the other day here if you fancy a read, but Wednesday was the release of the new Barry M lip kits and since I managed to get my hands on one I thought it was necessary to give you all the low down on this new product.  

So on Wednesday Barry M released 3 new lip kits at Superdrug in a nude shade, pink shade and one somewhere in the middle of those two. It took a lot of strength in me not to buy all three but in the and I went for the middle shade which was somewhere between a nude and a pink called pose pink. I also noticed that Superdrug were selling some of the matte liquid lipsticks on their own without the liner in five other gorgeous shades. I think these must be new as I've never seen them before either and they were priced at £4.99 or you could get all five shades for £15. Hello!!! Bargain of the century! So obviously I couldn't say no and I've got a post on those five liquid lips going up on Tuesday!
Anyway back to the lip kit. Like I said I picked up the shade Pose pink and the kit comes with a liner and liquid lipstick for £6.99 which is a pretty good bargain if you ask me! The lipstick is a really watery formula and when you first apply it, it feels very wet and like it'll apply very thin and give you no coverage. However that's not the case as it's so pigmented it dries completely matte and evenly on your lips, the liner is also very creamy and glides on well.

The lip liner is a rosy pink shade with the lipstick being lighter and more of a barbie pink colour, the slight difference between the shades works well at creating more definition and giving the look of fuller lips.

The lasting power also gets the thumbs up from me, the lipstick lasted really well throughout my day of eating and drinking with it only slightly wearing off in the middle. I re applied it in some of the areas it had worn off too and it went back on easily without making it look cakey and obvious I was wearing a second layer.

Although I don't own any of the Kylie lip kits I'd say its looks like Barry M have taken some inspiration from Kylies own shade called Posie K. From looking at swatches online I'd say this shade is somewhere in between Candy K and Posie K so if you're looking for a dupe then maybe this could be the one.
I'm definitely going to be getting the other two kits in the other shades once they come back in to stock as they sold out pretty quickly! Don't forget to look out for my post on Tuesday too about the five other shades minus the lip liners. I'll leave a link to these lip kits over on Superdrug here so you can get one for yourself (seriously do it!! They're amazing) Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Spring makeup look / Collab

Spring is fast approaching us and with a change of season usually come a change of makeup. Although I of course don't only wear certain products or shades at certain times of the year, there are of course some things that suit certain times better. Like gold eyes ad red lips in the winter for example, well in the Spring pink eyes and a pink lip are my favourites to wear so I thought I'd give you a glance at an everyday spring makeup look of mine.

This post is actually a collab with the lovely Freja from Freja L Kane who has not only an amazing blog but also youtube channel, both of which I will leave links too and you should definitely check them out!
So to start off my makeup I use the Freedom prostudio priming water and spritz that all over my face, then once that's dried I'll take my Mac paint pot in painterly and put that all over my eyelids setting it with the light powder from my Barry M chisel cheeks contour kit.
Then to create my pink spring look eyeshadow I have used the Sleek palette in storm and kept it very simple by putting the 5th shade on the bottom row which is a matte brown through my crease, then the 5th shade on the top row on the centre of my eyelid (this is my favourite eyeshadow ever which is why it's hit pan and there's hardly any left) and then I finish the eye look with the 2nd shade on the top row in my inner corner to brighten it up. Then I apply mascara and I've been using the Mac in extreme dimension 3D black lash which is great for volume and length!
Next is foundation and concealer and I've been using the L'oreal infallible 24hr foundation in the shade 120 vanilla and the two concealers I've been using for under my eyes and on my forehead are the Maybelline anti eye eraser in light and the L.A. girl pro conceal concealer in porcelain.

To contour very lightly I used the last shade in my Barry M chisel cheeks contour kit and then the bronze up all over my face I used the Soap and Glory solar powder bronzer. For blush I used the Soap and glory love at first blush to add a pink glow and for highlighter I used the classic Mary lou-manizer by theBalm.
To fill in my eyebrows I first used the Freedom brow pomade in medium brown and then went over the hairs to keep them in place with the Maybelline brow drama in dark blond. For lipstick I went with my liquid lipstick from Lottie London in the shade #tbt which is the perfect pink shade to tie it all together.

Finally I sprayed my face with the L'oreal infallible fixing mist to keep my makeup looking fresh and in place all day.

So this is my everyday makeup routine for spring and what I'm sure I'll be wearing most days, a sparkling pink eye and a matte pink lip!

Once again don't forget to check out Freja's post as she's also doing her own everyday spring makeup routine. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!
Kate Rose xo 


Friday, 3 February 2017

Undress me too VS Iconic 2

Affordable makeup that's still amazing quality is what we all want right? Mua and Makeup Revolution are probably the two most well known brands for fitting the job perfectly, both offering pretty much every makeup product there is but on the lower end of the price scale.

Their eyeshadow palettes are arguably their best products with both brands having a huge range with pretty much every colour under the sun included. Both brands are also quite well known, and more so Makeup Revolution actually for imitating high end brand makeup. For example Revolution have brought out some baked blusher trios that look strikingly like the Too Faced sweet heart blushes, they also have a few eyeshadow palettes that's packaging is like a chocolate bar, just like the Too Faced chocolate bar palettes...  But I don't knock them for this, in fact I think it's genius! Create products that look like the things everybody knows and loves but at cheaper prices and of course everyone's going to buy them.

Anyway a palette that both Mua and Revolution have done a take on is the famous Urban Decay naked 2. Both brands palette is priced at £4 which is a steal compared to the £38 of the Urban Decay one with Mua's called Undress me too and Revolutions Iconic 2. Now I don't actually own the Urban Decay palette so I'm not going to be comparing the cheaper palettes against it's pricey self, I thought why not put the two cheap palettes against each other and discover which is best.

So starting with the appearance of the palettes, they're both pretty basic in plastic packaging with the front being a large plastic window and they're both fairly sturdy too which is good. The obvious difference being that the Mua pans are circles and the Makeup Revolutions rectangles, I prefer the circle pans that Mua offer but I guess that's just personal preference. The actual eyeshadows look almost identical in the pans though and go in the same order as each other.
(Above Mua palette swatches)
(Above Makeup Revolution palette swatches)
Now when it comes to swatching the eyeshadows, as you can see they're again pretty much identical to each other, however I think Mua just top Revolutions with pigmentation. To test the lasting power of them I created the same look on each eye with the different palettes and it was pretty much the same and impressively practically all day!

Both palette's are insanely good and seriously rival some of my more pricey ones, they're just so creamy and easy to blend. I have to pick a winner though and solely because it's the only thing that I could find was slightly different between them I'd say the Mua undress me too is the best because of the little bit more pigmented I found it.

I would really love to know if you've tried either of these palettes or maybe even both and have a favourite. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo
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