Friday, 20 January 2017

Bh cosmetics Carli Bybel palette

Honestly Twitter is a great place. You can find catch up on the latest beef, connect with likeminded people and of course, be the first to find out about the latest releases. So it was a Tuesday morning and I'd noticed a few people tweeting that Beautybay were now stocking the Carli Bybel bh cosmetics palette. If I'm being honest I didn't actually know who Carli was but I went over to the Beautybay twitter and saw that they were in fact advertising that they now stocked this palette as the first pace in the UK to do so (I think). I clicked the link and it took me to their website where I was graced with the beautiful pictures of this palette and I was surprised to see it was only £18! You know those moments where you see something and you know you just have to have it? Well this was one of those times! So I bought it and patiently waited for its arrival.
The palette arrived very quickly, I ordered it on the Tuesday and it was here Thursday morning, so I didn't have to wait long to play with it. It contains 10 eyeshadows, 5 of which are matte and 5 shimmers, and 4 highlighter shades. It's also a very warm toned palette with all the golds and pinks which works out perfect for me as they're pretty much the only colours I wear on my eyes. The top row has 1 shimmer and 4 of the mattes with some burgundy and orange shades and the bottom row has the other matte and the 4 shimmers which are different tones of gold and bronze. The highlighters are a selection of light and dark ones to presumabley cater for all skin colours. The first shade although looks like a light pink in the pan, actually swatches as a gorgeous icy purple, the second shade is a gold champagne colour, the third is a much more intense gold and is very full on, and the last one is a very dark bronze colour.

All of the eyeshadows are very wearable shades that would suit everybody but with the highlighters I think I'd only be able to get away with wearing the first two as the others would be too dark for my skin tone. However I would still use them but as eyeshadows instead as they are just the sort of colours I like to use
The pigmentation of all the eyeshadows is insane for the price and the highlighters are even better! They are some of the most pigmented products I've ever used. The longevity of them is also great and at the end of the day the eyeshadow was still there, uncreased and shimmery as ever! I honestly couldn't recommend this palette enough and since buying it I've done my research in to Carli and am now obsessed with her channel.
Top row: Bottom to top is left to right
Second row: Bottom to top is left to right
Highlighters: Bottom to top is left to right
The day after I bought this palette it actually went out of stock on Beautybay and they are yet to restock. So make sure if you want to get your hands on this palette you keep an eye on the site and buy it as soon as they bring it back, I'll link it here if you want to have a look at it. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to know if you've tried this palette before, thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo



  1. This palette is stunning!! I love Carli Bybel so I think I might get this when it's back in stock as it's so affordable. Great post x

    1. You should, its not expensive at all but is such great quality! x

  2. I am so jealous you got your hands on this, I was about to get it until I saw that it was sold out. Your swatches and review make me want to buy it even more. Great review, so glad you like it!
    Grace xx

    1. Oh no that's such a shame you missed out! Definitely turn on notifications so you know when it's back in stock! It's so worth it. x

  3. Will have to try get this soon since I'm such a neutral shadow lover!
    Kathy x

  4. I really didn't think about this one until I seen it on snapchat being swatched the other day, the pigment here and on there is so intense! It looks so so nice! Fab swatches :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. I've actually got this palette and totally forgot about it! I will be putting this in my everyday makeup drawer for next week - your swatches have reminded me how great it is :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Haha I'm glad your getting it back out! It's so pretty it's worth using! X


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