Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A colourpop haul and experince

Okay so it's official, my bank account hates me! But it's okay because my selfies are loving me right now and that's all that matters right? So I did it, I went ahead and bought some of the Colorpop liquid lipsticks I'd been lusting over for just about forever. Like most people in the UK the ridiculous shipping fees and the almost definite fact you'll get a hefty customs fee through the door with these babies was putting me off. But on black Friday my face lit up when I saw Colourpop were offering free shipping to the UK, which to me meant I would allow myself to buy some because then I'd only be paying one of the large fees, being the customs charge. However this isn't a happy story about how I got the products i wanted on free shipping and my life was great, because this is me were talking about and life doesn't go that smoothly for me unfortinately. I told myself I would order the products in the evening when I got home from work that day and everything was fine and dandy, or not!! When I got home that evening and went to buy them it wasn't taking off the shipping fee which I thought was a little bit strange, anyway after a bit of googling I discovered that the free shipping was until midnight PST!!! Which of course meant that I'd left it to late and in PST time it was already passed midnight. I had missed out on the deal and I was pissed!

I needed another way to get the products I wanted more that ever now, so I turned to depop. Now this Is where I'm sure some people will be like ohhh bad move *throws me a shady look*! Trust me, I know all about the dangers of fake or used makeup and I didn't want the fake stuff anyway, I wanted to try out the realio dealios. So I took my time finding some reputable sellers listing Colourpop stuff that was unused and all still in the packaging, and that weren't fake, asking some people if they had proof of buying the actual items off Colourpop. I also read peoples reviews seeing what other people had said about them, their service and the products. In the end I settled with three different sellers, one whom I bought three from, another which I got two from and the last seller I bought one from.  I think it averaged out that I paid about £7 a lipstick which is amazing to me considering that's still ridiculously cheap and I didn't have to pay the other annoying fees.

Once they arrived I put them under rigorous inspection comparing them to a Colourpop liquid lipstick a friend already had that she'd bought from the site. I was happy that they were genuine and unused so they were integrated in to my makeup collection, now taking pride of place in their own acrylic storage holder on my shelves. So that's how I got my Colourpop products in the UK without paying ridiculous prices, now I'll hurry up and get on to talking about the actual lipsticks.

I ended up buying three of the ultra matte finish lipsticks and three of the ultra satins which was actually completely unintentional at the time but I really like having a mix of the different finishes. I think though that the ultra satins are my favourites to wear as they're much more comfortable than the mattes, however if you're going to be kissing someone then they're probably not the best idea.

The shades I went for from lightest the darkest were Auto correct(matte), Times square(matte), Echo park(satin), Calypso(satin), Baracuda(satin) and love bug(matte)
(Shades left to right: Auto correct, Times square, Echo park, Calypso, Baracuda, Love bug)
Auto correct is a very brown toned shade and probably my least favourite as on my lips it just looks like my mouth is covered in chocolate, Times square which is my favourite of the bunch is a pinky nude colour and the most muted and natural of them all, next Echo park is a peach toned nude reminding me a bit of velvet teddy when swatched but on the lips it does look much more orangey, Calypso is described as a mid tone pink but on me I'd say its more of a dark pink shade, however it's still beautiful, Baracuda is a rosy almost going on purple shade that I can imagine would look quite different of different skin colours, and finally Love bug is a deep red shade which actually turned out to be much of a darker red than I thought I'd be, it's a colour that screams sultry to me!
(Shades bottom to top: Auto correct, Times square, Echo park, Calypso, Baracuda, Love bug)
I of course understand that buying makeup of places that aren't the original sight isn't everyone's cup of tea but I thought I'd share with you how its worked out for me. I'm also going to make sure if Colourpop do ever do free international shipping again that I don't miss out! I've learnt from my mistakes now!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post even though it was a bit rambled, and thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo



  1. Lovely post, Kate! I love those shades. My personal favorite is Times Square. xo

    1. Thank you and Times Square is my favourite too! X

  2. I love how well this blog post reads, it made me laugh. The comment about your selfies looking good made me laugh! I love a brown lip stick so the first one did appeal to me more, however its a bit lighter than I hoped. I also like Baracuda! I need to try COLORPOP.

    Katie |

    1. Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it and you do!! They're honestly so good! X

  3. I am so tempted to do a Colourpop order, but I am like you, I don't want to risk the customs. Maybe I will try Depop, Thanks for sharing!
    Grace xx

    1. It is a great alternative place to buy them from, thank you! X

  4. Calypso is one of my favourites! I'm definitely more about the Ultra Satin Lips than the Ultra Matte

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  5. The ultra satins are definitely more comfortable to wear on the lips! X


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