Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Lottie London slay all day lip kit

If you're sick and tired of hearing about lip kits after Kylie Jenner seemingly created the whole craze, then it's probably best you click off this post now...and my whole blog in general if I'm honest as I talk about lip kits a fair bit! So today I though I'd give you the low down about my latest affordable lip kit find and let me tell you know, its a good one! 

Lottie London wasn't a makeup brand that I had heard much about or tried anything from, I'd seen the stand in my local Superdrug before but never really paid much attention to their products or researched them in any detail. However the other week when I saw Amy Louise on YouTube talking about these newly released lip kits I knew I had to get one myself. I browsed their stand again and saw they offer the lip kits which come with a lip liner and liquid lipstick, but they also sell the liner and lipstick separately too which I think is a great idea if you just want one or the other.

I picked up the kit in the shade Werk it which is actually a really difficult colour to describe, its a nudey pink shade but with some purple undertones in it too which make it lean more the mauve side. It's definitely more mauve on the lips than it looks in the packaging or swatches.

I was super impressed with the lip liner which applied extremely easily due to the creaminess of it and I used it to line my lips and then fill them in slightly too. The liquid lipstick is a shade or two darker than the lip liner I'd say, but when you apply it it's hardly noticeable and almost gives it a gradient effect. It feels very mousey when you apply it and I've actually never felt anything like it, I do however love the texture as it means it doesn't go on too thick but dries with an even coat. It isn't sticky at all either and it's so lightweight I could easily forget its there, it's not drying at all!
It's got great staying power too and didn't fade at all whilst I was eating or drinking which is of course a big must! At the end of the day I actually struggled to get this off with a makeup wipe, I think the liner at least must be waterproof, and if not it certainly felt like it was!

Since buying this lip kit I loved it so much I actually went out and bought another of the liquid lipsticks but one on its own without the lip liner this time in the shade #tbt which is more of a pink nude. I'm seriously contemplating buying the whole collection I love them so much!

So if you're in the market for a new lip kit or even a liner or liquid lipstick on its own I would seriously check these out. They're £8.95 for the kit which is extremely reasonable and you can buy them from Superdrug and Asos. I'm definitely going to be checking out more of Lottie London's products after these being such a hit and as always, thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Makeup collection #4: Bronzer and highlight

It's that time again where I give you the chance to have a little nosey around my makeup collection. I've already shown you my foundations, primers and concealers and blushers and powders which will of course all be linked at the bottom of this post. So keep reading if you fancy a look at my bronzers and highlighters.  
1. Soap and glory solar powder

2. Collection bronze glow mosaic: 2 radiant

3. Kiko beach babe bronzer: 01 Cali sands

4. Makeup revolution ultra sculpt contour kit: Ultra fair co1

5. Sleek contour kit: Light

6. Sleek cream contour kit: Light 095

7.Elf contour kit: St lucia

8. Barry M chisel cheeks contour kit: Light
1. Seventeen instant glow shimmer brick: Pink bronze and Gold bronze

2. Kiko instant radiant touch creamy highlighter stick

3. TheBalm Mary-Lou manizer highlight

4. Sleek precious metals highlighting kit

5. L'oreal paris golden highlighter

So there you have it, all my bronzing and glow products. My highlight collection is something I definitely want to expand on as I'm always looking for new products to give me that slayyyy glow. All my other makeup collections will be linked below, thanks for reading.

Makeup collection #1: Foundations
Makeup collection #2: Primers and concealers
Makeup Collection #3: Blushers and powders
Kate Rose xo

Friday, 20 January 2017

Bh cosmetics Carli Bybel palette

Honestly Twitter is a great place. You can find catch up on the latest beef, connect with likeminded people and of course, be the first to find out about the latest releases. So it was a Tuesday morning and I'd noticed a few people tweeting that Beautybay were now stocking the Carli Bybel bh cosmetics palette. If I'm being honest I didn't actually know who Carli was but I went over to the Beautybay twitter and saw that they were in fact advertising that they now stocked this palette as the first pace in the UK to do so (I think). I clicked the link and it took me to their website where I was graced with the beautiful pictures of this palette and I was surprised to see it was only £18! You know those moments where you see something and you know you just have to have it? Well this was one of those times! So I bought it and patiently waited for its arrival.
The palette arrived very quickly, I ordered it on the Tuesday and it was here Thursday morning, so I didn't have to wait long to play with it. It contains 10 eyeshadows, 5 of which are matte and 5 shimmers, and 4 highlighter shades. It's also a very warm toned palette with all the golds and pinks which works out perfect for me as they're pretty much the only colours I wear on my eyes. The top row has 1 shimmer and 4 of the mattes with some burgundy and orange shades and the bottom row has the other matte and the 4 shimmers which are different tones of gold and bronze. The highlighters are a selection of light and dark ones to presumabley cater for all skin colours. The first shade although looks like a light pink in the pan, actually swatches as a gorgeous icy purple, the second shade is a gold champagne colour, the third is a much more intense gold and is very full on, and the last one is a very dark bronze colour.

All of the eyeshadows are very wearable shades that would suit everybody but with the highlighters I think I'd only be able to get away with wearing the first two as the others would be too dark for my skin tone. However I would still use them but as eyeshadows instead as they are just the sort of colours I like to use
The pigmentation of all the eyeshadows is insane for the price and the highlighters are even better! They are some of the most pigmented products I've ever used. The longevity of them is also great and at the end of the day the eyeshadow was still there, uncreased and shimmery as ever! I honestly couldn't recommend this palette enough and since buying it I've done my research in to Carli and am now obsessed with her channel.
Top row: Bottom to top is left to right
Second row: Bottom to top is left to right
Highlighters: Bottom to top is left to right
The day after I bought this palette it actually went out of stock on Beautybay and they are yet to restock. So make sure if you want to get your hands on this palette you keep an eye on the site and buy it as soon as they bring it back, I'll link it here if you want to have a look at it. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to know if you've tried this palette before, thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A lip gloss for your star sign

I've always loved reading my horoscopes, because although I don't personally believe in them, I find them really interesting and love it when they're right. So whenever I'm out I love finding and then buying things with my star sign on- I'm a virgo by the way.

When doing the weekly browse in Superdrug the other day I stumbled across these little beauties, lip glosses that were all different shades for all the star signs. I have to say I was pretty impressed by the colours as well, there weren't any that were those ridiculous shades that nobody ever wears, they were all very natural and pretty.

I was very happy when  saw the shade for my star sign was actually a very pretty one, an orange toned nude that actually reminded me a bit of Mac Velvet teddy, one of my favourite lipsticks ever, but in lip gloss form! I wont lie though, I probably would have still bought it if I didn't like the colour- I'm a sucker for star sign things. Another one of the shades that stood out to me was Aries, it was a beautiful pinky nude and I cant say no to that so I had to buy it too of course
When I applied these to my lips I was super impressed by the pigmentation, I've never had a lip gloss with so much colour pay off before- it was insane. They also weren't sticky in the slightest and applied easily due to the doe foot applicator. I think they were about £3 each and I'm tempted to go back and get a few more because of how good they are.

Another nice touch on them (which I forgot to photograph) is that each one has a few characteristics written on the bottle that go with that star sign. So for example on the Virgo bottle it says 'systematic, honest and reliable, then on the Aries bottle it says 'courageous, determined and enthusiastic. I just think this is another cute added extra that makes them a bit nicer. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to know if you've tried these out before, thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo


Saturday, 14 January 2017

Makeup revolution 144 shade ultimate palette

We all love an eyeshadow palette don't we? The fact you can create infinite looks from carrying around just one thing is amazing. So when I was in Superdrug the other day doing what I do best, browsing the makeup counters, I saw this beauty and for only £7.99!!
At first glance it was the extensive range of colours that drew me in, there were pinks, golds, burgundy's, purples, browns, yellows, blues and even a few brighter colours like green thrown in there too for the more daring. Then of course I looked at the price and I was drawn in to this palette even more, £7.99 for 144 shades of beautifulness, I think so! Naturally I could not turn my head away from such a brilliant deal so it went straight in my basket as I dreamt of the looks I could create from this beauty.

When I first opened this palette at home I of course swatched some of the shadows to see the quality and I was expecting good things since the palette was by Makeup  Revolution and I have quite a few of their other smaller palettes that are some of the most pigmented things I've ever used. I found that the lighter shades in the first two or three rows of the palette weren't very pigmented and I had to rub my finger in them quite a lot to get a good amount of pigment, however all the rows from there especially the ones with the golds and beautiful burgundy reds lived up to the expectations I had of them and were extremely pigmented.
How they blend out and apply on the eye though is a whole other ball game so when I used this palette for my eyeshadow the next day I made sure to use a range of the shades to get a good feel for them and their bending abilities. Once again I was very impressed with the lighter shades still not being the most pigmented but most of the others working wonders. There were a few random shades dotted around the palette that I found to be less pigmented than the others but I think that's due to how many shades there are, so naturally a few might be a little dud. I also found they blended well and overall I was very impressed.
The only down side to this palette is the size, it is pretty big but I guess it has to be to hold so many eyeshadows. It also has a very plastic feel to it and isn't very sturdy as though if you dropped it on to a hard floor it would crack in to a million pieces. I do like the fact thought that they've put a mirror on the inside of the lid, it isn't very big or great quality but its useful never the less!

I will link the palette here if you're interested in getting this yourself (you totally should) and of course, thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A colourpop haul and experince

Okay so it's official, my bank account hates me! But it's okay because my selfies are loving me right now and that's all that matters right? So I did it, I went ahead and bought some of the Colorpop liquid lipsticks I'd been lusting over for just about forever. Like most people in the UK the ridiculous shipping fees and the almost definite fact you'll get a hefty customs fee through the door with these babies was putting me off. But on black Friday my face lit up when I saw Colourpop were offering free shipping to the UK, which to me meant I would allow myself to buy some because then I'd only be paying one of the large fees, being the customs charge. However this isn't a happy story about how I got the products i wanted on free shipping and my life was great, because this is me were talking about and life doesn't go that smoothly for me unfortinately. I told myself I would order the products in the evening when I got home from work that day and everything was fine and dandy, or not!! When I got home that evening and went to buy them it wasn't taking off the shipping fee which I thought was a little bit strange, anyway after a bit of googling I discovered that the free shipping was until midnight PST!!! Which of course meant that I'd left it to late and in PST time it was already passed midnight. I had missed out on the deal and I was pissed!

I needed another way to get the products I wanted more that ever now, so I turned to depop. Now this Is where I'm sure some people will be like ohhh bad move *throws me a shady look*! Trust me, I know all about the dangers of fake or used makeup and I didn't want the fake stuff anyway, I wanted to try out the realio dealios. So I took my time finding some reputable sellers listing Colourpop stuff that was unused and all still in the packaging, and that weren't fake, asking some people if they had proof of buying the actual items off Colourpop. I also read peoples reviews seeing what other people had said about them, their service and the products. In the end I settled with three different sellers, one whom I bought three from, another which I got two from and the last seller I bought one from.  I think it averaged out that I paid about £7 a lipstick which is amazing to me considering that's still ridiculously cheap and I didn't have to pay the other annoying fees.

Once they arrived I put them under rigorous inspection comparing them to a Colourpop liquid lipstick a friend already had that she'd bought from the site. I was happy that they were genuine and unused so they were integrated in to my makeup collection, now taking pride of place in their own acrylic storage holder on my shelves. So that's how I got my Colourpop products in the UK without paying ridiculous prices, now I'll hurry up and get on to talking about the actual lipsticks.

I ended up buying three of the ultra matte finish lipsticks and three of the ultra satins which was actually completely unintentional at the time but I really like having a mix of the different finishes. I think though that the ultra satins are my favourites to wear as they're much more comfortable than the mattes, however if you're going to be kissing someone then they're probably not the best idea.

The shades I went for from lightest the darkest were Auto correct(matte), Times square(matte), Echo park(satin), Calypso(satin), Baracuda(satin) and love bug(matte)
(Shades left to right: Auto correct, Times square, Echo park, Calypso, Baracuda, Love bug)
Auto correct is a very brown toned shade and probably my least favourite as on my lips it just looks like my mouth is covered in chocolate, Times square which is my favourite of the bunch is a pinky nude colour and the most muted and natural of them all, next Echo park is a peach toned nude reminding me a bit of velvet teddy when swatched but on the lips it does look much more orangey, Calypso is described as a mid tone pink but on me I'd say its more of a dark pink shade, however it's still beautiful, Baracuda is a rosy almost going on purple shade that I can imagine would look quite different of different skin colours, and finally Love bug is a deep red shade which actually turned out to be much of a darker red than I thought I'd be, it's a colour that screams sultry to me!
(Shades bottom to top: Auto correct, Times square, Echo park, Calypso, Baracuda, Love bug)
I of course understand that buying makeup of places that aren't the original sight isn't everyone's cup of tea but I thought I'd share with you how its worked out for me. I'm also going to make sure if Colourpop do ever do free international shipping again that I don't miss out! I've learnt from my mistakes now!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post even though it was a bit rambled, and thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo


Saturday, 7 January 2017

2016. 2017.

If someone asked you to describe 2016 in three words what would you say? I'd probably go with something like 'oh my god' as I think that sums up last year pretty well! Whilst it's been an atrocious year for the world and some things for me personally haven't been too great it either, lots of good things, achievements and milestones were hit for me in 2016.

Starting with the highs for me personally, I left secondary school, got GCSE grades I was proud of, started college doing a course that I love, got a job (or 3 actually but that's another story), made new friends and grew my confidence.

So since my birthday is so late in August and by that I mean pretty much the latest it can be, the 29th, I didn't bother applying for jobs in the summer holidays as I wasn't 16 yet and there didn't seem much point. However as soon as my birthday was over I spent hours applying for job after job,  and it took a while with rejections, interviews and a lot of my applications just being ignored. But I was finally offered a Christmas job at Topshop after going for an interview there. I have really enjoyed working there but since it was only a Christmas job it's sadly coming to an end with my last shift being on next week. Anyway the point of this is that to get a job you obviously have to go to interviews and I went to a fair few! Some being one on one interviews and others being group ones and honestly some of the tasks we were asked to do at these interviews were ridiculous but some how I managed to do them. I've never been very confident at speaking in front of large groups but at these interviews I told myself nobody there knew me, so why not try and fake the confidence I was definitely not feeling and see how it went. It was quite nice actually, being a version of me that was so different to my normal shy self, and with each one my confidence grew and it's definitely left me feeling more comfortable about interviews I will have to go to in the future when looking for a new job.

Something else that happened in 2016 was that I started college which meant starting somewhere new not knowing anybody, whereas for most of my friends they were going to sixth forms where they knew at least one or two people. But starting somewhere new and on my own was something I really wanted to do, I thought it would make the whole making friends situation a lot easier and I guess I wanted to challenge myself, see if I could go it alone! And I can! I've made so many new friends and haven't felt held back by the secondary school drama I seemed to have a knack of attracting. You see for me, a lot of my friendships with people have ended in tears and in the final months of secondary things with my close group of friends were on the rocks you could say. Anyway I obviously wont go in to details but since I went to a separate college than them I grew apart from a few of them, and although it goes a little deeper than that, I feel happy now. Life is good, I've got my best friend from secondary still, new friends at college, friends at work, and I know things are just gonna get better.

2017 is gonna be the year of memories (I cant believe I just said that. CRINGE!) But it is, I've made plans to do stuff for once! I'm going to a concert, possibly to a blogging event, going on day trips to London, going to a festival in the summer, and I'm going to document it all in a scrapbook so I've got something amazing to look back on. I'm feeling really optimistic about this year and I hope you are too.

I hope its a good one for you and as always, thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

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