Friday, 2 December 2016

Nyx lingerie liquid lipsticks

I'm coming at you with yet another review on some liquid lipsticks. This time it's all about the Nyx lingerie liquid lipsticks. I've seen many people compare these to the likes of Kylie's lipkits and since I'm too poor to own one of them myself I thought I'd give these ago instead!

First things first, the packaging of these lipsticks. I absolutely love it! I think it looks incredibly chic and upmarket considering the price of them. I also like the bottle because it gives you a clear indication of the shade of the product inside.

The actual product itself exceeded my expectations. It isn't gloopy and applies to the lips in a very thin layer, whilst still covering your lips completely. Because of how thin it applies it means you cant feel it on your lips at all and consequently it doesn't feel drying at all- if anything I'd say it feels moisturising, and you don't normally get that from a liquid lipstick!!

With these I find the lasting power to be middle of the range. You definitely get a good few hours wear out of them including eating and drinking but I'd say after about three hours your lips will start to show signs of wear and you'll need a top up. However this is a small price to pay I think considering that they don't feel drying at all. Another good thing about them is once they've dried they don't feel sticky at all, I find with some liquid lipsticks even after they've dried if I press my lips together they stick to each other, but these aren't going anywhere!

(Shades top to bottom are Bedtime flirt, Push-up, Ruffle trim)
The shades I have from lightest to darkest are 08 Bedtime Flirt, 06 Push-Up and 04 Ruffle trim. If I'm being honest they are all incredibly similar shades and it's actually quite hard to describe the difference between them. I'd describe Bedtime Flirt as a Barbie pink, Ruffle Trim as a rosy pink and Push-Up is just somewhere in the middle. If you wanted to get a selection of them to try you wouldn't really need all three of these shades because they are so similar but if you are in to your pinks then you will love them all. I think Bedtime Flirt would have to be my favourite though, although they all go with just about every makeup look!

My one and only complaint about these though is the applicator. It's slightly oversized which means when applying the product, precision is quite a difficult thing to achievable. It's still usable but just means you have to be slightly more careful when applying to make sure you don't go putting lipstick everywhere. Other than that though these lipsticks are amazing, especially for only £6.50 each.

I definitely want to be expanding my collection of these and trying out some more of the unique shades. Thanks for reading.

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  1. these three shades look so lovely, i especially love the look of Ruffle Trim! i own Beauty Mark and love it. lovely review:) x

    1. Beauty mark is actually top of my list of the shades I want to add to my collection! x

  2. THOSE LIPSTICKS ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I want them all! Lovely post, Kate! x

  3. I haven't tried any of the Lip Lingeries yet! Ruffle trim look's so pretty xx

    Lauren |

  4. All three shades look absolutely stunning, definitely want to try and get my hands on these!
    Grace xx

  5. I want every single one of them! I recently got two matte liquid lipsticks from nyx. one from the suede range and the other was from the soft matte range

    Claire ❤ | My Little Memoir

  6. omg i love liquid lipsticks and those shades are amaze ! xx


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