Tuesday, 27 December 2016

My week in lipsticks

So from this post you'll be able to tell two things, one that I love a matte lip, and two that I am insanely boring when it comes to my lipstick choices and rarely venture from my comfort nudey pinks. Anyway I thought this post would be a good way of documenting what I've been up to in Christmas week whilst showing you the lipstick I was wearing that day.

Monday: Mac matte lipstick in Velvet Teddy. So on Monday I had to work and was pretty tired having worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday already, if I'm being honest the fact I had a day off on Tuesday was all that was getting me through that shift. So I chose Velvet Teddy as my simple easy to wear lipstick ,ohh I do love Mac lipsticks.

Tuesday: Nothing. Like I said, this was my day off and I intended to spend it the only way I know how. By staying in my pj's all day of course! This meant I stayed looking pretty grim all day and no lipstick was worn.

Wednesday: Nyx lingerie liquid lipstick in 08 Bedtime Flirt. Wednesday I was back at work in the morning but my day got much better in the afternoon because I met up with some of my friends. We went and got acrylic nails done and got a Nandos because everyone loves a cheeky Nandos with the lads am I right?? I wore a liquid lipstick because I knew I had a long day and wanted something that would last and of course Nyx didn't let me down!

Thursday: Soap and glory sexy mother pucker matte lipstick in Cinnamon Beige. Being naughty I went out for another meal on Thursday with a friend but this time to Gourmet Burger Kitchen. It was my first time going there and mmm mmm the food was good. We also had a look round the shops but me being stupid teenager I am had no money to spend because I've already blown it all on makeup.... Anyway I wore Cinnamon Beige because well I wanted to wear a nude and I love this lipstick really.  
Friday: Barry M lipstick in 169. Friday was another chill out day for me and me, my mum and brother went to visit my nan, so I just wore simple makeup and this Barry M lipstick complimented it perfectly.

Saturday: Mac satin lipstick in Twig. Saturday was Christmas eve of course and I had another shift at work in the afternoon, oh what a great way to spend an exciting day... Anyway since it was Christmas the next day I was in a good mood and went slightly more adventurous with my lip colour and wore a brighter pink, I know, I'm crazy!!  

Sunday: Mac matte lipstick in Whirl. Sunday was obviously the big day and I had a great time with my family opening presents and eating a lot of crap!! I was wearing gold eyeshadow of course but since red lips aren't for me I went for Whirl which is a red toned brown instead. It actually looks a lot redder on me than it does in the swatch picture so I counted it as the must have festive red lip to go with my gold eye!

So that was my week in lipsticks and as I said at the beginning you can tell how unadventurous I am but I guess that's just me. Anyway I hope you had a great Christmas and thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

Friday, 23 December 2016

Makeup Collection #3: Blush and powder

I'm back and here with the latest post in my makeup collection! You've seen my foundations, concealers and primers so now its time to delve in to my blushers and powders. I also don't need it pointed out how many blushers I have, I know its excessive....
1. Maxfactor crème puff blush: Seductive pink, Lovely pink and nude mauve

2. Sleek blush: Rose gold

3. Natural collection blushed cheeks: Rosey glow, Sweet cheeks and Peach melba

4. Mac blush: Dollymix, Fleur Power and Style
5. Iheartmakeup blushing hearts: Candy queen of hearts

6. Soap and glory love at first blush: Pink pop and pearl

7. Seventeen blush: Nude

8. Kiko moon dust face powder: 01 mysterious pink

9: Elf blush: Twinkle pink and blushing rose
1. Mua pressed powder: Shade 3

2. Rimmel stay matte: 003 peach glow

3. Nyx hd studio loose powder

4. Mac studio fix powder: NC15

5. Collection sheer loose powder: 2 translucent

6. Laura mercier loose setting powder: Translucent

So there we have post number 3 of my makeup collection where you got to see my rather silly amount of blushers, considering I hardly ever wear blush anymore...Anyway as usual I will leave the links to my previous two makeup collection posts if you haven't read them before, thanks for reading.

Makeup collection #1: Foundations
Makeup collection #2: Primers and concealers

Kate Rose xo


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

My stay all day face

With life getting busier by the day, morning starts getting earlier and the end of the day coming later, I was finding that come the end of the day my makeup was not looking quite so fleeky and I had the 'half my face is sliding off' look going on. So I bought some priming and setting products and put them to the test to see if anything could help me stay looking mildly decent from morning to night.

The two products that came out on top for me and I am now lost without are the L'oreal infallible fixing mist (£7.99) and the Freedom prostudio priming water (£6).
So when starting off my makeup I first use the Freedom priming water by spritzing it all over my face (I use quite a generous amount if I'm being honest..) and then I flap my arms around looking like an idiot trying to make it soak in and dry a little quicker. Then I do the rest of my makeup like normal, probably poking myself in the eye with my mascara wand a few times and spending about 10 minutes blending my foundation down my neck.

Then to set my makeup I give my face another spritz but this time with the L'oreal fixing mist. So I actually wrote a review post on this product a few months ago where I wasn't really too keen, but since then I have grown to love this and it's now become part of my daily makeup routine! I just make sure to give it a big shake before use so I don't get little bits of white powder spraying all over the place and it does the job nicely!

So these are my two favourite products for making my makeup last all day, I much prefer these to using a powder to set my makeup which sometimes leaves me looking cakey. Let me know if you use any other sprays to prime or set your makeup. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The A-Z of beauty tips

We all have our own little beauty tips and secrets, whether there ones that have been passed on in your family through generations or things you've picked up from the internet. I thought I'd compile a list of all the beauty tips I have, in the hopes one or two of them might help you out!

Affordable makeup can sometimes be better. Yes those Mac lipsticks and Urban Decay palettes look pretty, but have you soon the price? Brands like Makeup Revolution offer products that rival if not top, some of these products but they do them at much cheaper prices. Remember just because t's cheap doesn't mean its bad!

Blot away that grease. Prone the greasy skin that makes your face shiny throughout the day? Buy some cheap blotting sheets for quick use throughout the day or if you want another solution, just use tissue paper! It has the same effect and you might already have some in your house.

Coconut oil is your best friend. Literally you can use it for anything! Dry hair? Coconut oil. Need a moisturiser? Coconut oil.

Double cleanse. The first cleanse removes makeup and then the second makes sure the skin is clean and free of impurities. Never only cleanse once again!

Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate. Tan, makeup, anything really, goes on better if your skin is exfoliated.

Facemasks. Facemasks are good and all but the most effective way to use them is by using different masks for each part of your face. They will each target things and by using them on the areas that need that treatment specifically your skin will be loving you!

Gently rubbing your eyes stimulates the blood and makes your eyelashes grow quicker. When people say putting Vaseline on your eyelashes makes them grow, they are wrong, its actually the rubbing motion which makes them grow. Just don't rub too hard!

Hairspray on your grips. This gives your grips that little bit extra when holding your hair back, without you having to spray your entire hair with hairspray giving it that hard texture.

If fake nails are your thing then hit up Primark. They are home to an insane amount of designs all for a ridiculously cheap price. They are amazing quality and honestly I see no difference between these and nails by brands such as Elegant touch.

Justifying the size of your makeup collection isn't something you have to do! No matter how big or small, the amount of makeup you have is your decision, and it shouldn't matter to anyone else!

Katerosexo1.blogspot.com is a great blog to visit if you fancy a read about anything beauty related! (Sorry I just couldn't resist and I couldn't think of anything for K anyway.)

Lip scrubs can mean that matte lipstick you love looks even better! By scrubbing off the dead skin on your lips you leave them fresher and softer to apply lipstick on. This in turn means your drying matte lipstick looks better overall on your lips. (Plus soft lips are all the better to kiss!)

Makeup wipes aren't your friend. Just don't use them okay!

Never leave your makeup brushes more than two weeks without washing them. This is something I'm guilty of as I always forget to wash them, but by leaving them dirty the bacteria really does spread, and that is NOT something you want to be putting on your face.

Olive oil is great for strengthening and giving a shine to your nails. Just heat up a small amount and soak your fingers in it for 10 mins twice a week. Then voila, you have some beautifully healthy nails!

Puffy eyes no more. Cut up a potato and put a slice on each eye, then kick back, relax, and let it do it's magic.

Q tips is just another word for cotton buds. I didn't know this until about a week a go so I'm throwing this in to help anyone else out that might be like me! Or maybe that was just me being an idiot...

Refrigerate your nail polish. Putting your nail varnish in the fridge for 10 minutes before you use it will help it apply smoother and make it last longer.

Smile. It really is the best makeup you can wear!

Toothpaste on spots is a bad idea!! Trust me when I say I speak from experience and you can find out what I mean by reading my post here. Just stick with sudocrem for drying out those spots.

Use by dates are important on makeup too. You should be changing up your makeup often instead of hoarding things for months or even years. Out of date makeup is doing nothing other than giving you possible eye infections and blemishes!

Vaseline. Want your perfume to last longer on you? Put a small amount of Vaseline on your wrists and neck before you spray to help with the longevity.

Winged eyeliner your downfall? Are you always getting your makeup looking perfect and then ruining it with a pathetic winged eyeliner? Tape is your best friend, the straight edge will guide you on wear to draw your wing and leave you looking bomb!

Xercise, lets just pretend its spelt without the E okay? We all know its important whether we do it or not, but a little bit of exercise each day can lead to a healthier body, skin and mind. (I should probably take my own advice here...)

Your skin has to last you forever, so look after it. Its true, that stuff on your face is with you until you die. Invest in some good skincare because you will definitely be thanking your younger self when your old and have nicer looking skin because you knew how to take care of it.

Z palettes. Got a random pan you've depotted, want to have all your favourite shades together in one palette? Get yourself a z palette and put the magnetic stickers on anything you want, then bam! They'll all be together in one cheap, compact palette.

I hope you have picked up a few tips from this and I actually really enjoyed writing the post, it was fun putting all my tips together! Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Correct like a pro

To me, a flawless base is essential. You want to have the best layer down for the rest of your makeup to go on top of and colour correctors seem to be a good way to go about this. I'm actually new to the world of correcting concealers and this one by Freedom is the first I'd ever tried, safe to say though that I'm completely on board the correcting train with this little product.

The kit comes in fairly sturdy clear packaging meaning you can see the colours easily and contains six shades, a yellow, purple, green, peach, brown and white shimmery shade.
Freedom Pro says:
Yellow: Use to equalise blue undertones, sometimes found on the eyelid or under eye area.
Lilac: Use to add radiance to dull skin.
Green: Use to balance redness, mainly found around the nose or around blemishes.
Peach: This peachy shade is great at helping cancel out green tones.
Brown: Use to conceal blemishes on darker skin tones or as a contouring cream on lighter skin.
White: Use to brighten or to highlight key areas of your skin such as the top of your cheekbones

The consistency of the concealers is quite thick meaning you don't need much or else you'll be blending it out for days. Remember your foundation has still got too go on top of it so don't apply it so thick that still shows under the rest of your makeup.

I have tested each of the colours on their targeted areas and they all do as they are supposed to, the only one I'm not so keen on is the white shade which is used to highlight your skin as I don't think it does much and is slightly unnecessary. There are way better products to help you get your glow on!!

As well as this palette being good for anyone wanting to try colour correcting, it would also be the perfect addition to any makeup artist kit as it looks professional, is super affordable at £5 and does the job perfectly!

I'd love to know if colour correcting is part of your makeup routine. thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo


Friday, 2 December 2016

Nyx lingerie liquid lipsticks

I'm coming at you with yet another review on some liquid lipsticks. This time it's all about the Nyx lingerie liquid lipsticks. I've seen many people compare these to the likes of Kylie's lipkits and since I'm too poor to own one of them myself I thought I'd give these ago instead!

First things first, the packaging of these lipsticks. I absolutely love it! I think it looks incredibly chic and upmarket considering the price of them. I also like the bottle because it gives you a clear indication of the shade of the product inside.

The actual product itself exceeded my expectations. It isn't gloopy and applies to the lips in a very thin layer, whilst still covering your lips completely. Because of how thin it applies it means you cant feel it on your lips at all and consequently it doesn't feel drying at all- if anything I'd say it feels moisturising, and you don't normally get that from a liquid lipstick!!

With these I find the lasting power to be middle of the range. You definitely get a good few hours wear out of them including eating and drinking but I'd say after about three hours your lips will start to show signs of wear and you'll need a top up. However this is a small price to pay I think considering that they don't feel drying at all. Another good thing about them is once they've dried they don't feel sticky at all, I find with some liquid lipsticks even after they've dried if I press my lips together they stick to each other, but these aren't going anywhere!

(Shades top to bottom are Bedtime flirt, Push-up, Ruffle trim)
The shades I have from lightest to darkest are 08 Bedtime Flirt, 06 Push-Up and 04 Ruffle trim. If I'm being honest they are all incredibly similar shades and it's actually quite hard to describe the difference between them. I'd describe Bedtime Flirt as a Barbie pink, Ruffle Trim as a rosy pink and Push-Up is just somewhere in the middle. If you wanted to get a selection of them to try you wouldn't really need all three of these shades because they are so similar but if you are in to your pinks then you will love them all. I think Bedtime Flirt would have to be my favourite though, although they all go with just about every makeup look!

My one and only complaint about these though is the applicator. It's slightly oversized which means when applying the product, precision is quite a difficult thing to achievable. It's still usable but just means you have to be slightly more careful when applying to make sure you don't go putting lipstick everywhere. Other than that though these lipsticks are amazing, especially for only £6.50 each.

I definitely want to be expanding my collection of these and trying out some more of the unique shades. Thanks for reading.

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Kate Rose xo

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