Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Primark beauty haul

Lets be honest here, Primark is everybody's favourite shop! Like the bag says, amazing fashion, amazing prices! It's full of some utter crap yeah, but you can also find some proper gems there too, in the fashion and beauty department! On a recent trip to Primarni I picked up quite a few bits mainly from the beauty section which I thought I'd share with you today.
Firstly I picked up two sets of the nicest fake nails I have ever seen, thus the closer photo so you can see the cuteness!!! They are both Christmas themed, the first set being santa ones with cute santa faces for the thumb nail, santa suits for the other nails and a sparkly gold one for the accent nail. The other set are penguin themed with a penguin for the thumb nail and snowflakes and smaller penguins for the other nails. For £1.50 these are literally the best buy ever!!! You can buy them for yourself and have the prettiest nails around this festive season, or they would be perfect presents and stocking fillers.

I also got a pot nail varnish remover for £1 which is amazing! A quick dip of my nail in there and its completely free of any varnish it had on before. I honestly cant believe how well this works and especially for only £1!
The next two things I got were a set of two makeup sponges, one beauty blender shaped and the other a bit random for £1.50 and a makeup brush cleanser too for £1.50 too. Both sponges feel like great quality and I've used to makeup brush cleaner already on my brushes and its so good at giving them a deep cleanse!
I also spotted these foot food sachets which come with a scrub an cream reduced to 20p from £1 which I just had to get because no word of a lie, these make my feet so soft! I've had one before and he reduced price was just calling my name!
The last thing I picked up was actually from the home section and is this set of pink fairy lights for £1.50. I've already got some white fairy lights from Primark which I love, but when I saw these pink ones I couldn't say no! As soon as I get some batteries I'll be adding these in to my room.

Payday is rolling around soon and I know as I've got some money to spend I'll be back down Primark and probably coming at you with another haul. I'm also thinking about doing a post about the best products from Primark beauty so you might see that soon too. Thank for reading.
Kate Rose xo


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