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Soap and Glory: The bath edit

Soap and Glory is a brand that's home to some of my favourite makeup products, the Solar powder bronzer and sexy mother pucker lipsticks being just a few. However I'd never tried much from the bath side of the range which I've heard is equally as popular!

Luckily this has now changed as for my birthday which has just gone, my family got me a massive hamper filled with tonnes of S&G products for me to try. So I've decided to give you a run down of everything I got along with my first impressions of them and whether I like them or not. Although I have a feeling I'm going to be liking pretty much all of this!

Sugar Crush Body Wash:
This first product is a shower gel from the Sugar Crush scent range. It comes in a bottle with a pump which I LOVE as it makes it really easy to use and smells like lemon and limes. It's a really zingy scent but I think it's my favourite of them all. I haven't used it yet but I cant wait to and have my body smelling fruity!

Clean On Me Shower Gel:
Another shower gel in a bottle with a pump but this one is from the Clean On Me range. This one smells like mandarin oranges to me and has a more gentle scent to it as appose to the sugar crush one. On the bottle it also says it has a built in body lotion to the shower gel which is an added bonus and I'm always forgetting to moisturise!

Peaches And Clean Deep Cleansing Milk:
This is by far one of my favourite products and actually one that I've tried and tested. It's a cleansing milk and can be used to remove makeup with or just as a facial cleanser in the morning. I find it's perfect for both but I especially love it for removing my makeup and it removes it really well and leaves my face feeling exceptionally clean! It also smells like peaches which is of course great!

The Scrub Of Your Life:
The next product I have is an exfoliator and although I haven't used this on my skin yet, I have tried some on the back of my hand and love it already. It has the right amount of abrasion to it so that it's rough enough to remove dead skin cells, but not so rough that it leaves your skin sore. I also really like that the little bits of 'scrub' in this product are pink so it looks super cute too!

The Righteous Butter Sunkissed Tint Body Lotion:
Now this has got to be the product I'm most excited for and had actually never seen before. It's a body lotion so it'll leave your skin feeling really moisturised but it will also add a subtle glow like a fake tan. It's also really easy and there isn't any waiting around for ages for it to develop or washing it off, you simply just apply it, wait 2 or 3 minutes and then get dressed like normal! It sounds like the dream product!

The Righteous Butter:
Basically the same as the last fabulous product but without the tanning in it. So if I don't feel like having a tan or maybe I already have one and just want some moisturiser, this is the perfect product.

Hand Food:
A hand cream that smells like marshmallows and keeps your hands incredibly moisturised. What more could you want!? I've been putting a bit of this on my hands whenever I remember to keep them feeling nice and soft and it's definitely doing the trick!

Heel Genius:
This product is foot cream and having never tried a foot cream out before I was rather excited! I've been putting this on my feet in the morning and before bed and it's definitely improved how they feel and made my heels in particular a lot softer.

Scrub Gloves Super Exfoliating:
These re simply as the name suggests, exfoliating gloves. I will be using these along with the Scrub of your life to exfoliate my body before tanning and I can already tell they will be perfect. They are also a really cute pink meaning they wont get lost in my draw filled with loads of other beauty things!

Face Massage Mini Mit:
This final product was another thing I'd never heard of. The packaging says it helps to bring some life back in to tired looking skin and although I don't think since using it I've noticed an actual difference in my skins appearance, it does feel nice and very therapeutic when I use it so I'll keep it up. I use a squirt of the Peaches and clean deep cleansing milk with it before I go to bed and work it in to my skin.

All these products smell divine and come in the most gorgeous packaging too and I'm quickly falling in love with S&G as a bath product company as well as a makeup one.

So they are all the Soap and Glory bath and body products I am currently using and testing. I you would like an update on any of the products and how I'm finding them or even a separate blog post on any in particular then do let me know. Thanks for reading.
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  1. Sugar crush is probably my favourite S&G scent! I love the body scrub xx

    1. It is a lovely scent, reminds me of all things sweet! X

  2. OMG they look so stunning!

    Mia |

  3. I love Soap & Glory! The Sugar Crush range is one of my favourites. So many products you've mentioned I absolutely love and you've made me want to go out and buy more. Fab post and pictures xx

    Lauren |

    1. All the products look so gorgeous as well as smelling divine, I love them all! Thank you!x

  4. Omg wow! This looks insane, I'm yet to try any soap n glory products just yet...naughty I know. I'm looking for a good exfoliator though! x

    1. You should definitely try them in you can get your hands on a few! They are amazing! X

  5. I love soap and glory and I like their makeup as well. It's so good for the price.

    1. It is, for such amazing products they are such good prices! X

  6. i've never actually tried anything from Soap & Glory before! all of these sound amazing and i love the packaging:) x

    1. If you can you really should and the packaging is what sells it to me the most to be honest! X

  7. You got so much stuff! I love the righteous butter and hand food because they are so moisturising. I really want to try more of their products xx

    1. They are, and you should try more products if you can! They are all amazing! x

  8. I really want to start buying more s&g because they do smell really nice, will have to purchase some of these :)
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