Tuesday, 6 September 2016

My Z palette

Recently I've really been getting in to my eyeshadows and experimenting with them a lot more so I decided to treat myself to some new palettes and shadows. Over a few orders on Beautybay I got myself two Morphe palettes, the 35T and the 350S which are both INCREDIBLE! I've done a review on the 35T palette already which I'll link here if you fancy a read and I'm considering doing a post showing swatches of every shade from both palettes so you can see just how amazing they are.

Anyway in my orders I also picked up my first ever empty Z palette and nine Makeup Geek eyeshadows to fill it. When the shadows arrived I swatched them immediately and then wore them on my eyes for the day where I fell in love. All of the shadows are extremely pigmented, buttery and are really easy to blend out. I got 8 shades from the original pans which were £5.10 each and 1 of the duochrome pans which are £5.50 each.

Frappe (matte)
Crème brulee (matte)
Bitten (matte)
Shimma shimma (shimmery)
Homecoming (shimmery)
Prom night (shimmery)
Sensuous (shimmery)
Burlesque (shimmery)
Blacklight (duochrome)

Shimma shimma:
This shadow is perfect for inner corner and brow bone highlight as it's a slight iridescent shadow that shimmers when the light hits it. It's a champagne colour and is really pigmented.

 Crème brulee:
Crème brulee is a matte light brown shad with peachy undertones to it which is great if you want a subtle eyeshadow look and so need a lighter colour for your crease. I also like it on the lid to brighten up a look as well.

Frappe is a warm toned matte brown which has quickly become my favourite crease shade. On a
fluffy brush it blends out extremely well into the crease to add depth to any eyeshadow look.

This eyeshadow is one of my favourites, it's a brown colour with gold running through it so when the light hits it you get a gorgeous gold colour on your lid. I haven't actually tried any of the Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadows so I can't say whether it's true or not so but I've heard people say the quality of this one is like the shadows from the foiled range.

 Prom night:
This is a really unique shade in my collection as its a silvery lilac colour that looks very different in all lights. It's crazily pigmented and blends like a dream though!

Bitten is a matte maroon red shade which is almost verging on a plum colour. It's warm toned and is a perfect crease shade for any deep red toned eyeshadow look.

This shadow is a burgundy shade that looks perfect when paired with bitten. It's also another of the more pigmented shades and a little of this on your brush actually goes a really long way!

From the swatch you can see how truly gorgeous this is, it's a purple shade with tiny flecks of gold and silver shimmer in it.

This is the only one pf the shadows I picked up that is from he duochrome range which means it's supposed to look different in different lights. The main colour in this shadow is a lilac shade but it can also shine silvery and I'm convinced I can also see a bit of blue in there. To me it makes me think of a mermaid and it's just as pigmented as the normal shadows, if not more!

So those are all the Makeup Geek shades I have so far but I think I'm going to need a bigger Z palette as I'd definitely like to expand my collection. I'd love to know what your favourite Makeup Geek shadow is. Thanks for reading.


Kate Rose xo



  1. Ooh i love these shades! Creme Brûlée looks gorgeous xx

    Ciara Rose | www.ciara-rose.com | Subscribe via Bloglovin’

    1. It is! Definitely one of my favourite shades! x

  2. all of these shades look and sound amazing! i love the look of Homecoming and Prom Night! lovely post:) x


    1. They are both some of my favourite shades! Thanks for reading. x

  3. Shimma Shimma, Frappe and Homecoming are some of my absolute essentials! :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. They are all gorgeous! Shimma shimma is quickly becoming an essential for me too! x


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