Tuesday, 27 September 2016

My autumn transition makeup

(L-R Frappe, Bitten, Burlesque, Seductive pink, Contour, Shabby chic)

Autumn means lots of good things, it means crunchy leaves all over the ground, it means big fluffy jumpers can make a reappearance and it also means it's the best time to introduce some deeper tones in to your makeup.

So I thought I'd show you some of the makeup products I like to use more especially at this time of year to make my makeup more autumnal feeling!

For my eyeshadow I like to wear more purples and reds and browns. My three favourite shades for this at the moment are Burlesque, Bitten and Frappe all from Makeup Geek. Bitten is a matte burgundy shade which looks amazing in the crease, Burlesque is almost it's shimmery twin but slightly more purple toned and Frappe is a warm toned matte brown that also looks amazing in the crease to deepen the look.

I also think autumn is the perfect time to go for a more berry toned blush and get away with it. I love the Maxfactor crème puff blush in Seductive pink as it gives a more purple blush to the skin instead of pink. It's an incredibly pigmented blush though so go careful when applying it!

Autumn is also the perfect time to sculpt out your face a little but more too and I love the Technic contour stick for this. It's so easy to use as you literally just draw lines wherever you want the contour and then blend it out with a brush. This one is perfect for contouring as it isn't orangey at all and gives a perfect natural sculpt.

Of course you have to finish of every makeup look with a lipstick and autumn time means you can go for the darker berry shades. I'm personally not that much of a berry shade lover on myself but I do really like the Sleek matte me lipstick in shabby chic. Its a lovely mauve shade that's a deep pink going on purple I would say. It's not too dramatic but looks perfect for this time of year.

I'm so excited to be introducing these makeup bits in to my routine more often now and I'd love to know what products you love for autumn makeup. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Life update #1

Hello! I feel like I don't say that enough at the start of my posts anymore so hello, how are you? I hope you're doing well! So todays post is a first for me as I don't normally do things like this but I thought I'd just catch you up on my life lately.

Soo I got my GCSE results, I finally turned 16, I started college, I got my first ever job and I hit 300 followers on Bloglovin! All in all I've been having a pretty great time!

Lets start with GCSES, I was incredibly happy with the results I got and they were much better than what I thought I'd get, I even managed to somehow get an A in English language and I think blogging might have something to do with that. A few days after results day was my birthday and I finally turned 16!!! I had a great time celebrating with my family and friends and I can now legally buy a lottery ticket, go me!

Then a few days after my birthday was the first day of college. I was surprisingly calm about starting somewhere new all on my own because I think the excitement took over. I've been going to college for a few weeks now and I'm absolutely loving it, it's so different from school and I've met so many lovely people already.

Another exciting thing that's happened recently is that I got my first job! I work Saturdays in a little beauty salon just helping out and it's great. I love it there already and i's really helping me gain the knowledge I need for my college course.

Blogging news is of course that I hit 300 followers on Bloglovin. I am so incredibly happy and grateful for this so thank you so much if you follow me. It's also nice because next month will be my 1 year blogging anniversary and it's nice to see how far I've come in a year!

In other news I've also got tickets to see Craig David on tour with my friend next year and I'm so excited about this you wouldn't even understand. I just want next year to hurry up now!!

So as you can see quite a lots been going on this past month or so and it's nice to share it all with you. I'm definitely going to be doing more of these life update posts as I think it's nice to fill you in on what's been going on. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

Friday, 23 September 2016

Makeup collection #1: Foundations

Today's post is an exciting one I must say! I've decided to start a new little series in which I show you my makeup collection in different sections so you can have a little nosey at what I've got, because I know I love seeing other peoples collections. I'm going to share a new section of my collection every 6 posts or so which is about every two weeks and I'm going to start off today with foundations.

1. Mac studion fix fluid: NC15 and NC30

2. No7 beautifully matte light: Cool beige

3. Nars sheer glow: Gobi

4. Makeup forever ultra HD stick: Y225

5. Revlon colourstay: 150 Buff

6. Seventeen blemish bb blam: Light
7. Rimmel fresher skin: 100 Ivory

8. Rimmel match perfection: 100 Ivory

9. Rimmel wake me up: 100 Ivory and 200 Soft beige

10. Rimmel lasting finish: 200 soft beige

11. L'oreal true match: N1 Ivory

12. L'oreal infallible matte: 11 Vanilla

So that is my foundation collection, slightly extreme I know but I can't help it! Also some of them are in darker shades because they are for either when I have a tan or to mix with my lighter ones that are a little too light. The next part of my makeup collection you will see is my concealers and primers! I hope you enjoy this type of post and are looking forward to the this little makeup collection series. Thanks for reading!

*Disclaimer: Obviously I am not trying to brag, boast or show off my collection, I just thought it's a post lots of you might enjoy and I really enjoy writing. Thanks!*
Kate Rose xo

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Products I will always repurchase

We all have those products we love, the ones we couldn't go without, our holy grail items. I know when it comes to beauty products I've definitely got a fair few products I will forever rebuy when they run out.

The first product is my Mac studio fix fluid foundation. If you're a regular reader then I'm sure you'll be sick of hearing me talk about that foundation but I just love it. It's full coverage, lasts all day and I love the finish of it, not matte but not dewy either, somewhere in the middle that I would call a satin finish. I'm currently using a mix of the shades NC15 which is my regular shade and NC30 which I'm having to add in as I have a tan from going on holiday. I must have been through at least 5 bottles of the stuff- I love it!

My second product is the Soap and glory solar powder bronzer. This is my absolute favourite product for adding some bronze in to my cheeks. I don't ever contour my cheeks as I prefer a more subtle bronze glow and this is perfect for that. Noticeable, but not too noticeable. I also really like it for bronzing down my neck too to make sue that's the same colour as my face.

The Maybelline brow drama sculpting brow mascara in dark blonde is my third holy grail product. I never really do anything to my brows, one, because I don't know what to do with them and two, because I'm really bad at filling them in. So this is the perfect product to make all the brow hairs face the right way and stay there all day whilst also adding a hint of colour. I use this everyday and if nothing else at least it gives the illusion that I put a little bit of effort in to my brows.

Another Soap and glory product that I love is the thick and fast mascara. This mascara is the perfect blend to give you not just volumised lashes but also lengthened ones. I'm on my second tube of the mascara and I know I will forever be re purchasing it. I usually tend to put two different mascaras on top of each other to achieve my desired lashes but this one on its own is enough.

My final product that I will forever be re purchasing is my Mac lipstick in the shade Modesty. Modesty is my perfect pinky nude and I don't think I'll ever find another that will beat it. It will literally go with any makeup look what so ever and is such a simple colour that looks so beautiful. It lasts on my lips for ages and is incredibly creamy and moisturising. It's my perfect your lips but better shade.

So those are the five products that I will always repurchase. I'd love to know what products you yourself will always be repurchasing. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Gerard cosmetics Everything nice liquid lipstick

If you've been a reader of my blog for a while now then you'll know that I do love a good liquid lipstick. The Sleek matte me liquid lips are some of my faves and I've already done a review on them, but I'm always on the hunt for new ones to try.

When browsing Beautybay now too long ago I came across Gerard Cosmetics and the hydra matte liquid lipstick range they had. After googling swatches of the shades I decided 'Everything nice' was my favourite and added it to my basket.

When it arrived the next day I was really excited and tried it straight away. I would describe the colour as a brick red colour with brown undertones. It applies like a dream with no need for a lip liner and once its on its not coming off!

I was incredibly surprised about what it feels like once it's on your lips as well. It's the  most comfortable feeling liquid lipstick I've ever tried, by this I mean it doesn't feel drying at all to the point where I actually forget I'm wearing it.

Another thing I tested was it's resistance against water. Now I know this isn't really a big deal but you never know when you could be caught in a rain shower and you don't want you lipstick running down your face do you!? So I put it on and then got in the shower making sure to let the water run all over my face, then when I got out I looked in the mirror to see the lipstick was completely in tact and looked no different at all- impressive!

These lipsticks are £9 each which I don't think is too bad for the quality and although the Sleek ones are £4 cheaper I much prefer these to them. The only thing I'm not that keen on about this product is the packaging. I like the lid which is gold but the actual bottle just feels cheap to me. Other than that though I absolutely love this and really want to get my hands on some more of the shades.

I'd love to know if you've tried these liquid lipsticks before and what your favourite liquid lippies are. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

Friday, 16 September 2016

My top 3 makeup brushes

Without my makeup brushes where would I be? I'd still be wearing makeup but there's no doubt about the fact it would be nowhere near as nicely applied. I've always been a brushes over sponges type of girl and love each of my makeup brushes for the different jobs each one does. Admittedly though there are three brushes which stand out to me as my favourites and are the ones I couldn't live without, so today I thought I'd share them with you.

Real techniques expert face brush:
This has been my go to brush for applying foundation for as long as I can remember, it's the brush I used when I first started getting in to makeup and I've never changed it because its never let me down. It's a very dense brush which means it packs my foundation on to my face really well giving me a full coverage look. I've always liked full coverage from my foundation and this brush really helps that because it really packs the product on to your skin giving you a flawless base. I also find it isn't streaky at all and doesn't leave brush stroke in my foundation. I've had the brush for years and it's still in as good condition as it was the day I got it.

Real techniques blush brush:
Another real techniques brush that I've had right from the early days that I'm in love with is my blush brush. It's perfect for blush as it fits right on the apples of my cheeks when I smile and I also love it for applying bronzer. I dip it in to the Soap and glory solar powder bronzer and its the perfect size to fit under my cheek bones to bronze them up a little bit. It's also incredibly soft and just like the expert face brush, shows no sign of wear and tear.

Sigma E25 blending brush:
The sigma E25 blending brush is essentially a cheaper version of the extremely hyped Mac 217 brush. It's incredibly soft and works amazingly for blending out shadows in the crease. I use it everyday that I'm wearing eyeshadow to first of all apply my crease shade and then to blend the whole look together as it does a perfect job. I haven't had this brush as long as I've had my real techniques ones but I have had it quite a while and its still in mint condition. It also looks incredibly sleek and professional which I really like.

I have lots of makeup brushes in my collection but these three are just my favourite ones that I could be without. I'd love to know your favourite makeup brush, thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Morphe 35T and 350S eyeshadow palette swatches

Todays post is a bit of a different one, I've decided to use it as an opportunity to give you full swatches on my two Morphe palettes as I think seeing swatches of the shadows helps you decide whether or not you like the palette and whether the shades are for you. Plus I just want to show how insanely pigmented these shadows are.

This post won't actually be a review, just swatches of both palettes and I've actually already done a review on the 35T palette which I'll link here if you want to read it.

35T palette:
350S palette:
Out of the two palettes the 350S is probably my favourite because of the beautiful orangey tones. I really hope you found this post helpful if you were looking to buy a Morphe palette. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

Sunday, 11 September 2016

The blogger made me buy it but was it worth the hype

I've always been guilty of buying a little too much makeup so where I can shift the blame for some of my purchases I do! There are certain beauty products that seem to be cult favourites among bloggers and so being one myself I have bought said product so I can jump along the bandwagon. I've decided to put together some of the products the bloggers made me buy and whether I personally think they're worth it!

The first item 'the blogger made me buy' is the Nars sheer glow foundation. I had seen so many people rave about this and how great it was for a full coverage foundation which is what I like. However when I tried it myself I was incredibly disappointed with it and found the coverage to just not be up to scratch on me and that it also settled in to my fine lines. It's safe to say I was pretty disappointed with this considering how much money it cost!
Was it worth it: No

My next product is the Maybelline eraser eye concealer. Everyone and their mum was raving about this product and it took me a surprisingly long time to try it out myself. I'm so glad I did try it though because I love it, mine is a very yellow shade which is perfect for underneath my eyes and it also gives the perfect coverage and blends out really easily too so it doesn't look thick or cakey. This was a product I was really happy I tried!
Was it worth it: Yes

For my third product I have the Sleek precious metals highlighting palette. I saw god knows how many blog posts with people claiming this palette had the best highlighters in it they've ever tried which is a pretty big claim but I thought why not give it a go in case they're right and I'm missing out big time. Yeah I wasn't missing out at all... I am not a fan of this kit one bit! I don't think any of the highlighters are very pigmented, I find them a hassle to apply and can never get the highlight on without it looking patchy and it making my foundation look streaky. I definitely wasn't impressed with this product at all and am sticking to my trusty Mary lou manizer highlight by Thebalm.
Was it worth it: No

Moving on to mascara , the Maybelline lash sensational has been a pretty big hit. This was a product I definitely agreed with the hype for though. It does all the things it claims and lengthens my lashes whilst giving volume, paired with my Maxfactor false lash effect mascara it's a dream products.
Was it worth it: Yes

My final product is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107. I'm pretty sure the original hype around this came from Zoella and from then on it became everyone's favourite drugstore lipstick. It must have been around Christmas time when I decided to try it for myself because I thought it would be the perfect shade for the season. When I used it for the first time though I looked more like a washed out clown than anything that resembled pretty, the shade didn't suit me at all which obviously isn't anyone's fault but after reading on numerous occasions that the shade would suit all skin tones I was slightly disappointed. I also wasn't overly keen on the formula either as it made my lips feel really dry. Since then I've found other shades of red that thankfully suit me much better!
Was it worth it: No

So those are the five products the blogger made me want to buy. I'm thinking about doing more of these posts as I have lots more products like this. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

Friday, 9 September 2016

L'oreal infallible fixing mist

Setting sprays are a big part of makeup nowadays, there's setting sprays to keep you matte all day, sprays to keep you looking dewy and even setting sprays specific for day time makeup and night time makeup. One of the most popular setting sprays that I've seen is the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray, I've heard so many amazing reviews of this product but the only thing putting me off it was the price. I mean £22 for a bottle of face spray is a little much in my opinion, so when I saw L'oreal had their own setting spray out and for £8 I thought why not give that a go because maybe it'll be just as good as the urban decay one but for a fraction of the price- what can they put in a setting spray water that can make it that different anyway?

The first thing I have to say about this product is before use you've got to shake it like crazy. On the first day I used it I could see a white residue at the bottom of the bottle so I shook it a normal amount thinking that would clear it and proceeded to use it. I was horrified when I saw that after a few spays I had white dots all over my face and lips which looked so bad I had to take my makeup off and start again.

This then put me off using it for a few days as I didn't want to risk messing up my makeup again. However after a little while I decided to test it out again and made sure to give it the shake of my life before using and this seemed to do the trick- thank god! I was left with a slightly more matte looking face and no white patches! Hooray!

Throughout the day I monitored how my face was looking and there was definitely a noticeable difference about the length of time my makeup lasted. It did however leave a few small areas on my face looking slightly patchy but other than that my makeup overall lasted longer.

In terms of the packaging and way this product looks I actually really like it, it's simple and sleek and actually looks quite professional I think. It's also quite heavily scented which I don't mind but if you aren't a fan of sweet smelling things to spray over your face then you probably wont like this as I find the scent to be quite strong.

Overall I do like this product but not as much as I was hoping too. The excessive shaking of it before use is slightly inconvenient for me because if you don't shake it enough then your whole makeup will be ruined and if your running to a schedule then that is not ideal.

I'd be really interested to know how you found this product an if you experienced the same problem with it as me. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

My Z palette

Recently I've really been getting in to my eyeshadows and experimenting with them a lot more so I decided to treat myself to some new palettes and shadows. Over a few orders on Beautybay I got myself two Morphe palettes, the 35T and the 350S which are both INCREDIBLE! I've done a review on the 35T palette already which I'll link here if you fancy a read and I'm considering doing a post showing swatches of every shade from both palettes so you can see just how amazing they are.

Anyway in my orders I also picked up my first ever empty Z palette and nine Makeup Geek eyeshadows to fill it. When the shadows arrived I swatched them immediately and then wore them on my eyes for the day where I fell in love. All of the shadows are extremely pigmented, buttery and are really easy to blend out. I got 8 shades from the original pans which were £5.10 each and 1 of the duochrome pans which are £5.50 each.

Frappe (matte)
Crème brulee (matte)
Bitten (matte)
Shimma shimma (shimmery)
Homecoming (shimmery)
Prom night (shimmery)
Sensuous (shimmery)
Burlesque (shimmery)
Blacklight (duochrome)

Shimma shimma:
This shadow is perfect for inner corner and brow bone highlight as it's a slight iridescent shadow that shimmers when the light hits it. It's a champagne colour and is really pigmented.

 Crème brulee:
Crème brulee is a matte light brown shad with peachy undertones to it which is great if you want a subtle eyeshadow look and so need a lighter colour for your crease. I also like it on the lid to brighten up a look as well.

Frappe is a warm toned matte brown which has quickly become my favourite crease shade. On a
fluffy brush it blends out extremely well into the crease to add depth to any eyeshadow look.

This eyeshadow is one of my favourites, it's a brown colour with gold running through it so when the light hits it you get a gorgeous gold colour on your lid. I haven't actually tried any of the Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadows so I can't say whether it's true or not so but I've heard people say the quality of this one is like the shadows from the foiled range.

 Prom night:
This is a really unique shade in my collection as its a silvery lilac colour that looks very different in all lights. It's crazily pigmented and blends like a dream though!

Bitten is a matte maroon red shade which is almost verging on a plum colour. It's warm toned and is a perfect crease shade for any deep red toned eyeshadow look.

This shadow is a burgundy shade that looks perfect when paired with bitten. It's also another of the more pigmented shades and a little of this on your brush actually goes a really long way!

From the swatch you can see how truly gorgeous this is, it's a purple shade with tiny flecks of gold and silver shimmer in it.

This is the only one pf the shadows I picked up that is from he duochrome range which means it's supposed to look different in different lights. The main colour in this shadow is a lilac shade but it can also shine silvery and I'm convinced I can also see a bit of blue in there. To me it makes me think of a mermaid and it's just as pigmented as the normal shadows, if not more!

So those are all the Makeup Geek shades I have so far but I think I'm going to need a bigger Z palette as I'd definitely like to expand my collection. I'd love to know what your favourite Makeup Geek shadow is. Thanks for reading.


Kate Rose xo


Sunday, 4 September 2016

4 blogs I've been loving recently

We all love finding new blogs to follow and keep up to date with don't we, and recently I've been seeing some amazing content being produced by some incredibly talented bloggers in particular. So I thought I'd give you a round up of the 5 blogs I've been loving to read the most so far this summer.

Kizzi from Beauty and Brownies
Kizzi's blog is amazing and especially for the amount of time she's been doing it! On her blog she posts things from book reviews, recipes and tags to beauty reviews, days in the life and skincare stuff. My personal favourite of her posts has to be her post on Benefits radiant skincare which I will link here if you'd like to read it (you definitely should!) As I loved the photos in the post and how much depth she went in to about the products.

Daisy from Daisies and Delights
Daisy's blog is a recent find but I'm in love with it already! On her blog you will find anything from beauty posts to book reviews and everything in between. Her blog layout is one of my favourite layouts of all time and the images she takes to go along with her blog posts are on point!! Her favourite post of mine is definitely where she compares the Naked 3 palette to a gorgeous one from Freedom makeup and I'll link that here so you can have a read of it.
Shann from Simplyshann
When I read Shann's posts I can always tell they're written from the heart. The way she writes is incredibly relatable and powerful. Shann writes holiday diary type of things to posts on confidence and change, she's also a really lovely girl and I'm so happy to call her my friend. My favourite post of hers is definitely the one where she talked about her holiday to Fuerteventura because she included so many beautiful photos in it and it looked amazing, I'll link it here so you can read it yourself.
Bethan from Cloudy skies
Bethan's blog is another new ish discovery of mine but I'm already in love. Her posts are mainly centred around beauty and my fave post of hers is her post on her everyday makeup which I will link here. What I liked so much about this post was that she takes photos of herself actually using the product so you can see her applying it to her skin, for me this just makes her seem so much more real.
Also, I really love the name of her blog.

Obviously I've been loving a whole bunch of bloggers but these were the four that stuck out in my mind the most. So if you haven't heard of these girls before then make sure you check out their blogs and give them a cheeky follow on Bloglovin! Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo 


Friday, 2 September 2016

Soap and Glory: The bath edit

Soap and Glory is a brand that's home to some of my favourite makeup products, the Solar powder bronzer and sexy mother pucker lipsticks being just a few. However I'd never tried much from the bath side of the range which I've heard is equally as popular!

Luckily this has now changed as for my birthday which has just gone, my family got me a massive hamper filled with tonnes of S&G products for me to try. So I've decided to give you a run down of everything I got along with my first impressions of them and whether I like them or not. Although I have a feeling I'm going to be liking pretty much all of this!

Sugar Crush Body Wash:
This first product is a shower gel from the Sugar Crush scent range. It comes in a bottle with a pump which I LOVE as it makes it really easy to use and smells like lemon and limes. It's a really zingy scent but I think it's my favourite of them all. I haven't used it yet but I cant wait to and have my body smelling fruity!

Clean On Me Shower Gel:
Another shower gel in a bottle with a pump but this one is from the Clean On Me range. This one smells like mandarin oranges to me and has a more gentle scent to it as appose to the sugar crush one. On the bottle it also says it has a built in body lotion to the shower gel which is an added bonus and I'm always forgetting to moisturise!

Peaches And Clean Deep Cleansing Milk:
This is by far one of my favourite products and actually one that I've tried and tested. It's a cleansing milk and can be used to remove makeup with or just as a facial cleanser in the morning. I find it's perfect for both but I especially love it for removing my makeup and it removes it really well and leaves my face feeling exceptionally clean! It also smells like peaches which is of course great!

The Scrub Of Your Life:
The next product I have is an exfoliator and although I haven't used this on my skin yet, I have tried some on the back of my hand and love it already. It has the right amount of abrasion to it so that it's rough enough to remove dead skin cells, but not so rough that it leaves your skin sore. I also really like that the little bits of 'scrub' in this product are pink so it looks super cute too!

The Righteous Butter Sunkissed Tint Body Lotion:
Now this has got to be the product I'm most excited for and had actually never seen before. It's a body lotion so it'll leave your skin feeling really moisturised but it will also add a subtle glow like a fake tan. It's also really easy and there isn't any waiting around for ages for it to develop or washing it off, you simply just apply it, wait 2 or 3 minutes and then get dressed like normal! It sounds like the dream product!

The Righteous Butter:
Basically the same as the last fabulous product but without the tanning in it. So if I don't feel like having a tan or maybe I already have one and just want some moisturiser, this is the perfect product.

Hand Food:
A hand cream that smells like marshmallows and keeps your hands incredibly moisturised. What more could you want!? I've been putting a bit of this on my hands whenever I remember to keep them feeling nice and soft and it's definitely doing the trick!

Heel Genius:
This product is foot cream and having never tried a foot cream out before I was rather excited! I've been putting this on my feet in the morning and before bed and it's definitely improved how they feel and made my heels in particular a lot softer.

Scrub Gloves Super Exfoliating:
These re simply as the name suggests, exfoliating gloves. I will be using these along with the Scrub of your life to exfoliate my body before tanning and I can already tell they will be perfect. They are also a really cute pink meaning they wont get lost in my draw filled with loads of other beauty things!

Face Massage Mini Mit:
This final product was another thing I'd never heard of. The packaging says it helps to bring some life back in to tired looking skin and although I don't think since using it I've noticed an actual difference in my skins appearance, it does feel nice and very therapeutic when I use it so I'll keep it up. I use a squirt of the Peaches and clean deep cleansing milk with it before I go to bed and work it in to my skin.

All these products smell divine and come in the most gorgeous packaging too and I'm quickly falling in love with S&G as a bath product company as well as a makeup one.

So they are all the Soap and Glory bath and body products I am currently using and testing. I you would like an update on any of the products and how I'm finding them or even a separate blog post on any in particular then do let me know. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

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