Friday, 5 August 2016

The Liebster award

Seeing that my friend Kizzi from the blog Beauty and Brownies had tagged me to do a post answering some questions for the Liebster award meant I could sigh in relief. You see I'm currently on holiday in Spain and unorganised me forgot to plan some blog posts to put up, I was also lacking in ideas but answering this post is a great way for you as a reader to get to know me more and mean that I still have something to post!

The rules...
- You must post the award on your blog
- You have to acknowledge the blogger who nominated you (Kizzi)
- You have to answer the questions assigned to you
- You must give 10 facts about yourself
- And finally, you have to nominate  further 10 bloggers who deserve the award and ask them 10 questions as well

So on to the questions from Kizzi,
1. If you could travel one place in the world, where would it be?
So I'm going to throw the classic stereotypical answer out there and say New York. However I would also really like to go to Rome, India and Rio.
2. What is your favourite animal and why?
To be honest I'm not really an animal person and I actually don't think I have a favourite one! Maybe a flamingo...
3. What is your favourite memory as a kid?
I have lots of great memories from being a child but I would say my favourites would be those where my evenings were spent playing football and games in my garden with my brother and cousins.
4. Do you have any plans for the next year?
Major plans, I would say no. However I would quite like to visit places like London more often and become a bit more adventurous.
5. What is your favourite sweet? 
Good ol Haribo tangfastics are probably my favourite. They really are an oldie but a goldie.
6. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
Another stereotypical answer but probably the friendships I've made through it. Without blogging I would never have met some of the lovely people.
7. You have to live in a city for a whole year, which city would you pick?
Again I'm going in with New York, the city life and hustle and bustle looks invigorating and I don't think I'd ever get bored there.
8. Who is your favourite musician/ band? Why?
One Direction #sorrynotsorry I've been a fan of them forever and saw them in concert last year. P.s If you're reading this Harry, please marry me! xoxox
9. What is your most embarrassing moment (that you can share)?
I usually tend to block out any embarrassing moments that happen to me so I'm struggling to think of any. Although the time I was on my period and leaked at school on to my skirt was pretty awkward...
10. What is your favourite pass time?
100% listening to music. I listen to my Spotify playlist at any chance I get as music really helps to relax me.

So those were all the questions for me to answer so now I'll give you 10 random facts about me...
1. I don't have any pets
2. I have different coloured eyes, one is brown and the other green although the difference isn't too noticeable
3. Going travelling is one of my biggest dreams that I really hope to accomplish
4. I don't know what career I would like as such when I'm older but I think I'd like to do something in beauty as that's what course I'm starting in September
5. I genuinely thought I had a fear of cheese strings but then one of my friends ate them around me so much that I stopped hating them so much
6. I've never been a person to keep a diary, I used to try but I always forgot about it and ended up writing in it about once a year
7. My favourite food is chicken nuggets
8. Up until the age of about 13 I was an avid reader but now I can't even remember the last time I read a book
9. The film Romeo and Juliette is one of my favourites (that may have something to do with young Leonardo DiCaprio being in it though...)
10. My feet are different sizes so finding shoes that are comfy on both feet can be a struggle

Now for the last set of questions I'm going too give 10 for the 10 lovely people I tag to answer...
1. Do you have a guilty pleasure? If so what is it?
2. Are you a sweet or chocolate person?
3. When is your youngest memory from?
4. What is your start sign and do you believe in horoscopes?
5. Why did you start blogging
6. If the opportunity of blogging full time was given to you, would you take it?
7. Who's your favourite celebrity
8. Are you a fan of the Kardashians? If so who' your favourite?
9. What's your favourite drink
10. Dogs or cats?

The 10 people I nominate the answer those questions and do this tag are...
1. Tash from Thoughtful Tash
2. Anna from It's Anna's Life
3. Lucy from Freckles and thoughts
4. Jessica from Love Jessica Louise
5. Alice from Alice J Lorna
6. Grace from Grace Kate
7. Emily from Emily Jane
8. Hayley from Mylifeashayley
9. Laura from Blossom of hope
10. Izzy from The Pastel Style

That's all for this post I think, I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me and thanks again Kizzi for tagging me. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo



  1. Thanks for tagging me! Loved reading all your answers x

  2. Thanks for tagging me! Great post

  3. I've done the lister award, it's so nice getting to know more about everyone!xx
    Amy :)

    1. I'll definitely check yours out then, and I agree! You find out some really interesting stuff about people. x

  4. Lovely post- I really I love your favourite memory!

    1. Thanks Kizzi, and thanks for tagging me! x

  5. Thank you for tagging me! If I could travel anywhere I would probably travel to Brighton as it looks so cute on Instagram photos and the pier looks gorgeous, great psot as usual. X

    1. You're welcome and thank you! Brighton looks lovely and I'd love to go there too. x


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