Friday, 26 August 2016

How much is my face worth

Recently I've seen a few people doing a post on how much their face is worth by adding up the prices of all the products they use and then hiding away in shame once they see the damage. They are one of my favourite posts to read so I thought hey, why don't I do it and see the extortionate amount of money I've spent on making my face look made up. Let the fun begin...

Face primer: Nivea men post shave balm £5.35

Foundation: Mac studio fix fluid £22

Concealer: Benefit eraser eye mini £5, L.A girl pro concealer £3, Maybelline eraser eye £7.99

Powder: Mac studio fix powder £22, Laura Mercier loose setting powder £29

Highlighter: TheBalm Mary Lou manizer £17.50

Bronzer: Soap and Glory solar powder bronzer £11

Eyebrows: Maybelline brow drama sculpting mascara £4.99

Eye primer: Mac painterly paint pot £16

Eyeshadow: Morphe 35T palette £19.50

Mascara: Maxfactor false lash effect £10.99, Maybelline lash sensational £7.99

Lipstick: Soap and glory sexy mother pucker lipstick in Cinnamon beige £9

= £191.31
Oopps... Okay so £191.31 is ALOT of money, especially when you see people doing a whole face for £20. But I did actually think it would be more than this but look, at least I'm under £200 right...that's an achievement!

Id love to know how much you think your face is worth if you haven't done this before, or how much it actually is worth if you have done this yourself. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo



  1. I love posts like this but Im too scared to add up all of the makeup I use. HAHA!

    1. Haha same! I was nervous but also interested to see how much it would come too!x

  2. i love these posts! i haven't done one yet, but i've been meaning to for ages haha x

    1. You should, I'd definitely read it! x

  3. Nice post! I've always wanted to do one of these posts as I find them so interesting.

  4. Ahh, calculating such things always make me so paranoid about all the money I'm spending on makeup haha x Fun post to read though!

    1. Me too! It really makes you realise actually how much you're spending! x

  5. This is so interesting! It really makes you think about how much makeup is xx


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