Sunday, 24 July 2016

Primark £1 false nails

So you may have seen in my last post which was a big beauty haul that I picked up two pairs of the £1 fake nails from Primark. Honestly my hopes for these nails were not particularly high considering the price but after trying out the Nude ones at a sleepover with a friend I was pleasantly surprised!

Each pack comes with 36 nails that all vary in size and a tube of nail glue which for a £1 is already pretty impressive.

The nails themselves are actually a pretty decent length, maybe a tad too long for me but that can be fixed with a quick go of the nail file. They also feel like pretty strong nails so there's no chance of them snapping or damaging once they're on. I would say though that they don't last forever, I reckon you could get at least 24hrs without any of the nails pinging off, maybe a few extra days if you're really lucky. But they're so quick and easy to re stick that you could just carry the glue around with you if you're going out so you can fix any that have pinged off.

If it's a long term nail look that you're looking for then these probably aren't the answer, but if you have any events that you're attending for the day like a wedding for example, and you want to spruce up your nails without paying a ridiculous price then these are perfect.

The selection of false nails that Primark offer is pretty impressive as along with many of them having cool patterns on, they also do different shaped nails like some that are slightly longer and more pointy at the ends. I can't wait to use the matte bluey purple ones I picked up and I know I'm definitely going to be heading back to Primark to pick up some ones with palm tree prints on for my holidays!

For £1 these are an absolute bargain from Primark and make sure to let me know if you've ever tried these before and what you thought of them. Thanks for reading.
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  1. These look really good to wear for a short time, lovely post xx

    1. They are perfect for that, thanks for reading. x


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