Sunday, 31 July 2016

My top 3 concealers

Concealer is something that's always been important to me, (wow that sounds sad) whether its to cover up dark circles, blemishes or even just highlight my face, I've been on a quest to find the best ones for the job- and I think I've found them!

L.A. girl pro conceal concealer in porcelain
Thank god for this little product!! This concealer is the most full coverage of it's kind I've ever tried and actually probably to cheapest too. I've got mine in the lightest shade which is porcelain and under my eyes it works like a dream to help disguise those horrendous bags. As it's such a thick concealer you've got to make sure you blend it out well, I find it looks best blended out with my fake beauty blended a.k.a. a cheap sponge that looks like a beauty blender but is about 80p from Amazon. I find this is also great for using down the bridge of my nose and on my forehead to not only brighten but conceal too. I think you can buy this concealer from Beauty Bay for about £5 but I always get mine from Amazon as its sold on there for just under £3.

Maybelline the eraser eye concealer in light
Along with my little tube of wonder by L.A. girl I like to use the Maybelline eraser eye concealer to help me concealer those pesky bags even further. What I like about this product is that the coverage is high but not so high that it looks cakey when I put it on top of the L.A. girl concealer. It's a very yellow toned concealer which is perfect for cancelling out darkness and it also brings my under eye colour back to the same sort of shade as my face as the L.A. girl one means my under eyes get highlighted a lot and I prefer for them to not be so bright on the highlighted scale but to have a lot of coverage. I sometimes put this on my cheeks before foundation as well and then blend it out as its good at cancelling out any redness on them.

Collection lasting perfection concealer in light 1
I'm sure even your mums heard about this concealer by now! I'm pretty sure it was and still is one of the most raved about drugstore concealers ever, and I'm sorry to break it to you but I'm here to rave about it some more. This is my go to concealer for covering blemishes because of its thick consistency and high coverage. A dot of this over the problem area and a quick blend out with a brush, sponge or even your finger and you're good to go, with the blemishes to be seen no more! I couldn't tell you how many of these I've been through now, but I can tell you that I really need to pick up a new one soon as my current is running low. (As you can tell this is a well loved product which is why all the writing has rubbed off the packaging.)

I hope if you are in the market for a new concealer that you maybe try out one of these if you haven't already and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

Friday, 29 July 2016

Soap and glory sexy mother pucker lipsticks

Building up my lipstick collection is something I'm having lots of fun doing at the moment. Whereas my focus when buying makeup used to be on face products, I've now shifted it to lip products and I've been trying out lots of new ones and experimenting with different colours. The other day when making a rather large Boots order I picked up two of the Soap and Glory sexy mother pucker lipsticks in Cinnamon Beige and Berry Kissable. These lipsticks come in either gold packaging which means they are a nude colour, red which means they are a red toned lipstick or pink which means they are a pink shade of lipstick. There are also a variety of finishes for these lipsticks, either matte, satin or high shine and the two I got were both matte.

Cinnamon beige is gorgeous true nude which actually reminds me a lot of Macs velvet teddy, it's just slightly less orange. The formulation of this lipstick is great and it goes on like a dream because even though it's matte it still feels incredibly moisturising on your lips. The lasting powder is also amazing and I find it stays on my lips even after eating and drinking. It's the type of nude shade that literally goes with any makeup look and it's definitely a firm favourite of mine now.

The other shade Berry Kissable also being a matte means that it's lasting power and formulation are just as good as those of Cinnamon beige. I would describe this colour as a cherry red and although not a typically 'me' shade, I'm definitely gonna have a go at wearing it more now its the summer.

Both lipsticks are incredibly pigmented and I definitely want to try out some more shades from the nudes collection. The insanely cute packaging is also an added bonus too! Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

6 things for every girl to remember

Being a girl is difficult sometimes, I get that! So I've decided to put a list together of my top 5 things for you too always remember and hopefully one or two of them might just help you out.

1. In the words of Dappy 'no regrets no regrets'. Live life to the fullest, go on that holiday, buy that expensive lipstick, fall in and out of love. Don't stay stuck in situations that make you constantly unhappy. If there's a certain friend who whenever you're around constantly brings you down, don't settle for that when you deserve better.

2. It's okay to have those days where you cry for absolutely no reason or want too punch a wall even though you aren't an angry person! Everybody has off days where their emotions are running in over drive and whether it's because its that time of month or not- just remember its okay, you're only human!

3. If you see a girl with lipstick on her teeth and you're in a position to quietly tell her then please do!! Although it might be slightly embarrassing for both you and her, she'll thank you for it later and I can promise you that! Same goes for if you see a girl that's leaked through on to her clothes- just tell her but do it nicely and be as discrete as possible.

4. If you don't succeed at first then try and try again. Nobody gets that perfect winged eyeliner the first time they try so when your wing aint on fleek then put some micellar water on a cotton ear bud, wipe it away and try again. Practice makes perfect!

5. Whether you've already perfected that wing or you're still trying, don't bother spending money on an expensive high end one. The £2.99 eyeliner from Collection is the realio dealio, it's insanely black and lasts all day.

6. Follow your heart. You might have certain goals and ambitions for life that others think are stupid, unachievable even. But don't let that put you off, you can do what you want to do and be who you want to be as long as you set your mind to it and work.

I know this was a different type of post for today but I hope you can at least take something away from it. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo


Sunday, 24 July 2016

Primark £1 false nails

So you may have seen in my last post which was a big beauty haul that I picked up two pairs of the £1 fake nails from Primark. Honestly my hopes for these nails were not particularly high considering the price but after trying out the Nude ones at a sleepover with a friend I was pleasantly surprised!

Each pack comes with 36 nails that all vary in size and a tube of nail glue which for a £1 is already pretty impressive.

The nails themselves are actually a pretty decent length, maybe a tad too long for me but that can be fixed with a quick go of the nail file. They also feel like pretty strong nails so there's no chance of them snapping or damaging once they're on. I would say though that they don't last forever, I reckon you could get at least 24hrs without any of the nails pinging off, maybe a few extra days if you're really lucky. But they're so quick and easy to re stick that you could just carry the glue around with you if you're going out so you can fix any that have pinged off.

If it's a long term nail look that you're looking for then these probably aren't the answer, but if you have any events that you're attending for the day like a wedding for example, and you want to spruce up your nails without paying a ridiculous price then these are perfect.

The selection of false nails that Primark offer is pretty impressive as along with many of them having cool patterns on, they also do different shaped nails like some that are slightly longer and more pointy at the ends. I can't wait to use the matte bluey purple ones I picked up and I know I'm definitely going to be heading back to Primark to pick up some ones with palm tree prints on for my holidays!

For £1 these are an absolute bargain from Primark and make sure to let me know if you've ever tried these before and what you thought of them. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo



Friday, 22 July 2016

A summertime makeup look

Todays post is going to be me showing you my go to summery makeup look which is super simple but super pretty. It's also a collab with one of my lovely friends Hollie from Hollie Thorpe who's blog I will link at the end so you can check out her post too- I'm sure it will be amazing!

So I'll start off priming and illuminating my face with the Nivea men post shave balm and the Freedom prostudio strobe cream and I just rub them into my face until all of the product is gone.

Then I will pump some of my No7 beautifully matte light foundation on to the back of my hand and distribute it all around my face using my Real Techniques expert face brush to buff it in. I really like this foundation for summer as the coverage it offers is still good without being too heavy.

For concealer I will then firstly take my L.A. girl pro concealer under my eyes, on my forehead and on the bridge of my nose and blend it in with a sponge. Then I will use the Maybelline earaser eye concealer under my eyes as well, making big triangle shapes with it and then blending it in just like the other one with a sponge.

To set everything on my face so far I use the Real Techniques powder brush and some Mac studio fix powder and dust that around everywhere.

To give some colour back to my face I then use my Real techniques blush brush to first add some bronze to my cheeks with the Soap and glory solar powder bronzer, and then to add a peachy blush I apply some of my Mac blush in the shade Style. To add a final shimmer to my cheeks I use my Real Techniques setting brush and dust that in my theBalm mary-lou manizer and then across the tops of my cheeks.

On to eyes and I firstly use my Mac paint pot in painterly on my finger and put that all over my eyelid to act as a primer.

Then using my Makeup Revolution ultra eyeshadow palette in flawless I take the shade Raw which is the fourth down on the second row on a Real techniques deluxe crease brush and run that through my crease to create some slight definition. Next swapping to my Sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette in storm I take the fifth shade on the top row which is a stunning pink shimmery shade (sorry the shades don't have names) on my finger and apply it all over my lid. I actually find using my finger for this means I get the most pigmented effect from the shadow. To finish it all off I use Sigma E25 blending brush and blend it all together.

For mascara I then take my Maxfactor false lash effect and coat my lashes in it a few times. Then over the top of that I add a coat of the Maybelline lash sensational mascara.

Finally for lips to bring the whole look together I use my Sleek plump power lip crayon in Notorious nude which is a perfect nude to tie in with the pink eyes.

This look as you can tell is a super summery one and the eyes are very simple but also very effective I think as the Sleek shadow on them just really makes them glitter. I have made sure to link all of the products I used where I have written them so that you can look at them yourself if you would like. I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to check out Hollie's version of this post which I'm sure will be amazing over on here blog which I will link here. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The pink toned edit

To me summer screams pink toned makeup. I used to think gold tones suited me better and so I steered away from pink eyeshadows. However after giving pink eyeshadow a try I had the revelation that I actually thought it suited me more than bronze shades and now pink eyes are my go to! So I've put together some of my favourite pink toned bits to help you get your pink on!

Mac eyeshadows in Naked Lunch and All That Glitters. Both these shadows are subtle not in your face pink colours that look great either on their own or with another colour. The No7 eyeshadow in Wheatsheaf is also a great dupe for Mac Naked Lunch and looks great either on its own or with other shadows too.

I heart makeup blushing hearts blusher in Candy Queen Of Hearts. This is a blusher with three different shades of pink in that when mixed together create another unique pinky shade. This gives you the most beautiful glow and if the product isn't enough, then look how cute the packaging is!

Seventeen instant glow shimmer brick in pink bronze. Is this an eyeshadow palette? Is it a highlighter? Nobody knows! Well actually they do know... its a highlighter shimmer brick but still, it could literally be used for anything! Whether it's a pink eyeshadow look you want or a pinky glow across the cheeks, or even both, then this product has got your back!

Seventeen lustre lip gloss (it doesn't have a shade for some reason) This gloss is a peachy pink shade and is surprisingly pigmented. It gives a lovely coloured sheen to the lips and is just perfect for those summer months.

I apologise now for how many times I used the words pink or pinky in this post but it was really difficult not too! Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo



Sunday, 17 July 2016

A big beauty based haul

Recently I've been doing a bit too much shopping particularly at Boots and Primark, so I thought I'd share with you what I've been buying over the last few months.
- Soap and Glory sexy mother pucker lipsticks in Cinnamon beige and Berry kissable
- Sleek lipstick in liqueur
- Sleek plump power lip pencils in Notorious nude and Berry burst
- Sleek matte lip glosses in Bittersweet and Shabby chic
- Primark lip liner in Nude

- Seventeen blemish bb balm
- No7 beautifully matte light foundation
- Benefit boing eye bright concealer
- Seventeen blush in Nude
- Nyx HD studio loose powder

- Primark perfume L.A. 03
- Primark oval cotton pads
- Primark chocolate face mask
- Primark nose pore strips

- Primark coloured aviator sunglasses
- Primark brown aviator sunglasses
- Primark spotty compact mirror

- Primark nude fake nails
- Primark matte blue fake nails

I've already done a review on the Sleek plump power lip crayons which I will link here for you and I've got a review of the Primark nails coming up soon as well. But if there are any other products you would like me to review then please do let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

What's in my travel makeup bag

Later this month I'm going on holiday to Spain with some of my family which I'm extremely excited about, so I though I'd do a post on what makeup I will be taking in my travel makeup bag. I've tried to take in to consideration that I probably wont be wearing makeup everyday so this is my attempt at packing lightly on the makeup front.

Nivea men post shave balm
Freedom prostudio strobe cream
Seventeen blemish bb balm
L.A girl pro conceal concealer
Maybelline the eraser eye concealer

Mac studiofix powder
Soap and glory solar powder bronzer
Seventeen blush in nude
Maxfactor crème puff blush in lovely pink
theBalm mary-lou manizer highlighter

Maxfactor false lash effect mascara
Maybelline lash sensational mascara
Mac paint pot in painterly
Sleek I-divine palette in storm
Makeup revolution eyeshadow palette in flawless

Sleek matte lip gloss in birthday suit
Soap and glory lipstick in cinnamon beige
Mac lipstick in modesty
Barry M lipstick in 169 mannequin

Kate Rose xo


Sunday, 10 July 2016

6 things I've learnt from surviving seconday school

As I'm sat here now writing this post I am officially free from school...or at least till the start of September that is. After five long and hard years at secondary school I have finally finished it and I am moving on to pastures new. Being completely honest I didn't particularly enjoy school and I did struggle, however I did get through it so I've got 6 tips to help you survive secondary school and leave still in one piece.

1. Your primary school friends squad won't stay together forever. I remember in yr7 thinking our whole primary school group would stay together until the end. Oh how I was wrong! That will most likely not happen, you'll all branch off and become different people. I only talk to about 2 of my primary school friends anymore

2. Staying out of drama is the key to success. If I had a £1 for every silly high school drama I was involved with, well lets just say I'd be very rich! Honestly it just isn't worth it. Picking arguments with people or just getting involved in things that are nothing to do with you isn't cool and it just makes everything worse.

3. Leading on from my last point, those 'friends' that treat you like shit aren't worth it either. I get that it might be hard to leave your friend group because of the fear of having nobody else to turn too. But you shouldn't stay around people who think nothing of you, start talking to new people and find yourself some new friends that treat you like you deserve be treated.

4. Appreciate your time at school. I'm pretty sure I spent the best part of the 5 years I was there thinking about the day I could leave. But towards the end I did start to appreciate school for the little things, like how nice the dinner ladies were and how much I enjoyed the Pasta king aka the best school dinner ever. As much as you might hate school, don't take your time there for granted because sooner than you know it, it'll all be over and you'll be forced to face the big bad world.

5. That teacher that you think hates you, probably doesn't. Most teachers just want the best for you and although you might think some have funny ways of showing it, that's just how they are. Teachers should push you to do your best and although you might not like it at the time, I'm sure you'll thank them in the long run. (I do get that there are always those few teachers you just cant get along with though and that's okay too, just be civil and respectful)

6. When it comes to picking subject options and then eventually where you will go after yr11, don't make your choices based on your friends. I know how terrifying it can be to go in to new things not knowing anybody but you will be okay! What happens if you choose to do something or go somewhere just because that's what your friends doing and then they end up not being able to do it for some reason and then you're stuck there on your own doing something you didn't even want to do in the first place. At least start off somewhere on your own that you actually want to be and you will eventually make friends.

I hope this helped some of you who are still in school and maybe some others of you found some of the points relatable. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo


Friday, 8 July 2016

Testing the £2.73 contour kit

Browsing amazon for cheap makeup is probably one of my favourite things to do. I love nothing more than finding a bargain, even if I do have to wait two months for it to arrive from China. But anyway, when I saw this contour stick kit for £2.73 with free delivery, the idea of doing a blogpost on it came to mind immediately I ordered it straight away.

The kit comes with a contour stick, a brightening concealer stick and a highlighter stick. Starting off with the contour stick its extremely pigmented and actually blends out really well. The colour of it is slightly too orange for me although with some powder bronzer on top it looks much better. The brightening stick, just like the contour one, is extremely pigmented and is actually a perfect shade for me. When I apply this to my forehead, bridge of my nose and chin and blend it out with a sponge it gives a lovely highlighted glow. Finally the highlighter, although I really liked the colour of this as it was a nice pinky toned shade, it was just nowhere near as pigmented as the other two and blended out into nothing.

Each of the sticks has a number on it which co-ordinates with a picture on the back of the box that gives you a guide on how to contour your face, which I actually think is really helpful. For under £3 I think this little kit is well worth it, even just for the contour and brightening shades. I will leave a link to where I bought it from on Amazon here so you can try it out yourself if you want. It also arrived within a few days which made it even better! Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The battle of the high end foundations

Foundations are one of my favourite makeup products to test out, I just love the way there are so many different finishes to them and how there's always one that will suit your skin type. Overall I would have to say I do tend to prefer high end foundations, but as I know they are expensive I've decided to have a 'battle of the high end foundations' where I will compare three of them to find my champion foundation! Let the battle commence!

Makeup Forever ultra HD foundation stick (Y225)  £29
Feels incredibly weightless on your face
Application is incredibly easy and means you don't waste product by pumping it on your hand first
The packaging makes it good for travel as it isn't a glass bottle that could smash
Doesn't give me much coverage once I've blended it out
Could be seen as slightly unhygienic as your rubbing the stick on areas of your face that might have blemishes and then rubbing it on other areas of your face
Seems to settle in to my fine lines easily

Nars sheer glow (Gobi) £31
Very buildable is you want a certain type of coverage
I don't find the finish to be matte or dewy on me, just somewhere perfectly in the middle
The outside of the packaging is very minimalistic but pleasing to the eye
The bottle doesn't come with a built in pump, so if you don't buy one you can easily waste product from pouring it out on to your hand
Although everyone always says this is a high coverage foundation, I don't actually find it to be very high coverage on me unless I build it up with a few applications
If I don't use a primer, after a few hours the foundation starts to become patchy on certain areas of my skin
Mac studio fix fluid (NC15) £22
Very high coverage which you could also sheer out slightly I you wanted too
There is an extremely large range of shades that caterer for warm and cool skin tones
It lasts all day on me even without a primer
A little pump of this goes a long way so each bottle actually lasts quite a long time
It sometimes settles in to my smile lines (but not always)
If you like a really light coverage then it definitely wont work for you
So overall I would put the foundations in the order of Mac studio fix 1st, Nars sheer glow 2nd and the  Makeup forever ultra HD stick in 3rd. Studio fix just beats the other two for me because of the insanely high coverage it offers and it's lasting power. I'd love to know which foundation you think you would prefer out of the three and remember these are just my personal opinions for how each of the foundations suits my skin type. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo


Sunday, 3 July 2016

Sleek matte me lip glosses

Liquid lipsticks seem to be the in thing at the moment and they are definitely something I've hopped on the bandwagon for. Sleek have had a range of liquid lipsticks out for a while now, but recently when I saw they had brought out a new range with some more shades I knew I had to try a few. The three shades I picked up were Birthday suit, Shabby chic and Bitter sweet with Birthday suit being from the old collection and the other two from the new one. Although I don't think the formula has changed between the two collections, the shape of the wand definitely has! The doe foot applicator on Birthday suit is really long which makes it more difficult to apply product neatly to your lips, whereas the new collections doe foot applicators are normal lip gloss size which improves the application accuracy by miles.  
So on to the actual shades of the lip glosses. Birthday suit is a classic pinky nude shade, Bitter sweet is a rosey toned pink and Shabby chic is a muted purple. After application they all dry extremely matte, so matte infact that I actually have to scrub at my lips to get them off! Overall I think these are some of the best liquid lipsticks on the high street and for only £4.99 each they are a steal. My only complaint about them is that the do feel quite drying on the lips, although I guess that's what to expect from a lipstick that's so matte.
I'm definitely going to be expanding my collection of these soon as there are a few more shades I've been eyeing up! Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo


Friday, 1 July 2016

The TMi tag

So for todays post I've got the TMI tag for you. I was tagged by my really good friend Kizzi from Beauty and Brownies so I'm going to give it my best shot! If you want to read Kizzi's TMI tag then I'll link it here so you can have a read.
1. What are you wearing right now?
I'm currently wearing a pj top from Primark that says 'messy hair, don't care' which is rather fitting for what I look like right now..
2. Ever been in love?
3. How tall are you?
Around 5'4/5'5 I think.
4. How much do you weigh?
Honestly I have no idea.
5. Any tattoos?
No but I would definitely like a few small ones when I'm older.
6. Any piercings?
I had my ears pierced but I'm pretty sure they've closed over now as I haven't worn earrings in a long time.
7. OTP?
It's got to be Troy and Gabriella! (Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens)
8. Favourite show?
At the time I'm writing this I would probably say Love Island (yes I know it's trashy but I love it!)
9. How old are you?
15, I turn 16 on August the 29th!
10. Zodiac sign?
A virgo, I occasionally look at my horoscopes but I don't take them too seriously.
11. Quality you look for in a partner?
Someone kind and trustworthy but also confident in themselves but not cocky.
12. Where do you go when you're sad?
My bedroom usually.
13. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
It depends, on school days it takes me about 45 minutes and then on weekends it could be anything from that to over an hour.
14. Ever been in a physical fight?
15. Fears?
Honestly I have quite a lot, flying, insects, pain, being alone... the list goes on.
16. Last thing that made you cry?
I can't really remember the specific thing, I usually just cry when a few things have built up in my mind.
17. Last book you read?
Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella, although I still haven't finished it yet..
18. The book you are currently reading?
Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella.. I've been trying to read it since Christmas..oops
19. Last show you watched?
The new episode of Pretty Little Liars.
20. Last person you talked to?
My mum.
21. The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
It was actually Kizzi one of my best blogger friends just before she was going off to her prom. So if you're reading this, I hope you had a good time!!
22. Favourite food?
Chicken nuggets! I really could live off them!
23. Places you want to visit?
I'm not going to list them because there really is so many, I would love so much to travel! Maybe I'll do a blog post on that in the future.
24. Last place you were?
School, I had a Chemistry exam this morning. Yay...
25. Do you have a crush?
I don't think so.
26. What instruments do you play?
Sadly none, although I do wish I could play the piano.
27. Last time you hung out with anyone?
Two days ago when me and one of my friends went shopping in town after our exam finished.
28. Last sport you played?
I can't really remember the last time I did sports. Although me and my friend are going to start running together soon so I'll just count that!
29. Who should answer these questions next?
Anyone that reads this and wants to do it as well. Make sure to tell me if you do give it a go yourself so I can give it a read!

 Kate Rose xo

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