Friday, 12 February 2016

My pamper routine

Hey everyone so today I have my winter pamper routine for you all. These days I constantly feel like I'm in need of a pamper so this is something that I generally do to myself once or twice a week.

So firstly I will take my makeup off using the Garnier Micellar water and a cotton pad and then doing a mini skincare routine which isn't much but comprises of me using the Simple kind to skin soothing facial toner all over my face on another cotton pad and then using my hands to apply some of the Simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser.
Next I will choose a face mask to wear which is usually one from Montagne Jeunesse and on a side note, if anyone knows how to pronounce that I would love to know. So I'll just apply this to my skin and let it work its magic.
Whilst the face mask is doing it's job I will usually run a bath and use some sort of bath bomb or fizzer in it to spruce it up a little bit and I will also light a candle as well, because we all love candles and they do help to make me feel more relaxed and set the mood a bit.
Once I've got out of the bath and into some comfy pj's I will make myself a hot chocolate which has to be the orange flavoured hot chocolate by options, It's honestly the nicest thing I've ever drunk! Of course I then top my hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows because I mean why not treat yourself and have all the trimmings?!
Finally I will take my hot chocolate up to my room and recently I've been trying to get into reading a bit more so I will get comfy and read some of whatever book I have at the time and at the moment that's Finding Audrey by Sohpie Kinsella. Then when my eyes start to get tired and my drink is finished I will turn out the lights and hopefully get to sleep pretty quickly.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my pamper routine and maybe it gave you some idea's for your own. Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo


  1. Great post, your routine is similar to mine xx

  2. I love using face masks I find them so relaxing, but the peel off ones are my favourite!
    Charlotte //

    1. Me too and I love the peel off ones as well. x

  3. I love them face masks! Great post xx

  4. Your blog is really lovely!! Keep up the good work:)

    Emily xo

  5. This post makes me want to have a proper girls night! Love a good hot chocolate in your pjs!! XX

  6. A facemask is an essential part of my pamper routine! I had a little giggle when I read this post because I have no idea how to pronounce the name either, haha! Xx

    1. Definitely and I'm glad it's not just me!x

  7. I love a good bath bomb and Montane Jeneusse/7th Heaven masks are always fun - I like the look of the manuka honey one! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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