Sunday, 28 February 2016

Top three foundations

Hey everyone! For today's post I'm going to tell you about my top three foundations that are a mix of highend and drugstore. This is also a collab with my good friends Frances from the blog royally rouge which I will link HERE so make sure you check her post out after this.
My first foundation and favourite of the three is the Mac studio fix fluid foundation in the shade NC15. This foundation is the perfect skin perfecter and it lasts on me all day even with my oily t-zone. I would say it's full coverage and the finish is almost satin, although more on the pricey side at £21 I would 100% recommend it.
My second foundation is the Revlon colourstay in the shade buff. I love this foundation for on the days where I don't want as much coverage as I find this a medium to heavy coverage foundation on my skin and I normally prefer a really heavy foundation. It's also got great lasting power, however I don't know if it actually lasts 24 hours as it claims as I've never tested that out. But for £12.99 I love it!
My final foundation is the Rimmel match perfection in the shade 100 ivory. In my eyes this foundation is just a cheaper dupe for the Mac studio fix which I love so why wouldn't I love this. It pretty much lasts the same amount of time as the Mac one and offers the same amount of coverage just with a much cheaper price tag. The only down side to it is that I find it a tiny bit drying on my skin, however maybe that's just highlighting the fact I really need to moisturise more! Anyway for only £7.99 you really can't go wrong.

Thanks for reading and make sure you check out Frances' blog.

Kate Rose xo


Friday, 26 February 2016

Seventeen shimmer bricks review

For today's post I've got another review for you and this one is on the Seventeen shimmer bricks which I picked up in a boots haul a few months ago which I'll link HERE
(Pic above is pink bronze)
 (Pic above is gold bronze)

They come in two different shades which are gold bronze and pink bronze and because I couldn't decide which one I preferred I went crazy and got them both! They both come with four shimmery shades from light to dark but the gold bronze ones shades are more bronzey based and the pink bronze ones shades are more pinky based.

These shimmer bricks have multiple uses and could be used a bronzers, highlighters and even eyeshadows. I tried the third and fourth shades in the gold bronze palette as eyeshadows and they looked great. All the colours in both bricks are extremely pigmented and really blendable as well.

If you are looking for a bronze glow on the cheeks or a golden eyeshadow then the gold bronze palette is for you. But if you are wanting a more highlighted glow and a pink toned eyeshadow then the pink bronze palette is for you. Or because they are such steal at only £4.99 each you could get both and have the best of both worlds!

That's it for today's post, thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo


Tuesday, 23 February 2016

My favourite blushers

Blushers have always been one of my favourite makeup products to collect and so for todays post I thought I would share with you three of my top blushers. I've made it so that there is one cheap one, one that's middle priced and one that's slightly more expensive.  
Natural collection blushed cheeks blusher in rosey glow // £1.99
My first and most well priced item is this Natural Collection blushed cheeks blusher in the shade rosey glow. It's a red toned blush I would say and its absolutely stunning. It blends out on the cheeks like a dream and leaves you with a subtle glow. Especially as this is so cheap you can't go wrong and I actually have a few of the other shades from the collection too.  
Kiko moon dust face powder in 01 mysterious pink // £9.70
My second blusher is the moon dust face powder from Kiko in 01 mysterious pink. This blush is a rosey pink with a hint of shimmer running through it and it actually reminds me a bit of the Sleek rose gold blush. It's super pigmented and blendable with a little going a long way. Also can we take a minute to admire the amazing packaging! It comes in a red hexagonal shape and once you open it, there's a decent sized mirror on the lid and he product is also in a hexagon surrounded my mirrored packaging. The fact the blush has a marbled effect look to it on the top also makes it go up in my books too!
Mac powder blush in style // £18.50
So my final and most expensive blush of the three is Mac's powder blush in style. This one is slightly different from the others because whilst they are pink shades, this one is more peachy and especially great for spring time too. As you would expect from the price of this blush it is high quality and super duper pigmented, meaning you only need one sweep of your brush in the pan to get a good colour pay off. I you are going to get a Mac blusher then I would strongly advise looking up the different shades as there are so many and making sure you pick one out know you will like as they are a little more on the pricey side. 

Make sure you comment down below your favourite blushers because of course I am always on the look out for more. Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo


Sunday, 21 February 2016

My top 10 drugstore products

Hey guys today's post is my top 10 drugstore products and it's a collab with Emily from A Sprinkle Of Emily. I know my last post was a makeup starter kit and that included drugstore products but this post is all about the ones that are my favourites and the products that if I had to recommend to someone I would. 

Rimmel wake me up concealer// £5.49
This concealer is amazing at covering dark circles and blemishes and it really highlights my face too. 

Rimmel match perfection foundation// £7.99
I find this foundation to be a pretty good dupe for the Mac studio fix fluid. It's got good coverage and buffs really well in to the skin.

Rimmel stay matte powder// £3.99
This is a cult favourite and it sets my makeup really well without going cakey. 

Max Factor creme puff blush in seductive pink// £8.99
Not only does this blush look amazing but its also got fab pigmentation and blends really well. 

Rimmel lasting finish blush in bronze// £3.99
I actually use this as a bronzer instead of a blush for on my temples and it's great at just adding some colour back in to my face

Makeup Revolution salvation eyeshadow palette in what you waiting for// £4.00
I love all the Makeup Revolution eye palettes but this one is particularly great because of the range of shades it offers and how pigmented they all are for such an affordable price.

Maybelline brow drama sculpting brow mascara// £4.99
As a gal who doesn't do much to her eyebrows this is the perfect product to just set them in place all day whilst giving them a bit of colour at the same time. 

Maybelline big eyes mascara// £8.99
This mascara is a double whammy if you ask me as it's got two ends, one for your top lashes and one for your bottom and both wands make all of your lashes look incredibly voluminous. 

Kiko smart lip pencil in 703 rosewood// £2.50
This lip pencil has such a creamy formula that makes it so easy to apply and it isn't drying at all. The colour of it also goes with almost any lipstick!

Makeup Revolution #liphug lipstick in saviour will come// £2.50
This lipstick is definitely one of my most worn, the colour of it is a beautiful muted red and it has a really good lasting power even when eating and drinking. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure you check out Emily's version of this over on her blog which I will link HERE. Thanks for reading. 

Kate Rose xo

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

My makeup starter kit

Looking at my makeup collection now, I'm pretty proud of it and how far it's come. I remember the days when my clear mascara was my prized possession and I used to think I was the bee's knees. At first when it came to buying makeup I had no clue. But with the help of YouTube and then blogs I gradually learnt all about makeup and my love for it grew immensely. Building my collection started off slowly, I would save up my money and spend it all on Mua products. But then as I got older and learnt about other brands and the world of high end beauty I was completely sucked in and would spend my money trying out loads of new makeup from loads of different brands, which is what I still do today. However my choices of what to buy these days are greatly aided by reading reviews of products before I buy them. Anyway thinking back to the early days of my makeup stash I really could have done with some extra help of what, and what not to buy on a budget. So I thought I'd give you a round up of my top products for starting a makeup collection.

So to start off with foundation and concealer I'm going to keep it really simple with both products being from the same line and brand, the wake me up collection from Rimmel. As a starting foundation I think the Rimmel wake me up is perfect, it gives a nice amount of coverage and leaves your skin looking fresh. Then to go with that a perfect concealer is the Rimmel wake me up concealer, this is really cheap and it's my favourite one from the high street as it's so creamy and easy to blend.

For face products the Natural Collection blushers are amazing and only £1.99 each, so great for starting off blushers. My favourite shade is peach melba. Then for bronzer the Kiko beach babe bronzer is the perfect choice because it's a matte bronzer and it comes in a variety of shades to suit your skin tone and also isn't too expensive. 
Moving on to eyeshadow, you want to keep it pretty and simple so I would recommend the Natural Collection eyes uncovered palette in nude. This has 6 gorgeous shades that would compliment all eye colours and it's a really compact palette that makes it easy to carry around with you.
For mascara I would really recommend the Maxfactor false lash effect mascara. You can get it in the waterproof version or the non waterproof one and they are both amazing at giving length and volume.
Finally for some lipsticks to add to your collection the Rimmel Kate Moss ones are amazing, they have a huge range of shades, some matte and some not and they are under £6 so you could even get a few. If you are wanting a dark lip to add to your collection then number 107 would be perfect and if you want a pinky shade then I personally love 05.

I hope this helped if some of you are looking to start building a makeup collection or if you are just looking for some more things to add to your already growing one. I would love to know what your makeup essentials are. Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo


Saturday, 13 February 2016

A singletons guide to valentines day// collab

Hey guys before I start this post off I just want to let you know me and 7 other girls have decided to come together and about once a month do a big collab on a topic that we choose, this is the first collab as part of our blogger project and all of our posts and written around Valentines day, so make sure you keep your eye peeled for more posts with the lovely girls who's blogs I will link at the end.

February 14th, to every single pringle out there, it's possibly the most annoying and unnecessary day of the entire calendar. I mean what single person want to spend the entire day watching couples around them being even more lovey dovey than usual! Not me that's for sure! So I've come up with a complete guide on how to rock valentines day this year, even if your not in a relationship.

Positive thinking:
First of all think of the positives, by not having a partner to buy for your already saving yourself cash that you can then spend on yourself without feeling guilty. Think of it as a valentines day present to yourself and buy whatever it is you've had your eye on for a while. A generic present for people to get on valentines is chocolate, but by not having anyone getting you any, your saving yourself a trip to the gym to work it off and your body will definitely be thanking you!

Do something:
Chances are that you will know at least a few people that are singe too, so gather all the singletons together and do something instead of staying in and wallowing in self pity about how alone you are. Be alone together! Go to someone's house and spend the day playing board games (I do this with my friends and its actually really fun) or go out for a picnic. Remember your friends are more important than any boyfriend or girlfriend anyway.

No No's: 
If you want to avoid being around couples as much as you can then it's probably best to avoid places like the cinema and restaurants on the day, as they are where most couples will flock to have a romantic meal together or watch a film where one of them can casually cough and put there arm around the other.. How cliché! Another thing you shouldn't do is take the day to use social media as a way of hating on people in relationships. I get that it's annoying to have an Instagram feed full of couples enjoying themselves but don't post negative things just because your bitter about being single. If you really don't think you will be able to resist then it's probably best you take a break from social media for a few days until the love fest blows over. As they say, ignorance is bliss. 

Slightly contradicting what I said earlier about not having anyone buying you chocolate and saving yourself a trip to the gym, gather in all your friends and a tonne of junk food. Go all out, get in the tubs of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and bars of dairy milk chocolate, have a pig out session. 

Jamming out: 
I know that I love listening to music at any time but this would be a great occasion to blast the tunes even louder, have a dance party, and just forgetting about everything that's going on around you. A few of my favourite songs for this would be..
-22 by Taylor Swift
-Pillowtalk by Zayn
-Cant hold us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
-Things we lost in the fire by Bastile
-Ship to wreck Florence and the machine
-Any throwback tunes (these are my personal faves, I love a good throwback dance party)

Get yourself that valentine:
My last idea is if you really want to, then get yourself out there. Don't forget there will be millions of others just like you all over the world, it's just a case of finding them. And who knows, maybe this time next year you'll be the one posting valentines selfies with your partner all over Instagram and won't be reading a post like this! If all else fails then befriend you pet and make them your valentine, I'm sure they'd love some cuddles! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and it  has maybe been of some help to a few of you guys. Make sure you check out all the girls valentines day posts that are linked down below. Thanks for reading. 

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Kate Rose xo


Friday, 12 February 2016

My pamper routine

Hey everyone so today I have my winter pamper routine for you all. These days I constantly feel like I'm in need of a pamper so this is something that I generally do to myself once or twice a week.

So firstly I will take my makeup off using the Garnier Micellar water and a cotton pad and then doing a mini skincare routine which isn't much but comprises of me using the Simple kind to skin soothing facial toner all over my face on another cotton pad and then using my hands to apply some of the Simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser.
Next I will choose a face mask to wear which is usually one from Montagne Jeunesse and on a side note, if anyone knows how to pronounce that I would love to know. So I'll just apply this to my skin and let it work its magic.
Whilst the face mask is doing it's job I will usually run a bath and use some sort of bath bomb or fizzer in it to spruce it up a little bit and I will also light a candle as well, because we all love candles and they do help to make me feel more relaxed and set the mood a bit.
Once I've got out of the bath and into some comfy pj's I will make myself a hot chocolate which has to be the orange flavoured hot chocolate by options, It's honestly the nicest thing I've ever drunk! Of course I then top my hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows because I mean why not treat yourself and have all the trimmings?!
Finally I will take my hot chocolate up to my room and recently I've been trying to get into reading a bit more so I will get comfy and read some of whatever book I have at the time and at the moment that's Finding Audrey by Sohpie Kinsella. Then when my eyes start to get tired and my drink is finished I will turn out the lights and hopefully get to sleep pretty quickly.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my pamper routine and maybe it gave you some idea's for your own. Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo

Friday, 5 February 2016

A big skincare haul

I've been picking up quite a few makeup and skincare bits lately and today I've got the skincare side to my haul, if you missed it I posted the makeup part to the haul last Tuesday and I will link that HERE. . All of these products are actually from Superdrug as they had some amazing deals on.

Firstly I got the St Ives apricot blemish fighting scrub and this was only £1.95 as it was half price and it smells amazing!
Next from Garnier I got the pure foam wash which was £1.95, the pure astringent (which is a toner) for £2.45 and the pure anti blemish moisturiser which was £3.19. These were all on offer as well so I got them for cheaper than their normal price.
Then from Witch I got the naturally clear blemish stick and that was £2.69. I'd never actually heard of this brand but I'm excited to try this out.
From Nivea I got the Lip fruity shine lip balm in the scent cherry for £1.65 as it was on half price.
Finally from Superdrugs own brand I got the Dead sea mud mask and this was only £1.69 for the bottle as it was also on half price.

So as you can see I got some great deals on these products and I'm very excited to give them a thorough use. I hope you've enjoyed this haul and thanks for reading!

Kate Rose xo

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Mac Brick O La lipstick review

Hey everyone I've got another review for you guys and today's is on Mac's lipstick in Brick O la. 

Honestly I'm not the most adventurous person when it comes to lipstick colours or life in general really, so when I asked my granny to get me Brick o La for Christmas I was clearly having a brave moment, but thank god I was!

Brick O La is an amplified finish lipstick and I would describe the colour as a muted browny red, almost as the name suggests, a reddy brick colour. The lipstick is so pigmented and glossy that when I first apply it on my lips it almost looks like a lipgloss. I also find the wearing power of this great and it stays on whilst I'm eating and drinking which is another bonus. 

If like me you aren't a big fan of bright colours but want a lipstick you could wear out that is more noticeable than a nude but not an in your face 'look at me I'm wearing a red lipstick' type of colour then this is the one for you. I also think it would be a great shade for the autumn time (which I'm aware were not in any more but who cares) because of it's browny undertones. 

I really want to step out of my comfort zone with lipsticks this year so please let me know of your recommendations. Thanks for reading. 

Kate Rose xo

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