Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My Mac palette

 Hey everyone, today I thought I would show you my Mac quad eyeshadow palette. For any of you that don't know, you can buy different size palettes from Mac and then buy the eyeshadows you want to fill it in single pan form. It's a great idea because although it's more expensive to buy the eyeshadows this way, it means that you only get ones you know you will actually use and you don't end up with a palette where you only like half of the colours. Anyway I've been filling up a four slot palette and I thought I would show you the shades I've chosen.

So my palette consists of Naked lunch, All that glitters, Goldmine and Woodwinked and they are in that order in the palette to so they go from lightest to darkest. For me they are a perfect selection of colours as they could be used as lid colours or as crease colours.
So starting of with my first shadow Naked lunch, I would describe it as a pearly champagne colour that you could even get away with using as a highlighter! For me this is the least pigmented of the shadows and you can see this from the swatch, and I find it comes out more glittery than a solid colour on myself. Never the less I still like it as a subtle lid colour if I just want a small amount of makeup on that day.
Next I have the shadow All that glitters and I feel like this is a step up from Naked lunch as it gives a little bit of shimmer like Naked Lunch but then also has the colour pigmentation that I desire. Its great for a pinky coloured wash over the lids and  love it along with Woodwinked in the crease.
The most different of all my Mac shadows is Goldmine which like the name suggests is a lovely true gold shadow with a tiny tiny bit of shimmer in. I've always been a lover of gold eyeshadows so when I saw swatches of this I knew I wanted to add it to my collection. It's great as a colour just on its own but also blends out really nicely with darker gold colours to create a beautiful gold smoky eye.
Then lastly I have of course Woodwinked. I think this is my favourite of them all as it looks great on its own or paired with pretty much any other eyeshadow. Its an amazing all rounder and is very pigmented too. In the pan its looks like a shimmery light brown shade but when you swatch it or wear it on the lid it actually shines a variety of different shades from gold to bronze.

If I were to recommend any of these eyeshadows for you to get I would definitely say Woodwinked is the one to get first as I think its the most pigmented and can be used to create lots of different looks. However all Mac eyeshadows are extremely blendable and so I would recommend them as a brand overall because they are so great.

So that's it for this post, I would love to know what you favourite eyeshadows from Mac are so that I can try one new ones out as I would love to start building a bigger Mac palette as well. Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo


  1. I love Woodwinked and All That Glitters :) probably my two favourite MAC shadows and they're so pretty together! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Mine too! They are stunning as a pair or on their own! x

  2. I really need this!! It's so pretty!

    My instgtam is @amybatchen


  3. WoodWinked is such a pretty shade, love your Mac palette! xx


  4. love your mac palette:-)xx


  5. I've never tried any Mac eyeshadows but these all look like perfect shades and definitely eye shadows that I would buy.

    1. I would definitely recommend Mac eyeshadows, especially these ones. x

  6. these shades are gorgeous!




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