Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The makeup I've been reaching for lately

Lately I've found myself reaching for the same makeup everyday (I know, I'm boring) and so I thought I would show you that today as I've never done a post like this on my blog before.
For my base I've been using my all time favourite foundations, Mac studiofix fluid in NC15. You've probably heard me go on and on about this foundation a million times before so I'm not going to bore you. But this foundation is the perfect skin perfecter and really makes my face glow in this awful weather. If you are looking for a high end foundation then this would definitely be the one I recommend the most.
 For my blusher and bronzer I've been constantly reaching for my Bourjois golden bronzing powder to tan up my face and give it a bit of a shimmery glow. Then for blush I've been using my elf one in the shade blushing rose. I've had this blush in my collection for a while now but I haven't really used it before but it's a beautiful plum shade which is great for this time of year and I cant stop using it now.

On to eyes now and for eyeshadow I've been loving my Seventeen shimmer brick in gold bronze and I've been using the two darkest shades in it. This is another product I couldn't recommend enough, its a great shimmer brick for the face but great as an eyeshadow as well! For mascara I've been using my favourite mascara non stop and that's the Maybelline lash sensational, this mascara is an amazing all rounder and great at holding a curl.
Finally for lips I've been being completely unadventurous and been wearing my Mac lipstick is Modesty. This is a gorgeous pinky colour and looks amazing with any makeup look. I know that really I should be cracking out the Rimmel 107 or the Mac ruby woo but honestly I feel much safer with a muted lip.

I would love to know what makeup products you've been reaching for the most lately. Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo



  1. I absolutely love this Maybelline mascara too, dont like to buy anything else now!

    Eilidh from Velvet Winter


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