Friday, 18 December 2015

Last minute Christmas present ideas

Hey everyone, it's only about a week until Christmas day and I bet there are some of you out there reading this that still haven't bought gifts for some family members or friends. This post is there to help all of you out that are stuck for last minute prezzie ideas for different types of people.

The girly person! 
This is the person you know that loves all things pink and fluffy, a total girly girl! A great present for this type of person is some cute fairy lights or lanterns they could hang in their bedroom or a mug with a slogan on that totally relates to them.

The person that has everything!
We all have that person in our lives that's either spoiled by their parents or they spoil themselves and already have everything you could think of to buy them. So buy them something one of a kind, buy a pretty photo frame and put a cute photo of you together in it. Another good gift idea for this type of person is something hand made, that way they are sure to not already have it and it looks like a lot of effort has gone in to it.

The health freak person!
You know that one friend that puts your lunches to shame when they turn up with their salad and fruit infused water everyday! A great gift for a person like this is some new workout clothes or a recipe book or book on healthy foods and smoothies. I've seen quite a few books like this in Urban Outfitters recently. (I'm most definitely not a healthy person myself so I didn't have anything I could take a photo of as an example, so I just had to use the strawberries instead!)

The person that's just impossible to buy for!
We all have one don't we? You know them but you just don't know what to buy them. I struggle with this one friend every time and the only thing I can suggest is either a gift card for somewhere, money or even a CD for their favourite band or artist.

So those were my last minute gift ideas for certain types of people, I would love to know what you buy your family/friends in each of those categories. Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo 


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