Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas collab #3: Products everyone forgets to use

So today's post is going to be my third Christmas collab and today's is with Ellie from Petiteelliee and we are going to be doing Products everyone forgets to use. If you missed my last Christmas collab and you want to catch up then I will link it HERE..
So for my take on 'products everyone forgets to use' I'm going to talk about single eyeshadows. These days single eyeshadows are a thing of the past and quads and palettes are the only things people seem to want. I myself am guilty of hardly ever buying a single eyeshadows because maybe I could find the colour I like in a palette and get some other eyeshadows along with it..But sometimes It's nice to have those few single eyeshadows in our collection along with our big palettes because although a palette is good for travelling if you like lots of shades that are in one palette, if you don't wear many eyeshadows and just wear a certain two or three then carrying them around as singles is much easier.

Like I said I am guilty of having hardly any single eyeshadows but I do have a few in my collection that are definitely worth purchasing. The first being the Natural Collection eyeshadows, mines in the shade sea shell and I use it as a eye base, it's so pigmented and only £1.99. Kiko Milano also do some great single eyeshadows, my favourite being the long lasting wet and dry eyeshadow in 200. This is a shimmery champagne colour and is really pigmented too. The other shades in this collection are stunning as well. Finally a third single eyeshadow that's worth the buy is the No7 stay perfect eyeshadow in comet. This eyeshadow is a dark bluey black with specks of shimmer in and would be great for a really deep smoky eye, it's also ridiculously small so there is no excuse not to have a few of these in your collection.

I hope you enjoyed this post and go check out Ellie's take on this over on her blog which I will link HERE. I'd love to know whether you have any single eyeshadows and what your favourites are. Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo



  1. I'm so bad for forgetting about my single eyeshadows! I really like the Natural Collection ones too - I recently deported almost all of them into a Z Palette, which got me using them more xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. That's such a great idea, I'm definitely going to buy some more and depot them in to a z palette. xx

  2. Right now I had a single eyshadows, just the pallets=)
    This color is so cool!!!


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