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Christmas Collab #1: Stocking fillers

Hey guys it's the start of my Christmas collab season! If you didn't see my November favourites which I will link HERE, then you won't know that for the month of December I am going to be uploading multiple collab posts with some great people here on the bloggosphere. These posts will be extra's and won't be instead of my usual posts, so instead of uploading two posts a week I will be uploading three posts a week- how exciting! I don't have a schedule for when these extra posts will be going up so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for them. They also won't all necessarily be Christmas themed but of course some of them will be. So I hope will enjoy the ones coming in the near future and today's one which is about stocking fillers and this is a collab with the lovely Hannah from Moon and Roses.

So we all know that December is an expensive months what with having to buy presents for family, friends, pets and of course a treat for yourself as well. So whether your buying for your parents, siblings, friends or even yourself, I've got you covered for getting presents on a budget as all of these things are under £8!
Sometimes simple is best and everyone loves to receive chocolate for Christmas. I got these chocolate figures from Asda for only £2 and you've got to admit they are completely adorable and who wouldnt want to find one of these in their stocking.
 I'm pretty sure if you asked almost any girl or even guy if they wanted a candle for Chritmas the answer would be a definite yes. So I found these amazing chupa chups candles from poundworld which I know makes me seem really cheap but these actually seem like really good quality and smell amazing!! I got them in the scents Mango sorbet, Strawberries and cream and Rasperry sensations. I know that if I were to receive any of these things I'd be really pleased. They are also a change from Yankee Candles.
You can buy these on Amazon and I will leave a link here. But they are much cheaper in the shop.
Makeup brushes:
If the person you are buying for is into makeup and maybe travels a lot then a mini kit like this Real techniques mini brush trio is the perfect present. This one comes with a mini eyeshadow shading brush, a mini face brush and a mini foundation brush. It's a cute and compact present that would definitely get the thumbs up from most people.
Link to this here.
Lip balms:
It's that time of year when everyone gets chapped lips, so why not get someone a cute lip balm for Christmas. I found a really cute one in the shape of a Russian doll, where the lid screws off and there is a lip balm inside which was also from Poundworld along with the candles. (Poundworld has had some really good stuff in there lately!) Or another option is one of the Nivea lip butters which come in a few different flavours and smell equally delectable
Link to the Nivea one here. You can only the the one from Poundworld in store.
Phone case:
So this isn't something I would usually think of to get someone for Christmas but one of my friends wanted it so I decided to get it for her and it's actually a great present idea. This one was only £4.99 and came with a screen cleaner and stylus (which won't be used but it's nice to know its there) but you could get all sorts of cases with different patterns or even get one personalised and put a photo of you and the person you are buying for on it to make it even more special.
Link to this here.
If the person you are buying for is in to their skincare but you aren't sure what their skin type is then why not get them a mini skin care set. The one I have from yin yang skincare is great and comes with a moisturiser, moisturising lotion and a skin cleanser. This is perfect for letting your recipient try out some new skincare and it also looks super cute in the pouch it comes in and is great for travel.
Link to this here.
Body sprays: 
Lets face it, everyone loves to receive a body spray set of some sort and the Charlie spray one is a great idea. It has four body sprays in there and comes in a nice purple box, I think any girl would love to get this.
Link to this here.

So that's it for today's post and my first Christmas collab. This was a collab with Hannah so make sure you check out her post on stocking fillers over on her blog which I will link HERE. Thanks for reading and see you in my next post.

Kate Rose xo



  1. Loved this post it was so helpful, sorry for posting late but I really enjoyed collabing! I love that phone case so much :) xxx

    1. Thank you, I loved collabing with you too! xx


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