Sunday, 27 December 2015

What I got for Christmas 2015

Hey everyone! The last time I spoke to you was on Christmas day where I posted a quick fotd and ootd which I will link HERE. But I hope you all had an amazing Christmas surrounded by your loved ones, and got everything you wanted. I love to read and watch 'what I got for Christmas' blog posts and YouTube videos after Christmas because I'm just extremely nosey and I like to see what everyone else got. So for today's post I though I would do one of those for you guys out there that just like me, like to have a little nose at what other people got. I'm not going to show you everything but just a small selection of things I think you would be interested in seeing. Also just going to throw the usual disclaimer out there that I am not trying to brag or boast in any way at all and I'm incredibly greatful for everything I got, I just know lots of you will love reading this sort of stuff.
So to start off with I'm going to show you a few things that my friends from school got me, These are only a few things and I'm incredibly grateful to all my friends who gave me amazing gifts. But as none of them know about my blog I'm not going to say who they are from because they might not want that out there and I want my blog to stay a secret for now.

-Some realllllllyyyy cute socks from New Look that are covered in Christmas puddings and that are absolutely adorable!
-A gift set from Makeup Revolution that had a red nail polish in, a intense colour lipgloss that was also in a gorgeous red shade and a lipstick that matches the colour of the lipgloss.
-A pj's in a bag set from Boux Avenue which is a basically a set of really cute red pyjamas with patterns on that fold up and go in a matching bag that make them really easy to travel with.
-A mac lipstick in the shade Brave which I absolutely love and will now treasure along with my other Mac lipsticks.
-Lots of chocolate including a giant bag of heroes and some nerds which are like my favourite things ever.
-An array of different bath products ranging from bath bombs and fizzers to bath salts and crystals.
Now moving on to the presents I got from good ol Santa and my family. Again I won't show you everything but just a small selection of some of my favourite things.

 -A really cute makeup bag from Primark that was full of beauty bits like face masks and cotton pads which is perfect because I really wanted a deep makeup bag so I could take lots of makeup with me when travelling
-Next I have the Real techniques eye brushes set which is great because I wanted some more eye brushes and I don't have any of the ones in this collection already.
-A travel mug with a gold pattern on it which I wanted because I wanted a cup I could use to take hot chocolate in on the school bus in the mornings.
-The One Direction CD and a calender because what is Christmas without a bit of your favourite artists merch?
-The single pan Mac eyeshadow in Naked lunch which I asked my parents to get me as I've been filling up a Mac quad palette and I needed one more shadow to complete it and this was the one I've been eyeing up for a while.
-The Mac lipstick in Brick O la which I may have helped my granny pick because like the eyeshadow I've been eyeing it up for a while and I thought Christmas would be the best time to ask for it.
-A big box of Lindors because they are mine and my brothers favourite chocolates for Christmas time and Christmas just wouldn't be complete without them.
-A book by Sophie Kinsella called finding Audrey which I'm looking forward to reading as I'm not a big reader but I would love to try and get in to it more.
- My main present which was a linx 1010 tablet (I think) which came with a keyboard you attach to it and so it's just like a laptop but a mini one. It's going to be perfect for college because it's so compact it will fit in my handbag!
-Along with all of that stuff I also got money, vouchers and then things like chocolate and face masks and lots of other little things.

So like I said I'm so grateful for all my presents and I had a great Christmas and I hope all you guys did as well and got everything you wanted and spent lots of time with your family. Also I'm really sorry about the awful quality of all these photos, it's been so gloomy outside that there as been almost no natural lighting at all for me to use. Look out for my NYE get ready with me that I will be posting on New Years Eve and thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo

Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas day fotd and ootd

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! It's finally Christmas day and I'm writing this post whilst dinner is cooking so this has got to be a quick one, but I thought I'd give you a run down of what makeup I'm wearing today and my outfit too.

Primer: Barry M flawless original primer
Foundation: Mac studio fix fluid foundation in NC15
Concealer: Mac prolong wear concealer in NC15 and Rimmel wake me up concealer in Ivory
Powder: Mac studio fix pressed powder in NC15 and Rimmel stay matte powder in 003 peach glow for setting under my eyes 
Bronzer: Collection shimmering glow powder in shade 5 sunkissed
Blush: Maxfactor creme puff blush in seductive pink
Eye primer: Mac paint pot in painterly 
Eye shadow: Makeup Revolution flawless palette with gold digger on my lid, medal through my crease and copper shimmer in my outer corner to add a bit more depth
Mascara: Maybelline lash sensational 
Eyebrows: Maybelline brow drama in dark blonde
Lips: Mac Brave  


So for my outfit I'm just wearing something simple and warm as the weather outside is atrocious. So I've just got some black leggins from New Look on, with a black and white speckled jumper from H&M and my chelsea style boots from Primark. 

I hope you all have a good 
Christmas and new year and keep an eye out for my New Years Eve get ready with me that I will be posting on NYE. Thanks for reading. 

Kate Rose xo


Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Christmas tag

So with it being Christmas tomorrow I thought what better post to do than the Christmas tag. I have taken a selection of questions from various tags and put them together to do my own.

1. What is your favourite Christmas film?
To be honest I don't really have a favourite one but I do really like elf and love actually. 

2. Have you ever had a white Christmas?
I don't think it's ever actually snowed on Christmas day but there has been snow left over on the ground on Christmas day from where it has snowed in the days before. 

3. Do you open any presents on Christmas eve?
Nope and I don't know anyone that does either. 

4. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? 
Rudolph, dancer, prancer.. and that's about as far as I can get. 

5. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
Fake, we use the same one every year as we once bought a real one and it was too big to fit in the house. Also with a fake one it doesn't get little bits of tree everywhere. 

6. What's the best Christmas gift you've ever received?
Honestly I can't really remember most of the presents I've got over the years although I know they've all been amazing, but last year my cousin got me tickets for us to go and see One Direction live and that was amazing!  

7. Where would be your dream place to visit during the Christmas period be?
Definitely New York. I really want to go there anyway but I think going at Christmas time would make it even more special. 

8. Is there anything about Christmas you don't like?
If i'm being honest, the Christmas dinner. Don't hate me but I just don't really like Roasts, I'd be much happier with a plate of chicken nuggets and chips!

9. What tops your tree?
Usually just a knitted angel, it's not very impressive. 

10. Do you make any New Years Resolutions and do you stick to them?  
I do try and make New Years resolutions and I'll be doing a blog post on what those are very soon, but whether I stick to them or not.. We'll just have to see. 

So that was my Christmas tag, thanks for reading and I hope you have a good Christmas eve. 

Kate Rose xo


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Easy chocolate cookie recipe

Today I've decided to do my first ever cooking post here on my blog and show you how I make some easy Chocolate chip cookies. The recipe and steps are really simple as even though I take food as a GCSE it doesn't mean I'm particularly good at it!

You will need:
6oz of self raising flour
4oz of caster sugar
3oz of butter
As much chocolate as you want. Go crazy!
4tbsp of condensed milk

Step 1: Firstly set the oven to 180oc and then line your baking trays so they are ready to use.

Step 2: Put the flour and butter into a bowl and rub it together with your finger tips until it resembles something like breadcrumbs.

Step 3: Add in the sugar are mix it in around the bowl with your hands.

Step 4: Cut up your chocolate in to small chunks and add them to the mix.

Step 5: Now using a measuring spoon add in the condensed milk and try to bring the mixture together with your hands. If it won't come together then add a bit more condensed milk.

Step 6: Once it's in a big ball start to make smaller balls from it but flatten them slightly and then put them in your baking tray.

Step 7: Once you have made all your cookies and put them on the tray put it in the oven for 13 minutes. However you might want to alter this time depending on how done you want them to be.

Step 8: Once those bad boys come out of the oven let them cool down for a bit before eating.

I know mine came out a bit dis-formed and a tiny bit burnt around the ages but they still tasted good. These are my favourite things to make at the moment as they are so quick and yummy. You could even make some and give them to someone for Christmas in a nice box. I would love to know if you're going to give this recipe a try. Thanks for reading

Kate Rose xo


Monday, 21 December 2015

The best red lips for winter

Today I thought I'd share with you all my favourite red lips, because not a big wearer of them myself, they are a must for this time of year. 

Rimmel 107: If your looking for the perfect dark lip then this is your gal! It's matte and doesn't budge once it's on leaving your lips a gorgeous deep berry colour. Personally I think it's one of the best high street lippys! 

Makeup revolution: If it's more of a cherry red that your after then the makeup then either the makeup revolution lipstick in total diva or the makeup revolution lipstick in the shade ( I don't actually know the shade of this one but it came in a set) would be more suited. These two colours are essentially the same and although the pigmentation and longevity of these products aren't the best they still lasts a good hour and a bit and are a steal for only £1.

Makeup revolution lip gloss: If your prefer a glossy red lip but still want the lasting power of a lipstick then this product is great. It's a deep red shade gloss with no shimmer that applies beautifully and stays on for ages. It's not sticky like some glosses either ad doesn't leave your hair sticking to your face when the wind blows.

Marks and Spencer's lip gloss: Finally if you want a subtle red lip, so more of a hint of colour then this marks and Spencer's mini lip gloss is great. It doesn't have a shade but I'm pretty sure it came in a set that you could look for in m&s. But just like the other gloss it's not sticks and applies well it just isn't as pigmented so adds a hint of colour and isn't overpowering if you don't think a red lip suits you.

So those were my favourite red lips, I would love to know yours so I could possibly try some new ones out. Thanks for reading. 

Friday, 18 December 2015

Last minute Christmas present ideas

Hey everyone, it's only about a week until Christmas day and I bet there are some of you out there reading this that still haven't bought gifts for some family members or friends. This post is there to help all of you out that are stuck for last minute prezzie ideas for different types of people.

The girly person! 
This is the person you know that loves all things pink and fluffy, a total girly girl! A great present for this type of person is some cute fairy lights or lanterns they could hang in their bedroom or a mug with a slogan on that totally relates to them.

The person that has everything!
We all have that person in our lives that's either spoiled by their parents or they spoil themselves and already have everything you could think of to buy them. So buy them something one of a kind, buy a pretty photo frame and put a cute photo of you together in it. Another good gift idea for this type of person is something hand made, that way they are sure to not already have it and it looks like a lot of effort has gone in to it.

The health freak person!
You know that one friend that puts your lunches to shame when they turn up with their salad and fruit infused water everyday! A great gift for a person like this is some new workout clothes or a recipe book or book on healthy foods and smoothies. I've seen quite a few books like this in Urban Outfitters recently. (I'm most definitely not a healthy person myself so I didn't have anything I could take a photo of as an example, so I just had to use the strawberries instead!)

The person that's just impossible to buy for!
We all have one don't we? You know them but you just don't know what to buy them. I struggle with this one friend every time and the only thing I can suggest is either a gift card for somewhere, money or even a CD for their favourite band or artist.

So those were my last minute gift ideas for certain types of people, I would love to know what you buy your family/friends in each of those categories. Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo 


Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas collab #3: Products everyone forgets to use

So today's post is going to be my third Christmas collab and today's is with Ellie from Petiteelliee and we are going to be doing Products everyone forgets to use. If you missed my last Christmas collab and you want to catch up then I will link it HERE..
So for my take on 'products everyone forgets to use' I'm going to talk about single eyeshadows. These days single eyeshadows are a thing of the past and quads and palettes are the only things people seem to want. I myself am guilty of hardly ever buying a single eyeshadows because maybe I could find the colour I like in a palette and get some other eyeshadows along with it..But sometimes It's nice to have those few single eyeshadows in our collection along with our big palettes because although a palette is good for travelling if you like lots of shades that are in one palette, if you don't wear many eyeshadows and just wear a certain two or three then carrying them around as singles is much easier.

Like I said I am guilty of having hardly any single eyeshadows but I do have a few in my collection that are definitely worth purchasing. The first being the Natural Collection eyeshadows, mines in the shade sea shell and I use it as a eye base, it's so pigmented and only £1.99. Kiko Milano also do some great single eyeshadows, my favourite being the long lasting wet and dry eyeshadow in 200. This is a shimmery champagne colour and is really pigmented too. The other shades in this collection are stunning as well. Finally a third single eyeshadow that's worth the buy is the No7 stay perfect eyeshadow in comet. This eyeshadow is a dark bluey black with specks of shimmer in and would be great for a really deep smoky eye, it's also ridiculously small so there is no excuse not to have a few of these in your collection.

I hope you enjoyed this post and go check out Ellie's take on this over on her blog which I will link HERE. I'd love to know whether you have any single eyeshadows and what your favourites are. Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo


Friday, 11 December 2015

Products not worth the hype

Hey everyone and welcome to today's post which is going to be all about products I don't think are worth the hype. Normally I'm not one to go on and on moaning about makeup I don't like but I do think that for me personally there are some things I just don't understand the hype around, and I am going to be sharing those with you today.
The first thing I have is the Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser primer. I remember buying this because I had heard sooo many people rave on about it and how it was a dupe for the Benefit pore fessional. But I was really disappointed with it, it feels really siliconey on my skin when I apply it and I find that it doesn't help my makeup stay on any longer than it would with out a primer. Since buying this I have found other primers that I like a lot more.
The next thing I have is the Collection lasting perfection concealer and to be honest I feel slightly worried that you are all going to chase me with pitch forks for saying I don't like this. But honestly I can't see the hype around this product at all, it's an okay concealer for the price and i don't dislike it per say, but I have used other concealers that I prefer over this and I find that after a while it starts to look cakey on my skin. If it's a good cheap concealer you are after I would definitely recommend the Seventeen stay time concealer over this any day!
Speaking of Seventeen, for my third and final product I have their skin wow three way highlighter. I read lots of great reviews on this product when I was on the hunt for a new primer and highlighter and seeing that this claimed to do both I thought it would be great, however I was wrong. As a primer I hated this as it has tiny shimmer in it which I found made my face look strange and it also made my face feel really sticky. Then as a highlighter for the tops of my cheekbones it wasn't much better, it was really hard to blend in so it didn't look to harsh and even then it just didn't look the way I would want a highlighter to. I felt like it was drawing attention to my cheeks but for the wrong reason.

I would love to hear if you agree or disagree with these products I have spoke about, and remember these are just my opinions and just because they didn't work for me, doesn't mean they wont work for you. 

Kate Rose xo

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Collab #2: Products that have stood the test of time

It's time for my second collab today and this one is with Olivia from the blog Describe beauty and we are going to talk about the products in our makeup bags that have become forever favourites and even as our collections grow, these products never get forgotten.
So the first makeup product I have is the MUA pressed powder in shade 3. I can't even tell you how long I've been using this powder, it feels like I've been using it forever. I never see much about this powder but I don't know why, it's certainly a staple in my makeup. I just use a big fluffy brush to apply it all over my face to set my makeup and it lasts all day. It also isn't translucent so it does give some colour to your face as well which I really like.
Moving on to eye products now, my forever favourite product is the Maxfactor masterpiece high definition mascara. I first got to using this a long time ago because it was my mums favourite mascara and although I don't use it everyday it's the one I go for when I want lengthened lashes. It doesn't give to much volume but it gives lengthening and I love the way it makes my lashes work. I always have to have one of these mascaras with me as I have yet to find any that top it.
Now onto lip products, first off is the Maybeline baby lips in cherry me. Now I'm pretty sure everyone and their mum loves babylips but I'm just gonna put it out there that I do too. Although I don't reach for this as often as I used to because I'm more of a lipsticks girl, this will always be a firm favourite of mine as I love how moisturising it feels and the slight tint it gives my lips. I must have had this at least two years which I'm sure is ridiculously bad but I love it a lot. The other lip product I've had in my collection for as long as I can remember is the Soap and glory sexy mother pucker gloss stick in Nudist. This is another great one for if you want still want some colour on your lips but for them to still feel moisturised. This shade is the perfect nude as well! You can tell I've had this a while though as they've redone the packaging of these but mine is still the old one.

I would love to know products have stood the test of time in your makeup collection and make sure you go and check out Olivia's version of this over on her blog which I will link HERE. Olivia is a makeup obsessed beauty blogger who uploads Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you want to catch up on my last Christmas collab then I will also link that HERE for you as well. Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The makeup I've been reaching for lately

Lately I've found myself reaching for the same makeup everyday (I know, I'm boring) and so I thought I would show you that today as I've never done a post like this on my blog before.
For my base I've been using my all time favourite foundations, Mac studiofix fluid in NC15. You've probably heard me go on and on about this foundation a million times before so I'm not going to bore you. But this foundation is the perfect skin perfecter and really makes my face glow in this awful weather. If you are looking for a high end foundation then this would definitely be the one I recommend the most.
 For my blusher and bronzer I've been constantly reaching for my Bourjois golden bronzing powder to tan up my face and give it a bit of a shimmery glow. Then for blush I've been using my elf one in the shade blushing rose. I've had this blush in my collection for a while now but I haven't really used it before but it's a beautiful plum shade which is great for this time of year and I cant stop using it now.

On to eyes now and for eyeshadow I've been loving my Seventeen shimmer brick in gold bronze and I've been using the two darkest shades in it. This is another product I couldn't recommend enough, its a great shimmer brick for the face but great as an eyeshadow as well! For mascara I've been using my favourite mascara non stop and that's the Maybelline lash sensational, this mascara is an amazing all rounder and great at holding a curl.
Finally for lips I've been being completely unadventurous and been wearing my Mac lipstick is Modesty. This is a gorgeous pinky colour and looks amazing with any makeup look. I know that really I should be cracking out the Rimmel 107 or the Mac ruby woo but honestly I feel much safer with a muted lip.

I would love to know what makeup products you've been reaching for the most lately. Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo


Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas Collab #1: Stocking fillers

Hey guys it's the start of my Christmas collab season! If you didn't see my November favourites which I will link HERE, then you won't know that for the month of December I am going to be uploading multiple collab posts with some great people here on the bloggosphere. These posts will be extra's and won't be instead of my usual posts, so instead of uploading two posts a week I will be uploading three posts a week- how exciting! I don't have a schedule for when these extra posts will be going up so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for them. They also won't all necessarily be Christmas themed but of course some of them will be. So I hope will enjoy the ones coming in the near future and today's one which is about stocking fillers and this is a collab with the lovely Hannah from Moon and Roses.

So we all know that December is an expensive months what with having to buy presents for family, friends, pets and of course a treat for yourself as well. So whether your buying for your parents, siblings, friends or even yourself, I've got you covered for getting presents on a budget as all of these things are under £8!
Sometimes simple is best and everyone loves to receive chocolate for Christmas. I got these chocolate figures from Asda for only £2 and you've got to admit they are completely adorable and who wouldnt want to find one of these in their stocking.
 I'm pretty sure if you asked almost any girl or even guy if they wanted a candle for Chritmas the answer would be a definite yes. So I found these amazing chupa chups candles from poundworld which I know makes me seem really cheap but these actually seem like really good quality and smell amazing!! I got them in the scents Mango sorbet, Strawberries and cream and Rasperry sensations. I know that if I were to receive any of these things I'd be really pleased. They are also a change from Yankee Candles.
You can buy these on Amazon and I will leave a link here. But they are much cheaper in the shop.
Makeup brushes:
If the person you are buying for is into makeup and maybe travels a lot then a mini kit like this Real techniques mini brush trio is the perfect present. This one comes with a mini eyeshadow shading brush, a mini face brush and a mini foundation brush. It's a cute and compact present that would definitely get the thumbs up from most people.
Link to this here.
Lip balms:
It's that time of year when everyone gets chapped lips, so why not get someone a cute lip balm for Christmas. I found a really cute one in the shape of a Russian doll, where the lid screws off and there is a lip balm inside which was also from Poundworld along with the candles. (Poundworld has had some really good stuff in there lately!) Or another option is one of the Nivea lip butters which come in a few different flavours and smell equally delectable
Link to the Nivea one here. You can only the the one from Poundworld in store.
Phone case:
So this isn't something I would usually think of to get someone for Christmas but one of my friends wanted it so I decided to get it for her and it's actually a great present idea. This one was only £4.99 and came with a screen cleaner and stylus (which won't be used but it's nice to know its there) but you could get all sorts of cases with different patterns or even get one personalised and put a photo of you and the person you are buying for on it to make it even more special.
Link to this here.
If the person you are buying for is in to their skincare but you aren't sure what their skin type is then why not get them a mini skin care set. The one I have from yin yang skincare is great and comes with a moisturiser, moisturising lotion and a skin cleanser. This is perfect for letting your recipient try out some new skincare and it also looks super cute in the pouch it comes in and is great for travel.
Link to this here.
Body sprays: 
Lets face it, everyone loves to receive a body spray set of some sort and the Charlie spray one is a great idea. It has four body sprays in there and comes in a nice purple box, I think any girl would love to get this.
Link to this here.

So that's it for today's post and my first Christmas collab. This was a collab with Hannah so make sure you check out her post on stocking fillers over on her blog which I will link HERE. Thanks for reading and see you in my next post.

Kate Rose xo


Friday, 4 December 2015

The best beauty hacks

For today's post I decided to share with you what I think are the eight best beauty hacks to know and that might make life just that little bit easier.

1. Blast your eyelash curlers with the hair dryer before you use them for a better curl

2. Use different types of face masks on different sections of your face

3. Put toothpaste on your spots before you go to bed to help them go quicker

4. To reduce puffy eyes cut up a potato and put a slice on each eye for 10 minutes

5. To get a few more uses out of a mascara, add a few eye drops in the tube

6. To help your perfume stay on longer, apply Vaseline to your wrists and neck before spraying

7. Put your nail polish in the fridge for 10 mins before use to help it go on smoother and last longer

8. Use coconut oil as a makeup remover. Its gentle and amazing for taking of heavy eye makeup

I'd love to know what your best beauty hacks are and if you've tried out any of these ones before. Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November favourites

So it's that time of the year for of course, a monthly favourites. This is actually the first monthly favourites I've done on my blog because for last month I did an October playlist which I'll link here. I feel like this month has flown by and Christmas is approaching extremely quickly! I don't have many favourites this month but I will share what I have with you anyway.

Body and hair:
My first two things are the Charles Worthington long lasting max hold hairspray and the Alice and Eliza body mist from Marks and Spencers. Normally I'm not a hairspray user but what with the weather being so crazy and windy lately, I've been finding that if I wear my hair curled to school it's dropping out really quickly. But if i spray my hair with this before I leave my curls last all day no matter the weather, which means this product is in my good books. Another thing that I find really hard to do is get through a whole bottle of spray or body mist because I start usuing one and then I either forget about it after a while or move on to another scent. But with this body mist from the Alice and Eliza collection at M&S I'm loving it so much that I'm even considering buying another bottle when I've finished it which will probably be quite soon! It's the scent amber and black plum and I'm rubbish at describing smells but honestly that's exactly what it smells like, very fruity. I have been making sure i leave it on top of my drawers so I see it before I leave for school everyday and can give myself a quick spritz.

Now in my books it isn't a proper monthly favourites if it doesn't include a candle, am i right? This month the candle I have been constantly burning is a Yankee candle in the scent apple crumble. I said before that I'm rubbish at describing scents so all i can say about this is that it smells quite spicy and sometimes when I burn it I get a whiff of cinnamon, but I could be imagining that... Either way I have been enjoying burning this so much that I bought another one so I could have a new one to take a photo of, totally not because I just have an addiction to candles...

So in the makeup department there haven't been very many new things that I've been loving as I've been trying to save my money to buy my friends Christmas presents. But of course there have been a few things, one of which being the Technic highlighter and the other being the Natural Collection blusher in Rosey glow. The technic highlighter was something I bought on whim from Amazon as it was only a couple of pounds and I thought it looked like Benefit high beam and I was pleasantly surprised. I've been using it either as a highlight on my cheek bones or a little bit of it mixed in with my primer to give my face an overall glow. I will link it here for you and I would definitely recommend it as a dupe for highbeam. You may have seen my other makeup favourite for the month in my recent boots haul.. This blush has just been an amazing shade for autumn and it's so pigmented for a £1.99 product! If I've been wearing blusher this month then nine times out of ten this has been the shade.

Music and Food:
Some of you may know that One Directions new album Made in the a.m came out this month and so of course that is my music favourite as I've been listening to it on repeat! I think that this is their best album so far and my favourite songs are  End of the day, History, Temporary fix and Olivia. When i listened to Olivia I internally cried over the fact that my name is Kate... But moving swiftly on my favourite food of this month is a bit of a weird one and it's chocolate mini rolls. My mum bought a huge packet of them and I've been having them in my lunch for school and they're just really tasty!!

So that's it for this months favourites, I hoped you enjoyed this. Bring on December!

I also thought I would let you know that for the month of December I am going to be doing multiple collabs with some amazing people from within the bloggersphere. These posts won't replace any of my normal posts but will be extras, so instead of uploading twice a week I might upload three times instead. These collabs aren't scheduled for certain days and could go up at any time, so keep your eyes peeled for them. I hope you enjoy.

Kate Rose xo

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