Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Top 5 drugstore products.

Hi guys! So for my first blog post I've decided to give you a run down of my top five drugstore products so you can get to know me some more. If you haven't already tried any of these products then I would seriously recommend giving them ago.

My first product is the Collection shimmering bronzer. As you can see this is a very well loved product and I could really do with getting a new one to replace this. I found it again in my make up collection a few months ago after it being there for god knows how long completely forgotten about, but it had already hit pan. So I decided to start using it again because it was clear that I had loved it before, and boy am I glad I did. Its a beautiful bronzed gold shade with a little shimmer in it that doesn't leave your face sparkling in the sunlight, just gives it a natural and healthy glow. I find its best to sweep this product all over your face to warm it up a little as it isn't really dark enough for contour. I use this everyday so I don't leave the house looking like a ghost and I honestly don't know what I would do without it!
My next product is the Maybelline brow drama in dark blonde. Now even though for almost everyone in the entire world eyebrows are the most important thing as they can either 'make or break' your face, I do not agree with this. Shock horror, I don't really care about my eyebrows! I have never had my eyebrows done and the only time I ever do anything to them myself is when I go at the mono-brow I have sprouting with a pair of nail scissors (I would not recommend this as having a pointy object right above your eye isn't the greatest idea and also, one false snip and boom, your whole eyebrow is gone.) Anyway I just don’t have time to be getting my eyebrows 'on fleek' but I do find the hairs on my eyebrows tend to move around a lot and look really messy which bothers me slightly. So when I discovered brow drama by Maybelline it was a god send. It literally takes me 20 seconds to do both eyebrows and I simply brush through them with this and it gives them a bit of shape so all the hairs are facing the right way and it adds a tiny bit of colour. For a lazy person like me, it’s quite simply a gift from the gods! 
Rimmel wake me up concealer is a very popular favourite. I’m sure you’ve heard loads of people go on about how much they love it and I’m sorry to tell you that I’m going to do exactly the same thing! I am a Mac pro long wear concealer lover but I’ve got to say this concealer could possibly top my love for that. It’s perfect for both concealing and highlighting, especially along your nose. It’s long wearing and not cakey on the skin either. I’ve heard some people say that it clings to dry patches on their face but I’ve never had this problem, it could however depend on your skin type. So if you’re looking for a new high street concealer you should check this one out for sure.
For some reason, while the hype of Benefit roller lash was going on I couldn't quite bring myself to buy it. I’m not sure why, because normally I'm all for a splurge on make up but for some reason I never bought it. So when I heard about the Maybelline lash sensational mascara and how it was a dupe for roller lash I knew that I had to at least try it, and I was extremely impressed. It lifted my lashes whilst adding volume and separation and best of all it stayed on all day. I've had a problem in the past where mascara comes off beneath my eyes really easily but with this one it doesn't budge. Then when it comes to taking it off at the end of the day, it comes off nicely and I don’t have to rub at my eyes, pulling out my eyelashes in the process just to get it off like I've had with some mascaras. So if you’re looking for a cheaper version of roller lash then give this a try. 

My final drugstore favourite is the Sleek eye shadow palette in storm. This is probably my most used palette because it just covers all the shades you could need and it’s very diverse. There are 12 shadows in it, 9 of which are shimmery and then 3 are matte. These being a black, dark brown and lighter brown. The shadows are really blendable and creamy making application extremely easy. My most used shades in it are the first two and the fourth one on the top row. Two of these are different shades of gold and the other is a champagne coloured shimmer which is great for inner corner highlight. I think 12 eyeshadows for only £10 is an absolute bargain and I would definitely recommend the sleek palettes.  

I would love to hear what your drugstore favourites are in the comments below and I will definitely give them a try. Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo


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