Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My skin care routine

Hey guys so today I've got my skin care essentials for you. I wish I could say I was a skin care genius and I could recommend you all the products that would work exactly for your skin. But sadly I cant. I've never had a skin care consultation and everything that I do know about my skin is purely based on guess work and a little bit of research.

The first product I use to take my makeup off with and cleanse my face is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I just rub this around my face with my fingers and then wipe it off with a warm cloth or flannel. This is a great product for removing even the toughest of mascara and always leaves my face feeling refreshed afterwards.

The next thing I use is the Garnier Micellar water and I just take this all over my face on a cotton pad just to make sure any makeup that my cleanse and polish might have missed comes off.

Next I use my Olay essentials refreshing toner on another cotton pad and swipe this across my face, especially on my problem areas just to keep my skin refreshed and hydrated.

Then I moisturise with the Simple oil balancing moisturiser which helps to absorb excess oils on your face, this is a need for me as my forehead gets extremely greasy!

Finally to finish, I use my Simple kind to eyes eye roll on which just helps to hydrate the skin under your eyes, and god knows I could use some help with that. Then I take my Superdrug Deep action blemish gel and dab some of it on the problem areas of my face.

All of these products that I use are budget friendly and work for my combination skin. If you've got any staple skin care products please comment them below as I would love to try some new things. Thanks for reading.

Kate Rose xo


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