Friday, 30 October 2015

Brand spotlight: Makeup Revolution

So recently I've seen lots going round in the blogesphere about Makeup revolution, and having tried none of their products for myself before I felt the need to give them a go and tell you what I thought. So I made a cheeky order on Superdrug and chose a variety of items that looked appealing to me, which to be honest was quite a hard choice because all of their products are very intriguing.
So the first and probably my favourite product I have is the Makeup Revolution ultra eyeshadow palette in flawless. This palette comes with 32 shades, some of which are matte and some shimmery and they range from light shades which could be used for brow bone highlight to dark shades which would be great for s smoky eye. All the shades are really pigmented and buttery, and they blend well on the eyelid. For only £8, getting 32 amazing eyeshadows means this is honestly the best purchase I've made in a really long time. Another plus side to this product is the huge mirror that comes with it, I mean who doesn't love a big mirror? 
(Top swatch is mystify, bottom is total diva)
The next two things I got were the Makeup revolution lipsticks in Mystify and Total Diva. Mystify is the one in the black packaging and its a peachy pink toned lipstick. The lasting power and application of this lipstick are both amazing, but it does have tiny bits of shimmer in it which I'm not too keen on. But if a slight shimmer doesn't bother you then for only £1 this lipstick is a great buy. The other lipstick I got in the shiny pink packaging, which I think is ace by the way is in the shade Total Diva. This is a gorgeous red which isn't matte or glossy either, its somewhere in the middle but it definitely feels great on the lips. Like the other lipstick this one applies great and lasts for a good few hours when not eating or drinking. 
This next product is the Makeup Revolution ultra sculpt and contour kit in ultra fair co1. This kit is absolutely gorgeous and comes with a bronzer, highlight and blusher all for £3.50!!! The blush in this trio is a pink with peachy under tones and in some lights I think it looks like it has a gold sheen to it as well which reminds me of the Sleek Rose Gold blusher.The highlight is a champagney gold shimmer which looks lovely on top of the blush and bronzer, but I did find it wasn't as pigmented as the blush and bronzer. My favourite thing out of the kit though has to be the bronzer. Its really pigmented and blendable and I find it looks great on my cheeks because it isn't orangey like so many bronzers I have tried. I'm just going to put it out there and say I actually prefer this contour kit over the sleek contour kit, and for half the price and a blusher thrown in I think its a great alternative. 

 The next thing I deided to try was the focus and fix liquid concealer in the shade 01 fairest. Although I think this concealer is the perfect shade for me, I just wasn't a fan. The consistency was just too runny and when I applyed it to my face it seemed really thin. Then by the time I'de blended it in, there was no product left and it hadn't done anything at all. Personally I wouldnt recomend this to anyone unless you were looking for a really subtle highlight for your forehead and nose, but for covering spots its a no go.
My last product was the Makeup Revolution pure pigment in Indirect. This is a loose pigment eyeshadow and I think its absolutely fantastic for the price. It goes on really well with hardly any fall out which is rare for a loose eyeshadow, and it doesn't sheer out and leave you with only glitter on your lids like some I've tried do. The one I chose was a silver champagne colour but they have loads of different shades and all for just a £1. Now that's a bargain if I ever did see one.

So overall all the products I tried were a hit except for the concealer. I'd love to hear if you've tried anything from Makeup Revolution and what your favourite products are. Until next time..

Kate Rose xo

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